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Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Pollution Marine Litter

Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Pollution Marine Litter


Marine Debris: How long until it's gone?

Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Pollution | Marine Litter Solutions

Frequently asked questions about The Ocean Cleanup

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Increasing amounts of litter are ending up in the world's oceans and harming the health of ecosystems, killing animals and putting human health at risk.

Single-use plastics like plastic bags often don't get recycled and end up in the ocean, where they harm sea life like coral and turtles.

All you need is Biology


Marine litter

This infographic by one ocean one world ...

What Causes Ocean Pollution?

In efforts to prevent and mediate marine debris and pollutants, laws and policies have been adopted internationally. Depending on relevance to the issues ...

A problem getting out of control

A Sea of Debris: Oceans Governance and the Challenge of Plastic Pollution

A research conducted by the University of the Aegean, between May and August 2003 at depths between 0 and 25 m, showed that the marine debris concentration ...

Marine litter explained by Ocean campus - Surfrider Foundation Europe

Marine litter presents a serious threat to the area's ecosystems, especially if we consider that the waters of this beautiful enclosed sea are renewed only ...

Infographic from http://ourocean2017.org/media-centre

How ocean pollution affects humans [Video + Infographic]

Plastic pollution: Turtles are dying after becoming tangled in fishing gear and household rubbish, new study finds

Ocean Pollution Poster

A new report has highlighted plastic pollution as one of the biggest threats facing the oceans

Descriptor 10: Marine Litter. Water protection

Single-use plastics: European Commission welcomes ambitious agreement on new rules — Plastic Pollution Coalition

What is marine plastic pollution? Over eight million metric tons of plastic trash are estimated to end up in the ocean each year.

The environmentThe known unknowns of plastic pollution

Plastics in oceans are mounting, but evidence on harm is surprisingly weak

Ocean Education Reverse the Flow of Pollution More Plastic than Fish in Ocean by 2050

Diving with plastic pollution – an interview with Cherie Bridges

How Bad Is Ocean Garbage, Really?

Ocean plastic

This Philippine city is fighting ocean plastic with a clever solution to trash

top-ten-ocean-trash-e1332896652293.jpg43.65 KB. Marine Debris

By 2025, the annual mismanaged plastic waste in Africa could be as high as 11.5

Why Starbucks, Disney, and the EU are all shunning plastic straws

What is the state of California doing?

Oceanário and Oceano Azul Foundation's awareness campaign to save the ocean. "

So, if we drop a plastic water bottle today, this will be still floating somewhere and will not be completely gone until the year 2468!

Marine Debris: A Legacy of Litter

Microplastics are considered the most common form of marine litter. Image credit - Nils Ally, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

Government of Canada targets plastic waste and marine litter with launch of online consultation

chex sea turtle balloon closeup

While marine pollution can be obvious, as with the marine debris shown above, it is often the pollutants that cannot be seen that cause most harm.

plastic pollution ecowatch costa rica

Research Topic. Impacts of Marine Litter

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean — and How You Can Help Prevent It

Marine Litter

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Talking Trash, Again: Ocean Pollution Revisited

a graphic showing the locations of the so-called marine debris garbage patches in the

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Tourists and local residents disembark a boat coming from nearby Nusa Penida island as plastic trash

Plastic trash on Kamilo Beach

P lastic pollution, marine litter in particular, has been a big focus at the Congress today for Ocean Optimism. There have been workshops, ...

Deadliest ocean trash #Infographic #sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusereducerecycle #freeplasticjuly #composting #compost2grow #upcycle

A simulation of the floating screens to be deployed by Ocean Cleanup to capture small plastic

Determining the amount of plastic waste in the ocean requires multiple inputs: shoreline surveys by individuals and groups, measuring the content of plastic ...

ocean pollution

Plastic pollution is quickly becoming an environmental crisis that the world needs to face. Trocaire/Flickr

UN resolves to end ocean plastic waste

Information About Sea Turtles: Threats from Marine Debris

Volunteers cleaning general plastic waste along the shore in the Philippines, which is behind only

This Book Stinks_Ocean Trash.ngsversion.1498064510044.jpg

How Does Trash Become Marine Debris?

Where Does Marine Debris Come From?

A green sea turtle is peaking its head above the ocean's surface while a rainbow appears

Stop the assault on whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals

External Costs of Pollution from Plastic

We could end up with 'as much plastic in our oceans as fish'

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sea turtle rehab zodiac


Plastic in the oceans is a growing problem. And it's not just ugly: Plastic

Explore the Dive Against Debris Map

Marine debris and plastic pollution along the coastline of Haiti

Leveraging space technologies to monitor plastic pollution in oceans

Rubbish, biodegradable plastic is no solution to ocean pollution

The Honolulu Strategy is a framework for a comprehensive and global effort to reduce the ecological, human health, and economic impacts of marine debris.

... in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - regular large-scale assessments of what is the state of all marine and other plastic litter ...

Ocean Conservancy recycling plastic pollution graphic

Asian plastic is choking the world's oceans


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The BBC's Blue Planet II played a huge role in expanding public awareness about marine plastic pollution

World Oceans Day: How one startup is fighting plastic pollution

UNEP - Marine Litter Vital Graphics

Study: How Much of an Environmental Threat Is Ocean Garbage? - The Atlantic

Ridiculous Items Found During Ocean Pollution Cleanup | Rodale News