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Helene Dutrieu of Belgium was known as the girl hawk of aviation

Helene Dutrieu of Belgium was known as the girl hawk of aviation


Helene Dutrieu

Achievements in aviation[edit]. Hélène Dutrieu ...

Female belgian aviator Helene Dutrieu, 1913 - Stock Image

Hélène Dutrieux, probably in 1896. Bicycle equipped with Simpson Lever Chain.

Known As the Human Arrow, This Stuntwoman & Aviatrix Stunned Crowds Well Before Amelia Earhart – Dusty Old Thing

1911 Photograph - Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix by Science Source

Hélène Dutrieu - Aviatrix

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix and Cyclist

Helene Dutrieu

The Incredible Life of the Belgian Stuntwoman, Comedian, Ambulance Driver, and Aviatrix Hélène. Dutrieu ...

So, while people were enthusiastic about Dutrieu's exploits, they expected her--as they would expect any other woman--to ...

Helene Dutrieu LCCN2014689634 - Stock Image

Helene Dutrieu (LOC) - Stock Image

The United States Air Force's first African American female fighter pilot, Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell.

First American Women Pilot, Harriet Quimby | Lyon Air Museum

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Phone Case by Science Source

1897-1939, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Greeting Card by Science Source

... heroic young woman who was beaten by the system. But history bears witness to her glorious career and her role as a pioneer in women's aviation .


Aviatrix Names: Flying high with the names of pioneer pilots

Royal Jordanian pilot and Governor of the Arabian Section, Ninety-Nines.

Hélène Dutrieu (1877- 1961), Belgian cycling world champion, stunt cyclist,

The Incredible Life of the Belgian Stuntwoman, Comedian, Ambulance Driver, and Aviatrix Helene

Hélène Dutrieu

The #Ninety-Nines introducing females to #aviation through their program #LetsFlyNow #

Mdlle. Dutrieu ...

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Wood Print by Science Source

I would love to know who she was and why a photo was taken.

Helene: First flight in the Demoiselle, 1909

Mdlle. Dutrieu ...

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Framed Print by Science Source

She won the first all-women's flying competition in Europe and then went to the United States to compete in female aviation contests there.

Miss Prim with airplane at the flight school Aero Material in Stockholm, Sweden, circa 1920.

Helene Dutrieu

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Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Poster

Helene Dutrieu Hlne Dutrieu Pioneer Aviatrix

Helene Dutrieu (LOC) - Stock Image

Remembering history's first female aviators

Sterke vrouwen van alle tijden! Hélène Dutrieu was eerste Belgische vrouw die haar vliegbrevet haalde

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Metal Print by Science Source

Sabiha Gökçen

FLIGHT: Colorized version of Flyboy 1912. "Army aviation, College Park. Tests of Curtiss plane for Army. Single control." The wacky helmet is a direct ...

When Mrs. Hart O. Berg watched Wilbur Wright demonstrate the Wright Flyer at Le Mans, France she was so thrilled by the performance that she asked Wilbur ...

The #inspiration behind these labels came from celebrating #rebels in history. Hélène Dutrieu

"If a woman wants to fly, first of all she must, of course, abandon skirts and don a knickerbocker uniform." ~Harriet Quimby Considered ...

Marie Popelin

The Let's Chat Sessions have started! A personal discussion with our experts on Air Traffic

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Greeting Card

Female Pioneer Raymonde de Laroche. ”

Hi ya folks, here's a little video peek of my Hélène Dutrieu portrait page in

Betty Skelton Erde (June 28, 1926 – August 31, 2011) was a land speed record holder and aerobatics pilot who set 17 aviation and automobile records.


The Demoiselle ...

Minister M. De Riemaecker-Legot in 1967

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix by Science Source

Leopold II of Belgium - Leopold in 1844, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Canvas Print

We recreated the old #photograph of #HélèneDutrieu to work from; channeling an iconic

Helene Dutrieu in biplane c1912 - Stock Image

Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick, early parachutist, ...

the first woman to fly as a passenger in a heavier-than-air craft when she made a flight of 656 feet with Leon Delagrance in Milan, ...

There are other stories, some real, some perhaps apocryphal, of unofficial aviatrixes flying in France, Italy, Germany and Russia during WW1.

Female Pioneer Blanche Scott. “

The final #painting of Hélène, ready to be incorporated into the #beer #

Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian Aviatrix Greeting Card

femaleaviatorsstickingtogether. Kimberly Anyadike is a Nigerian American from Compton, CA who became t

Female Pioneer Jaqueline Cochran. “


girl f 16 pilot 500 1 Belgiums F 16 pilot Karen Vandenbroucke is cooler than hot…and shes hot Photos)

#styleandsubstance Hélène Dutrieu aviatrice, pioniere dell'aviazione e ciclista #belge (1877

Helene Dutrieu was born in Belgium in 1877 and began her exciting career by winning cycling

Stamp of Russia 2012 No 1567 Marina Raskova who flew in WWII.

Inktober Day 6 - Introducing Hélène Dutrieu (1877 – 1961), a cycling world

Blanche Scott, the reputed first woman to fly, in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1910.

Australian Women Pilots' Association Air Reliability Trial entrants Meg Cornwell (left) and Margaret

Hélène Dutrieu [1877-1961] was what I would call a real hot ticket! I hope to find out more about her one day soon, but her Wikipedia entry was enough to ...

“The Flying Machine: Early Aero Quarterly” Summer 2018 Edition Now Available! 14. “

Leopold II of Belgium - Leopold as a younger man in the uniform of the Grenadiers

Further progress in #themakingof Hélène as detail is added and colour blocked in around the

Valentina Tereshkova on Russian stamp.

Posted ...

Celebrating Jerrie Mock, the First Woman to Fly Around.

Kay D

Hélène Dutrieu pilots a Farman seaplane.

the wild air

Five Inspiring Women in Aerospace History from Around the World | National Air and Space Museum


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American aviation pioneer

A resistência do uso de calças por mulheres foi grande. No século XIX vemos as

Brown's effort met fruition when, in 1939, legislation based on the separate-but-equal policy was adopted by Congress, authorizing African- Americans to be ...