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Getty Museum Los Angeles Leucadendron Ebony with red kangaroo

Getty Museum Los Angeles Leucadendron Ebony with red kangaroo


Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Leucadendron 'Ebony' with red kangaroo paws and red

Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' (the shrub) is large, evergreen and open and has fantastic flowers great for cutting.

Ocotillo and pride of Barbados, with a yellow-green yucca or agave. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona, July.

Sherman Gardens, late September.

Leucadendron 'Reverse Polarity'

Closer look at the foliage

Leucadendron 'Ebony' found labeled as 'Safari Sunset'

Sherman Gardens, late September. | garden - dry | Garden, Gardening tips, Clay soil

Loropetalum chinese 'Sizzling Pink' in early June

front garden in Albany, CA fall 2014 - photo Loree Bohl.

Euphorbia 'Blackie', northern California | garden - dry | Garden, Plants, Red

However, a second, purchased at the same time and possessing the same leaf shape, has fared less well. I'm nonetheless keeping it in the same area for now.

Cuphea melvillea 'Candy Corn'

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Close-up showing the flower spikes

Aloes in Wonderland, Santa Barbara

Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Baron,' an ornamental millet


rusty red kangaroo paws and Melianthus foliage, garden of Denise Maher, Long Beach,

Plectranthus ciliatus 'Zulu Warrior'

Pale green Agave (attenuata?), Leucadendron (?'Jester' or maybe

I'm impressed by this Acanthus mollis (probably 'Summer Beauty'), which is still putting out new bloom spikes despite the heat and the exposure to scorching ...

Dwarf Mat Rush (lomandra longifolia)

A flower has already appeared on one of the Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem sage) in my back border

Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project; photo by Noel Kingsbury

Salvia 'Mystic Spires" is still going strong

bromeliad beds at Lotusland, Montecito, California

Phormium 'Amazing Red'

Coprosma repens 'Plum Hussey'

Scripters' garden, Colorado

Cuphea aff. Aequipetala in January

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona, Ju… | z.orange deep green chartreuse | Sonor…

Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum' and Echinacea 'Magnus'

Agave ovatifolia with Lampranthus spectabilis and Leucadendron 'Ebony' at Ruth Bancroft Garden, ...

Another flower close-up

Grevillea 'Peaches and Cream', southern California March 2016

A succulent planter created by my mother-in-law

Gravel garden at Beth Chatto Gardens

View of the house through the trees from the slice of lawn bordering the street

Mini Madrona

View from backyard lawn

Agave ovatifolia 'Vanzie', Acacia 'Cousin Itt', and a pale Leucadendron

Side yard area after lawn was removed and new top soil was added

This is the area of the garden I've christened "Protea.

Billbergia nutans, brought from my former garden and largely ignored in this one, regularly surprises me with new blooms (Note: the quality of the photo ...

display garden at Sierra Azul nursery, Watsonville, California, May.

View from inside the house

kangaroo paw and blue oat grass Kangaroo Paw Plant, Red Kangaroo, Blue Oat Grass

Aloe marlothii, southern California, March.

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Discover ideas about Lomandra

Aloe pseudorubroviolacea, before flowers stripped by orioles and warblers. Southern California, May 2017

yellow Anigozanthos color echo for variegation on a form of Agave americana. Huntington entrance garden

Leucospermum 'Goldfinger' at the Huntington, March 2017. Grey-green foliage tones

Leucadendron "Ebony"

Orange Penstemon pinifolius Luminous, Penstemon pinifolius, Luminous Pineleaf Beardtongue Full Sun Shrubs, Edging

pittosporum marjorie channon | Pittosporum Tenuifolium Marjorie Channon 2 -- pittosporum tenuifolium .

Leucospermum 'Flame Giant' I Holy Moly! Rose 'Paul Bocuse' Hunnemannia fumariifolia with Protea and Eucalyptus fol.

Euphorbia ammak at Mallen-Vincent garden in Fallbrook, California, April 2017. Photo

vignette from James Basson's best-in-show garden, Chelsea 2017. Photo by

Aloe vanbalenii against a background of Agave, Yucca, and Kumara

Barbary Coast (1976) Briana

Leucadendron "Winter Red"

Leucophyllum 'Thundercloud'. November, southern California.

Agave, Erigeron karvinskianus, and Eucalyptus (olive?) foliage. August 2010;

Garden of Jenny Stocker, Austin, Texas.

The 2 Minute Gardener has over 600 garden photos and tips for improving your garden. Here is a photo of a Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus).

Huntington Desert Garden, March 2017 Deserts, Desserts, Postres, Dessert

Lychnis coronaria. 75cm x 45cm. Flowers June, Jul, Aug, Sept.

Last Call on Landscape-Size Narcissus Bulbs

Native to Yemen.

Pale yellow kangaroo paws, white nicotiana, Salvia mexicana 'Limelight'. Long Beach

Prickly poppies, Texas. Wildflower Tattoo, Blue Bonnets, Spring Blossom, Texas Hill

garden of Dustin Gimble, Los Angeles, April 2017. Photo by Mitch Maher.

Foxtail Agaves are a great low maintenance plant. There are also variegated varieties I would

Specializing in rare and unusual annual and perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and hard to find California native wildflowers.

Last year I created an area for South African and Australian members of the Protea family, and other xeric pl.

Plant Profile: Selenicereus chrysocardium

garden of Denise Maher, Long Beach CA, May 2017 May 2017, Long Beach

single early tulip 'Prinses Irene' Tulips Flowers, Bulb Flowers, Blue Lace,

variegated octopus agave - garden of Denise Maher, Long Beach CA. indirect light from

Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project; photo by Noel Kingsbury | British Isles | Eden project, Paradise, Biomes

Salvia Mail Order Nursery

A green Sideritis stem, a single Grevillea 'Moonlight' and Phylica stem, and a cluster of Leucadendron 'Blush'.

Kangaroo paws, Verbena bonariensis just gaining height. Dark background shrub on the right is

Phormium "Black Rage" - darker Phormium, 2-3 feet high and wide

Leucadendron "Wilson's Wonder"

Maltese abandoned quarry being reclaimed by nature then gardeners - James Basson, best in show

I Need A Cup of Tea: Crevice Gardens of the Future Alpine Garden, Rock

Alluaudia procera - Madagascar ocotillo

Artemisia arborescens Drought Resistant Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Landscaping, Shade Shrubs, Yard

PINEAPPLE GUAVA / GOIABA-SERRANA | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Pineapple Guava, Plants

Triumph Tulip King's Orange--Not for the faint of heart, King's Orange delivers vivid color with dark coral-red petals which blend to marigold-orange edges ...

Leucadendron salignum

Acacia covenyi & Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea