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Fun games for French class Resources for French immersion FSL

Fun games for French class Resources for French immersion FSL


Are you a French teacher who wants to add more games for practicing vocabulary and verbs? If you teach American FSL, French immersion, or Core French and ...

... a fun way for students to practice conjugating regular and irregular verbs. Includes two game boards for Core French/FSL and French immersion classes.

Fun games for French class | Resources for French immersion, FSL, and ESL | Teaching french, French adjectives, French resources

Are you a French teacher who wants to add more games for practicing vocabulary and verbs? If you teach American FSL, French immersion, or Core French and ...

Are you a French teacher who wants to add more games for practicing vocabulary and verbs? If you teach American FSL, French immersion, or Core French and ...

Fun ideas and activities for French teachers who are looking for fun things to do in a French club for Francophone cultures and French language.

These bingo games are a fun way to practice French animal vocabulary with beginning students.

French sight word flashcards and games

Six Fun First Day of School Activities for French Immersion - Teaching French Immersion: Ideas for the Primary Classroom

... book and play games that have the same vocabulary. These past two weeks we focused on learning 11 words that help them get started in a French classroom ...

FRENCH Scattergories Game | Activités | French classroom, French teaching resources, Teaching french

Looking for some French classroom icebreaker ideas? Click and learn more from this new blog

Fun Speaking Games for your French Classroom: part 1 - time bomb - use this

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Want to celebrate Valentine's Day in your French class with some fun and engaging activities? Here's a peek at some of my favorite activities that you can ...

These French Immersion start up activities are great for k-2 Immersion, depending on where your students are. My grade 1s are BRAND new to French, ...

Epic list of FREE online resources for French teachers! From online games to YouTube channels

The Best French Music Videos for Kids | FRENCH Learning | French classroom, Learn french, Learning french for kids

Activities for Practicing Time Day, and Date

FRENCH - Halloween FSL Activities Learning A Second Language, Language Lessons, Learning Time,

These printable worksheets are quick, easy activities that your students can do to practice their French. I treat each one as a longer activity than just ...

They're Poets and They Know It!

Free Digital Books and Online Reading for FSL

... in French that they can count to. On the small triangles, they write various activities that they have learned how to say. In the center triangles, ...

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Memorization Nation: 8 Ways of Effectively Teaching French Vocabulary to Your Whole Class

End of the Year Activities for the French Classroom

Fun French Vocabulary Words for Summer. As school ...


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I enjoy it, but it does take a bit of time and energy. I hope to keep on sharing some ideas and dialoguing with other French teachers through this medium.

Passé composé speaking activities. French-questions-activity

French Vocabulary Time-fillers

So in an effort to reinforce the structure "tu es," I recently had my students make fortune tellers. If you don't know what a fortune teller is, ...

French + Math = 5 Ridiculously Fun Number Games

(1) Preview. KS3 KS4 | French ...

French Vocabulary Time-fillers

I didn't bother putting instructions on how to fold, since most kids already know how to do it, and I was able to help those who didn't.

... Assessment French winter / l'hiver - Reading, Writing, & Assessment

French Days of the Week

Passé composé speaking activities. French-questions-activity

First Day of French Class Lesson 1:Classroom Commands/Les ordres TPR Lesson Plan

Counting to Ten

P.E.N.S.E Digital Citzenship Poster1 (1)

CEC Publishing - 2014 FSL Catalogue - CORE FRENCH RESOURCES

The Absurd French Game

Les Fichiers de Transparence: L'assemblée de Français

The French Corner 2018 Recap

Creating a Positive Classroom Climate in French Class

2017 Fall Membership Drive

French culture. https://madamebarrilleaux.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/6th- grade-project-1b.jpg

FRENCH Scattergories Game FRENCH Scattergories Game

It is great to have a native speaker to practice French with you from the first day. If you don't have someone already, you can find one – a tutor, teacher, ...

Learn a foreign language with videos

I use terms like French monuments, cities, and French-speaking countries to effortlessly bring in some culture.

FREE French Christmas Activities: just download, print and go! Get students busy practicing

My Experience with Goosechase

French Classroom Objects Activity Based on Sudoku French Classroom Objects Activity Based on Sudoku

Although I can't get into my classroom to post real pictures of all of these in action yet, I just wanted to share some things that might help make the ...

First Day of School Class book template! Great for French Immerison or Primary Core French

French Games and Learning Activities

"French Level 1 DVD" - 54 Minutes, Learn to Speak Français, Easy French Lessons, Kids School

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Teacher pointing to French words on whiteboard

ESL Games for Large Classes

In a rut and not sure what to do with a new group of vocabulary words you've been working with? In this post I'll share some low prep and no prep activities ...

French Immersion Program Information. Vivez Comme Jesus Banner Image

Phonics Anchor Charts in French

"Everyday Activities" (French Lesson 21) CLIP - Basic French, Français de Base, Kids Easy Learning

@OECTA June Edition by @OECTA - issuu

vocabulaire grades 5-7

French VERBATHON® – Deluxe Edition ...

10 French Reading Resources and Exercises (Beginner to Intermediate)

Bright Ideas: 3 Activities to Spark Teaching French Colors

French Immersion Programs Top 2018 - Francais Immersion

Year 7 French- End of Year Revision Worksheet by alexmpstokes | Teaching Resources

FRENCH Desk Name Plates FRENCH Desk Name Plates

Bienvenue - French for Life games

French Immersion Kindergarten programs will: French Immersion Image 1

“I am the product of a success story for the French Immersion program, I want only the best and more for my children. Without CPF no French immersion is ...

Below is a template for your listening test. Choose 12 winter words that you want to test your students on. To help see what each student knows, ...

It is a great way to get to know students, and it puts a fun spin on the normal information sheet we love to use. French ...

Bienvenue - French for Life games

French VERBATHON® – Starter Edition

6th Grade French

... so as to keep in the target language. Loto works great for numbers, which, of course, I call out in French because you can't act out numbers really.

Great for Core French grades 1-6 or French Immersion Primary! This is an awesome fun activity package to keep your kids busy as they approach the end of the ...

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Au Restaurant - French Unit

Math Resources - Lessons & Activities: Grade 1 - School District No. 71 - Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Fun Speaking Games For Your French Classroom: Time Bomb - For French Immersion

ABOVE: B.C. schools scramble to fill French immersion teaching spots