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George Washington 1780 Founding FathersMothers of America

George Washington 1780 Founding FathersMothers of America


George Washington 1780

Portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

John Jay

General George Washington at Trenton

Washington in his Virginia Militia uniform.

John Adams

Ages of Revolution: How Old Were They on July 4, 1776? - Journal of the American Revolution

Get Facts about George WASHINGTON biography, years of service, office, state and political party.

Alexander Hamilton

What the Least Fun Founding Father Can Teach Us Now

I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. George Washington ...

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Detail of John Trumbull's painting depicting the Committee of Five presenting their draft of the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress .

By Eliminating the Arts, We Are Undermining Our Founders' Vision of America. george washington

Washington portraits offer Colonial Williamsburg visitors rare chance to size up America's founder - Daily Press

Cassandra Good, BA '04, MA '05

Joseph Brandt as painted by George Romney, British court painter. Brandt was a Mohawk

George Washington: Founding Father, General of the Armies, and First American President.

Alexander Hamilton

From left: Elizabeth Hamilton, Deborah Read, Dolley Madison, Martha Washington.

The visit was typical Washington! He took his duties as the first President seriously, and he would make it a point to visit every part of the country ...

George Washington

Robert Morris: America's Founding Capitalist

Julia Stockton Rush was painted by Charles Willson Peale.

Engraving depicts American army officer Benedict Arnold (1741 - 1801), seated at a

An Idealistic Aristocrat from France determined to help Americans win their independence

King George III and Lord North British leaders

George Washington

A portrait of Benjamin Franklin by artist David Martin

I mean, there's the Albany Plan of Union, the American Revolution, the house of general Phillip Schuyler, ...

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. “

Abigail Adams

TIME Books

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at. “

Portrait of George Washington, 1796 - Thomas Sully Mount Vernon, Held, Our President

George Washington fully realized the fledgling United States could not hope to survive without a navy or naval leaders like Barry (with sword).

founding mothers

Alexander Hamilton

Benjamin Tallmadge, George Washington's Spymaster

Benedict Arnold

Washington's Open Letter of March 12, 1790 to American Catholics


George Washington, taking the oath as the first president of the United States of America

Legendary Stories from American History: George Clymer, American Patriot

George Washington, Virginia

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Rush: Revolution, Madness, and Benjamin Rush, the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father

Alexander Hamilton | Lawyer, Writer, and Founding Father

Video: Discover History Center at Morristown National Historical Park

The Forgotten Founding Father, Benjamin Rush

Hannah Adams

Founding Friendships: Friendships Between Men and Women in the Early American Republic (Oxford University

In 1758, just before returning home from the French and Indian War, George Washington ran for a seat in Virginia's House of Burgesses.

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Founding Father of the United States Aide-de-camp to General George Washington Member, Continental Congress Constitutional Convention Governor of Virginia

James Madison | Biography, Founding Father, & Presidency | Britannica.com

Henry Knox

General George Washington during the Revolutionary War - Stock Image

Elizabeth Hamilton

Violent protest by groups like the Sons of Liberty created quite a stir both in the

Financial Advice From America's Founding Fathers

Washington Facts

George Washington's Break in Barbados

John Marshall and George Washington

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John Marshall

George Washington portrait, Adolph Ulrich Wertmuller, 1795, painting - Stock Image

22, 1732, George Washington was the eldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington, who were prosperous Virginia gentry of ...

The Founding Fathers on Drugs and Alcohol

(George Washington's Mount Vernon); Painting showing George Washington during the French & Indian War by Charles Volkmar, 1874, after Charles Willson ...

George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799

Burr's Political Legacy Died in the Duel with Hamilton. The rivalry between Founding Fathers ...

Henry Fairlie on What Europeans Thought of Our Revolution


Washington rallying his troops at Monmouth.

Born: Chestnut Grove Plantation, New Kent County, Virginia 1731, June 2. Father:

Thomas Jefferson

George Mason George Mason

George Washington George Washington Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Robert Morris: Financier of the American Revolution By Charles Rappleye Hardcover, 640 pages. Simon & Schuster List price: $30

Marquis de Lafayette – On Careful Deliberation