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Housefly from my O Level Biology notes which I can hardly bear

Housefly from my O Level Biology notes which I can hardly bear


Housefly (from my 'O' Level Biology notes, which I can hardly bear

General characteristics of an insect (from my 'O' Level Biology notes, which

Adult house fly, Musca domestica Linnaeus.

Life cycle of the house fly, Musca domestica Linnaeus. Clockwise from upper left:

A dorsal comparison of adult stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (Linnaeus) (left)

Head of a female housefly with two large compound eyes and three ocelli

(Credit: Cornel Constantin/Shutterstock)

Adult house fly, Musca domestica Linnaeus.

Fruit fly

Classification of numbers (2)

Disease Transmitted, Flesh-flies can carry leprosy bacilli and can transmit intestinal pseudomyiasis to people who eat the flesh-fly larvae.

Lateral view of the head of an adult house fly, Musca domestica Linnaeus.

A simple activity identifying fly mutations under the microscope (also available as a digital exercise)


Housefly lapping up food from a plate

DNA seemed the ultimate proof of guilt until one obsessive scientist uncovered a fly in the ointment. Liz Porter investigates.


Housefly killed by the pathogenic fungus Entomophthora muscae

Durdle is unfazed; she is accustomed to entertaining audiences with vignettes of her bizarre research. But not on this occasion.

Muscidifurax raptor wasp on a fly puparium. Once the female chooses a suitable puparium host

Fruit flies are the insect of choice for geneticists due to their short life cycle. They're also small enough to fit thousands of them in the laboratory at ...

Larva and adult, by Amedeo John Engel Terzi (1872–1956). At the end of ...

'Impure Maths'

According to the texts, fly artefacts should be found on sun-warmed areas of ceilings and walls, on windowsills and near light-fittings – all information ...

House fly puparia, each with a hole from which a single wasp emerged after feeding

Life cycle of stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans, showing eggs, 3 larval instars, pupa, and adult

Houseflies mating

Prepupa and sequence of puparia by age for the house fly, Musca domestica Linnaeus.

Identifying marker mutations (A) is a simple activity liked by kids and grown-ups alike and can be used in different contexts: B) science fairs, ...


Fruit fly. (Credit: By ELDIE AARON JUSTIM/Shutterstock)

The unusual fly species, Asteia baeta. At only 2mm long, these flies can readily be mistaken for fruit flies to the naked eye. Photo Credit: PJ Liesch, ...

A career in forensic entomology may not be for the faint of heart, but the study of insects on the postmortem body can yield a wealth of information in ...


Over the last year a trend has emerged, highlighted by several articles, to defend model systems, specifically in Developmental Biology. The reason for this ...


... cholera, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax ophthalmia and infantile diarrhea, as well as parasitic worms.


Figure 1. Schematic for the generation of ...


Figures 8–9.


Figures 2–11.

Medical parasitology; Insects as carriers of disease.



A cranefly, showing the hind wings reduced to drumstick-shaped halteres

Adult black fly

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Clothes moths

Handbook Of Hatches: Introductory Guide to the Foods Trout Eat & the Most Effective Flies to Match Them: Dave Hughes: 0011557031829: Amazon.com: Books


Plant Adaptations: Types & Examples

Figures ...

Lifecycle of Black Fly


Download figure ...

fig-5-2x (1)

It is by no means clear what each of them does. In even the simplest bacterium there are proteins with jobs that scientists cannot ...

The diagnostic characteristic of the adults is a spurious vein that dissects the second cross vein in the wing.



Figure 5

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Biology Higher Revision Workbook

THOSE GIVEN to grand statements about the future often proclaim this to be the century of biology in the same way that the 20th century was that of physics ...

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Mouth parts of insects

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Velvet ant males are larger than females, as shown in the last picture. This mating pair landed in front of me. I had no idea what they were at first, ...


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Scientific name:


All transmitted-light micrographs, and the green colour is natural colour of the chlorophyll. Scale bars represent 20 µm for all micrographs.

The Collapse of Wachovia - How a Bank with $38 in Book Value Per Share Became Almost Worthless Overnight

Figures 2-5 Digital photographs of Aulacigaster zurqui sp. nov., paratype female: (2) habitus, lateral view; (3) habitus, dorsal view; (4) head, ...

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Image of aristal flag on Chrysosoma sp. Ma1045 (Taken from MIP, Animals and Plants of Singapore, LKCNHM). During courtship, the male would ...

Opetiops alienus – check out not only the hairy eyeballs but also the beak!

Figures 98–99.


Alignment of complete mtDNA sequences of 14 specimens of the housefly M. domestica (control region, shown in grey in the top linear mtDNA scheme, ...

Dance of the 'Dung Beetles - Their role in our changing world', published

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Image of Hermetia illucens adult feeding on sugar syrup. Image by Jonathan Tan.

Figures 37–38.

The Biological bulletin. Biology; Zoology; Biology; Marine Biology. fC.

(A) Coverage of mitogenomes from 16 species of Schizophora generated by long-range PCR and shotgun sequencing. Highlighted regions indicate an overlap ...


Lateral view of the head of Cristalinaia vitoria gen. et sp. nov.

5 Comparing maggots and flies. Image sources: Sekelsky lab; Discover Life (by Malcolm Storey)