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General Sir Harold Alexander center CinC of the Allied Armies

General Sir Harold Alexander center CinC of the Allied Armies


Sir Harold Alexander 026065.jpg

Allied brain-trust in Italy (l. to r.): Lieutenant General

Sir Oliver Leese, General Sir Harold Alexander, and Lt. Gen.

Allied leaders in the Sicilian campaign: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Air Chief Marshal Sir

Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander, pictured here as Supreme Allied Commander of the Mediterranean Forces, at his Headquarters in the Palace of Caserta, ...

Brigadier General Walter B. Smith, chief of staff to Lieutenant General Dwight D.

Allied leaders in the Sicilian campaign. General Dwight D. Eisenhower meets in North Africa

From left to right: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, Gen. Sir Harold Alexander, and Adm. Sir Andrew ...

General Alphonse Juin (left) chats with General Sir Harold Alexander, commander of Allied

General Sir Harold Alexander, (right, wearing Irvin jacket) commanding 15th Army Group

General Eisenhower, General Harold Alexander, allied commander-in-chief in Italy,

[NHÂN VẬT] THỐNG CHẾ SIR HAROLD ALEXANDER Nguồn dịch: global.britannica.

Claude Auchinleck

General Sir Harold Alexander, Commander in Chief Allied Armies in Italy, sitting at his desk at his headquarters in Caserta, Italy.

Hugh Stockwell

General Sir Bernard Montgomery in England, 1943 TR1037 (cropped).jpg

Winston Churchill discussing the battle situation in Italy with the Commander of the Eighth Army,

Left to right: Brigadier General Edmund Hill (USA); General Jan Sergěj Ingr, Minister of National Defence and C-in-C of Czechoslovak Forces; ...

Officers of the 92nd Infantry Division, Company F, 370th Combat Team, look at


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill meets with General Harold Alexander commander of the Allied Armies in

General Sir Harold Alexander (center), C-in-C of the Allied

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75th Anniversary – Victory of the Allies in North Africa as the Afrika Korps surrenders.

Pictured left to right at Eighth Army tactical headquarters in March 1944, General Sir Harold

Preparation and Planning

American troops in M3 medium tanks storm the western regions of North Africa.

The active prosecution of the Italian campaign was entrusted to the 15th Army Group under the command of General Sir Harold Alexander.

Brigadier General ...

General Lyman Lemnitzer, U.S. Army ...

06, 1954 - Pictured is General of the Armed Soviet Forces A. A. Grechko

Vladimir Stoychev

Planning for the initial assault also had to take into account a shortage of shipping space that would limit supplies and restrict medical support to little ...

Atlantic Charter

4.10.18 Brigadier General Sir William Kay, CMG

Nelson A Miles, US Army general, at his headquarters, 1898.

General Sir Robert Bray, British Army ...


Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver W. H. Leese (left), commander of the British Eighth Army, with Devers and Lieutenant-General Sir Richard L. McCreery (right), ...

News Sheet January 2012

M4 Sherman tanks being loaded onto LSTs for Operation Husky, Pêcherie, Bizerte, Tunisia.

German MG34 team in action, circa 1943.

(PDF) Review of 'How the War was Won: Air Sea Power and Allied Victory in World War II' by Philips Payson O'Brien | John Alexander - Academia.edu

GENERAL KENNER RECEIVING THE DSM from General George C. Marshall

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Admiral of the Fleet Lord Roger John Brownlow Keyes, 1st Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover GCB, KCVO, CMG, DSO, R N - Robin Johnson Web Site - MyHeritage

(PDF) The RAF's Special Force Before the Special Duties Squadrons | Richard Newton - Academia.edu

An Army chaplain baptizes a corporal in the ornate fountain at Caserta, the mammoth eighteenth-century palace where both Mark Clark and Harold Alexander ...

Battle of the Bulge

Strauss, Franz Josef, 6.9.1915 - 3.10.1988, German politician (

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Gen. Orlando Ward, Commanding General, U.S. 1st Armored Division

Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery · British Army ...

General ...

GENERAL BULL (1950 portrait)

General Sir Bernard Montgomery In England Halflength portrait of the Commander of the Eighth Army General

John French, 1st Earl of Ypres

Maurice Chilton · Lieutenant General Sir ...

General Alexander, Deputy Commander in Chief Allied Forces in North Africa, discussing operations for Tunisia with the Supreme Commander, General Eisenhower

Sydney Rowell

Captain Don East, USN (Ret)

Lt. Gen. Maryanne Miller, chief of Air Force Reserve, says many of the specialized space and cyber operators the Air Force hopes to add to its ranks are ...

Operations Research

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Victory Number~ May 12 No. 5534 - Volume 206,


World War 2 at Sea

Cassino in ruins after the bombing of 15 March 1944, with the ruins of the Castle on Rocca Janula above. Meanwhile, Allied forces ...

Ray Smith (USMC), the regimental Lt. Colonel who was commander of the 2/8th Battalion Landing Landing team. Smith's Marine Corps career spanned the Vietnam ...

The British defence of Ruweisat Ridge relied on an improvised formation called 'Robcol',

Stirling, David; Special Air Service

Israeli military commander arrive in East Jerusalem, after Israeli forces seized East Jerusalem, during

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General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. U.S. Army ...

Manuscript title:] Abstract Log of "USS Wyoming": JAPAN.) PEARCE

Chart 3: Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944

1944 July 22 ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS Magazine G/VG 3.0 Canadians into Caen WW2

Larger Units- Theater Army-Army Group-Field Army | Dwight D. Eisenhower | United States Army

Kasserine Pass: America's Most Humiliating Defeat of World War II


General Sir Harold Alexander, the commander of Allied ground forces, who usually looked “as if he had just had a steam bath, a massage, a good breakfast, ...

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A Desperate Defense: How the First Battle of Ypres Was Fought

In 1964, the year Lettow-Vorbeck died, the Bundestag voted to give back pay to former African warriors who had fought with German forces in WWI.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme Commander (centre), with Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Dempsey, GOC Second Army, and Lieutenant- General Neil ...


The Kornilov Affair – Convinced the army couldn't fight effectively unless proper discipline was restored back at home he set about an attempt to crush the ...

Captain F. R. 'Jeph' Jephson, MC, TD, in 1942. He has

Major-General Sir J.D.P. French.jpg

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US and Russian solidiers

Sergeant - A U.S. Army sergeant from the 29th Infantry Division in 2011.