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Giant blobs of rock deep inside the earth hold important clues

Giant blobs of rock deep inside the earth hold important clues


Giant blobs of rock, deep inside the Earth, hold important clues about our planet

Tiny regions of compositionally distinct rock (red material, known as ultra-low velocity zones), collect at Earth's core-mantle boundary (tan surface), ...

Geologists Zero In On Deep Hot Plumes

Discovery of two enormous structures deep inside the Earth supports the Hollow Earth hypothesis?

Previous findings by Tao (pictured left) showed that over short distances, the electrons flow across DNA by quantum tunneling that spread fast like waves ...

Puzzling pockets of rock deep in Earth's mantle | MSUToday | Michigan State University

Here is the first 'Excellent Geophysics Articles As Teaching Aids' (EGAATA) post. The point of these posts is to highlight excellent articles that could be ...

Inside Earth, scientists find weird blobs and huge mountains

Formation of the moon brought water to Earth

To reproduce the extreme pressures found in the lower mantle, Jackson and her team used a diamond anvil cell like this one.

Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle

Active Lava With Flowing Water at Big Island, Hawaii, Usa

Once the plug of a volcano, Hvitserkur rises nearly 50 feet above the sea.

The Kīlauea volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii

EGAATA-1: 'blobs' of material at the core-mantle boundary

Ancient crystals offer evidence of the start of Earth's core solidifying

In 1968 pictures taken by a satellite orbiting Earth clearly showed a gaping hole located at the North Pole.

What's in the cards for making a community work on Mars?

Artist's depiction of the space rock Ultima Thule (picture-alliance/ZUMA Wire/

In the mantle (orange), molten rock moves from the surface to deep within and back again (red arrows) as it cools and heats.

The great Tsingy de Bemaraha

Moon might have formed from blobs of a molten Earth : Research Highlights

Scientists find likely source of methane on Mars

See article for details. b–e, Idealized possibilities proposed to explain LLSVPs. In all cases, subducted material (possibly including ...

From Earth's deep mantle, scientists find a new way volcanoes form · Subsidence in Tuscany

Of his discovery, DePalma said, “It's like finding the Holy Grail clutched in the bony fingers ...

Inside Earth, scientists find weird blobs and huge mountains

3D Earth in the making

This sandstone, which came from a roadcut in Ohio, contains ripples, indicating it was likely formed in the presence of moving water.

A close up of a diamond in gem-holding tools.

NASA scientists find Earth-like water in passing comet

Artist's conception of Earth's solar system


Giant Underground Mountains Revealed After Enormous Earthquake Struck Bolivia

T, temperature; S, salinity; P, phosphate; N, nitrogen salt

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Carbon Dioxide Levels in Atmosphere Hit Record High in May

Life probably exists beyond Earth. So how do we find it?

How a Second Look At 40-Year-Old Studies Helped Explain Solar Wind

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Within ancient rocks in Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park, scientists have identified signs of a regular variation in Earth's orbit that influences ...

Evidence Of 2.68 Billion-Year-Old Continental Collisions In Wyoming's Teton Range Discovered

U.S./Germany GRACE-FO: Tandem Of Two Satellites Lifted Off To Track Earth's Water Movement

New ASU images of Mars moon Phobos may help explain what it is made of

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Probing giant planets' dark hydrogen

black hole

Researchers found high levels of manganese oxides by using a laser-firing instrument on the rover. This hint of more oxygen in Mars' early atmosphere adds ...

The Journey of a Rock A blob of lava that oozes to the surface and cools

Researchers have identified more than 100 giant exoplanets that could have potentially life-hosting moons. The new analysis could change the way scientists ...

Nuvvuagittiuq Supracrustal Belt

Spitzkoppe granite rocks, Namibia

Oldest rocks in Australia unlock secrets of the atmosphere

This granite has very large mineral grains, indicating the rock cooled very slowly within the Earth. Scale bar is 5 cm.

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Mystery of Weird Jerks in Earth's Magnetic Field Solved

Metamorphic Rocks

Ancient rocks provide clues to Earth's early history

Study finds billion-year superocean cycles in Earth's history

Ocean heat waves like the Pacific's deadly 'Blob' could become the new normal

Eying exomoons in the search for E.T.

Imaging tweak reveals chemical bonds inside bulky molecules


Figure 2.24 The development of the two basic types of planetary atmospheres is shown in these diagrams.

NASA May Be Looking in the Wrong Place to Find Life on Mars

Origins Project will be transitioned into ASU's Interplanetary Initiative

Massive Collision Responsible For Bend-Like Feature In The Middle Of Pacific Ocean Floor

This particular rock contains pieces and parts of crinoids, trilobites, and bivalves.

Learn All About the Rock Cycle in the Earth's Crust

A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean

Figure 2.3 The internal structure of stars change with their age and size or mass. (A) The interior of a small star (less than about 4 times the Sun's mass) ...

A diver swims past a chain of salps.

Cerealia Facula on Ceres

Aftershocks Of 1959 Earthquake Rocked Yellowstone In 2017-18

The author and her husband following the trail

What's inside a Martian meteorite: X-ray study on rare fragment could reveal new

Photo framed by the foliage showin a rip in the centre of frame - the dark

multipile magnetic fields ancient earth

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Do You Know Which Rocks Are Metamorphic?

Related: See extraordinary rocks from around the world

If we measure density - which is, you will remember, mass/volume - in units of grams per cubic centimeter (gm/cm3), then it is easy to compare with the ...

Walking in the same path as Oregon Trail pioneers (barefoot)

Figure 2.23 The possible changes of one rock type to another are shown in this diagram. By interaction with the atmosphere and hydrosphere of a planet ...

2019 honors graduate's passion is in the stars

Ironing out the mysteries of Earth's deepest rocks | Cosmos Planetary Science, Science Standards,

All About the Earth's Crust, and Why It Is so Important. Tonalite, holocrystalline magmatic rock