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Guinea pig requires fresh and clean water all the time Although

Guinea pig requires fresh and clean water all the time Although


Is this guinea pig thirsty?

Water is an essential part of the diet for a Guinea pig. We must always ensure that our Guinea pigs have access to Clean and Fresh drinking water at all ...

All about the guinea pig

How to Wash Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding

Found a guinea pig that was abandoned in the woods while I was playing disc golf. She has a new home now.

The Complete Guide to Guinea Pigs

Thinking about getting a guinea pig? Be sure to avoid these common pitfalls.

two guinea pigs on woven blanket

Guinea pig appreciation day: Things you need to know before buying a pet guinea pig

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Two guinea pigs

Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Best Guinea Pig Cages

Guinea Pigs Diet

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Companionship for Guinea Pigs

All About Guinea Pigs

How to Feed a Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig hutch set up should include a large enough hutch, the right location, plenty of hay, food and water. Our article looks at exactly what you ...

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out Of A Bowl

Guinea Pig

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Providing the opportunity for your guinea pig to graze on grass is also important to their

guinea pig eating apple

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

guinea pig sitting on hay

Best Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs A Helpful Guide

What is the Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs

... on can learn how to create a good living space for your guinea pig, which is practically based on the surface they have to run around on, their food, ...

What to feed your guinea pigs

Introducing Grass Time For Your Guinea Pigs

Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs

How to Set Up the Perfect Guinea Pig Enclosure

For many Australians, guinea pigs are their first pet – the first little ball of fluff we learn to care for and love as part of our families. While guinea ...

Guinea pig

guinea pig standing

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs feeding schedule

Learn everything you need to look after your new pets with our comprehensive guide to guinea pig care.

The Best Guinea Pig Toys

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Crackers

Guinea pigs are talkative, social, and rather cute

Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)

The guinea pig is a very endearing but also very fragile animal. If you choose to have one as a pet, you must be very gentle with them and avoid all ...

Science Selective Guinea Pig Food

Can Guinea Pigs Get Cold

What can Guinea Pigs eat?

Guinea Pigs Drinking Water Compilation

Guinea pig requires fresh and clean water all the time. Although, The amount of

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Best Guinea Pig Shampoo: A Helpful Guide

Pocket pets

Guinea pigs are wonderful companions for many people. They have a rich range of noises they make to communicate with each other and their human family.

Learn how to care for your ferret, guinea pig or rabbit.

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can guinea pigs eat apples

GUINEA PIG h image by marcio branco from Fotolia.com

How to Care for a Pet Guinea Pig

You can also feed treats from your garden such as fresh grass, parsley, dandelion, carrot, celery, broccoli, kale, spinach and cucumber, but remember; ...

guinea pig cages

10 Things you Need to Get Before Adopting a Guinea Pig

But why stop there? Further enhance the lives of cavies by paying attention to the below tips.

Black and white guinea pig playing in lawn

Guinea Pigs' Social Needs

guinea pig recovering

14 Squeaky Clean Guinea Pigs Soaking Up A Good Bath

How to Bathe a Guinea Pig

how much are guinea pigs

Best Guinea Pig Cages

Adopt a guinea pig from RSPCA SA

Though guinea pigs aren't agile and don't climb very well, they do need places to play and explore. Example of Skinny Pig Cages available in South Africa ...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries and Other Dietary Questions Answered

Best Guinea Pig Hay

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images. Healthy guinea pigs ...

What Food Can Guinea Pigs Eat - Full List (150+ types of foods)

1. The bath is the best place to chillax.

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Guinea Pig

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What's The Best Food For Guinea Pigs?

Best Cages for Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C Supplements for Guinea Pigs - VeterinaryPartner.com - a VIN company!

So, You Want a Pet Guinea Pig?

You have a new guinea pig: congratulations! Guinea pigs are inquisitive and rewarding pets, but proper feeding is critical to their long-term health and ...

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Are guinea pigs the right pets for us?

guinea pig eating hay in a cage