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How to Learn the Spanish Subjunctive A Simpler Approach Spanish

How to Learn the Spanish Subjunctive A Simpler Approach Spanish


When you first encounter the Spanish subjunctive, it can feel like its only purpose is to make Spanish harder.

When you first encounter the Spanish subjunctive, it can feel like its only purpose is to make Spanish harder.

How to Learn the Spanish Subjunctive: A Simpler Approach | Spanish Conversation | Pinterest | Subjunctive spanish, Spanish and Learning spanish

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The subjunctive is a big topic. There are many subtleties that I haven't covered, but I hope I've given you a solid foundation.

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Not learning the subjunctive mood (:

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Spanish For Dummies, 2nd Edition, includes major content updates intended to keep the book on par with the competition. In addition to all the necessary ...

These fifteen sentences suggest three ways that an author (or speaker) can combine the two imperfect subjunctives:

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Today, I scanned my notes for the first time!! Here's a quick mind map on the Spanish subjunctive :D

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To be honest, learning the differences between the two Spanish ...

The WEIRDO tip/method is really useful.

best way to learn Spanish on your own


When will it become natural?

Es importante que comiences una dieta sana. (It is important that you begin a healthy diet.). Regan76 / Creative Commons. Learning and Teaching Spanish

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Regular readers of this blog know that I'm obsessed with the two different versions of the Spanish imperfect subjunctive. This is the verb form that you see ...

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Misleadingso ...

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Keep in mind that written language is relatively conservative, so it's safe to assume that -ar actually made its move somewhat earlier than shown in these ...

... 4.

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Before I talk about a few difficult aspects of Spanish, I'd like to share with you a few things I still struggle with in my own language learning.


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... comes a Spanish course that is ideal for anyone from 30 to 96 years of age who wants to quickly and easily get by in real-life Spanish to speak with ...

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I've heard it thousands of times from my students and clients: learning Spanish is too hard. Difícil. As a Language Specialist who has taught Spanish and ...

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