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How Long Do Cats Live Aging and Your Cat Senior Cat Care and Tips

How Long Do Cats Live Aging and Your Cat Senior Cat Care and Tips


That will never happen, but with the proper care and understanding of age related changes your beloved feline can live into his or ...

Indoor cats generally live from 12-18 years of age. Many may live to be in their early 20s. The oldest reported cat, Creme Puff lived to be an amazing 38 ...

How Long Do Cats Live? Facts About the Average Cat Lifespan

Elderly cats – special considerations. Cats are living much longer now than was the case 20 years ago, thanks to better nutrition, veterinary and home care.

The Special Needs of the Senior Cat. Thinkstock. Cats are ...

Complete Care for Your Aging Cat by [Shojai, Amy]

Dealing with Older Cat Health Problems

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#cats #kitten #catcareteeth If your cat is approaching the golden years, there are signs to let you know once they're reaching the homestretch of those nine ...

Lazy domestic tabby cat sleep on the chair

What to feed senior cats. Sitting cat

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Cat years to human years chart.

How to tell your cat's age in human years

elderly cat. When living with an old cat, make sure to visit the vet twice a year to make the later cat years golden. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)


Nutritional Needs of Senior Cats Your cat's nutritional needs will change as she grows older, and it can make feeding time a challenge for both of you.

Calico cat chases after pink feather toy It's also important for aging cats ...

A gray senior cat with blue eyes.

Feral and stray cats with no medical care and poor nutrition typically live fewer years than the fat, happy ball of fur curled up on your living room sofa.


It used to be that an eight year old cat was considered a senior. But with better nutrition, indoor living, and preventive health care, cats are now ...

Understanding The Changing Health Needs Of Mature, Senior And Geriatric Cats

Effects of aging on your cat. Picture. Today, cats are living ...

6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy In 2015 #cathealthcare

4 Signs That Your Cat Is Aging

The first aging signs you may start noticing with your companion are a few gray hairs here and there or subtle changes in their eating and playing habits.

There isn't one specific age that classifies a cat as senior. Like people, some cats age faster than others. Generally speaking, however, older cats can be ...

Cat Years To Human Years: How Old Is My Cat?

What is the Average Lifespan of a Cat?

World's oldest living cats & how to tell if your cat will ...

Cat Health ...

As cats grow older, it isn't always easy to determine which changes are

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services: Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your cat's complete health care ...

Is your cat a bully?

Senior cat eating with owner

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Senior Cat

Your cat has offered you countless hours of love, laughs and companionship over the years. Now that she's getting older, it's time for you to repay all her ...

How long can a cat live?

9 Lives Plus Care with Tuna & Egg Flavor Dry Cat Food

The Do's and Don'ts of Introducing Cats

How to transition your cat from indoor to outdoor – Perfect Fit

Our Animal Care Team have these tips about providing care for our older feline friends. What exactly IS a ...

How to Care for a Sick Kitten | Hill's Pet

Determining Your Cat's Age

Elderly cat Source. If your older cat is ...

Understanding The Changing Health Needs Of Mature, Senior And Geriatric Cats

Your Older Cat: A Complete Guide to Nutrition, Natural Health Remedies, and Veterinary

However, many diseases are still very treatable, so don't simply put any changes in your cat down to 'old age' ...

Appetite and Digestion Issues With Aging Cats

What to feed your cat can be one of the most important decisions you make in the health and well-being of your feline family member. Cats are obligate ...

Take a “Cat's Eye View” of the Litter box.

Old cat

How much do cats remember?

Learning how to reduce obesity in senior cats will help your cat live a comfortable life

Use patience and positivity to help socialize an older cat.

Surviving the Feline Teens

Two cats on windowsill. Thinkstock. Your current cat ...

Old cat sitting on stone steps

Clipping them may be inappropriate, as outdoor cats need their claws for defence and climbing. However there are some instances, where trimming your cat's ...

Most pet parents have had the experience of getting a whiff of cat urine while cleaning the litter box, or even when caring for a ...

Cat Grooming Tips

Close-Up Portrait Of Cat

Image titled Know if Your Cat Is Dying Step 1

How Long Can You Safely Leave a Cat Alone?

'Grumpy Cat', aka Tardar Sauce, would probably ignore you too.


cat with kitten. Cats mature quickly in their first couple years of life, but then the aging process slows down. (Photo: Christian Holmer/flickr)

Feral cats sitting together by a food bowl


How to get a senior cat to go to the toilet

Latest blog post. Cat of the ...

Cat lying in bed with a telephone.

Calico cat curled up on a blanket