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Found an acorn just starting to split in a bag of mulch I got from

Found an acorn just starting to split in a bag of mulch I got from


Found an acorn just starting to split in a bag of mulch I got from home

image of mulch removed from around the trunk of an oak tree

6 Tips for Growing Lettuce in Your Garden - Lettuce is a great beginning gardener's vegetable. Here are some great tips on growing lettuce to get you ...

Image titled Grow an Oak Tree from an Acorn Step 8

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fresh wood chip mulch on garden wood chips

These Bur Oak seedlings have grown all summer long, and are ready for fall planting in the landscape.

Image titled Grow an Oak Tree from an Acorn Step 5

Chestnut Autumn Fruits Acorns Rose Hip

acorn squash in a wood chip garden


Pre-emergent weed control in a shrub bed

I noticed we are having what looks to be a bumper crop of acorns here in central Pennsylvania. The red oaks are loaded and I even saw a white oak in my ...

Temporary garden mulch.

Cocoa Shell Mulch: Tips For Using Cocoa Hulls In The Garden

The love to dig in the mulch. In the process, they keep burying my new blueberry bushes!

Control Weeds Naturally

How to Build a Rain Garden in Your Yard

The tree itself was sporting a new look with 6 inch mushrooms blossoming along the trunk and tiny, soft bubble-like growths. Are they eggs?

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Acorns: The Inside Story

Most of the oaks are red, but a I have found a few white and burr oaks this summer.

A wheelbarrow full of chips is much lighter than an equivalent volume of bark mulch, which is so dense that I can barely heft a bag from my car to the ...

Acorn Vase Ilex Studio Grow an acorn into an oak tree.

The tree itself was sporting a new look with 6 inch mushrooms blossoming along the trunk and tiny, soft bubble-like growths. Are they eggs?

Bag-A-Nut A5002

I was still supplementing this homemade product with bark mulch I bought at garden centers or Home Depot.

Under a fallen tree that we have visited many times over the past year we found an enormous puddle! It's never even been wet there before.

White oak, Ecoaddendum.org

From lawn to garden: The "deep mulch" or "back to Eden" method.

With school starting there will be school supplies and clothes to buy. And just as soon as everyone gets settled into their fall routines, the holidays show ...

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Colorado garden to-do list: Pamper trees, harvest vegetables

Squash plant large leaves


A well at the base of a young tree will help capture much need moisture

upright rosemary in pot

Many of our celebrations were just for the family, but Mardi Gras was an invited guest soiree, costumes expected.

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Image titled Start a Fire With Different Types of Kindling Step 1

Birds Choice™ Acorn Peanut Bird Feeder

Meliot Sweet Clover Herb (Melilotus L. - Melilotus Officinalis) Health Embassy

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Acorn ...

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the snow stuck around longest on the flower bed mulch…

acorns. “

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hands holding compost

I started out pouring the goods into a jelly bag but the remaining water was so cloudy and I was sure it was holding all ...


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The English word “oak” is some 1,260 years old. In German it was “eih” ending up “eiche.” The Dutch extended it to “eychen” or ” eychenboom.

... be shared through these channels. Participants will be asked to share through their farm and/or personal websites and social media accounts, ...

Two years ago friend sheet-mulched her very hard, dry dirt yard using cardboard and newspaper topped with very large chunk free wood chips.

“Flowers and fruit are only the beginning. In a seed lies the life and the future.” ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley


The two cakes that will join and fuel the journey. A Jing Mai older offering from old trees and a newer more robust little gem from Ba Ma. Puerh fuel

Students and teachers at Gaynor Campus on spring planting day.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Plastic mulch with straw mulch between rows

Starting Seeds Indoors Blog

When I was a kid my fondness for acorns was almost romantic, if that's the right word to describe a never waning curiousity and compulsion to gather and ...

image of oak tree's flare buried in mulch

A properly planted acorn from a local tree iss likely to grow into a healthy mature

A valiant band of 11 turned up at HQ, fortunately full of energy and resolve to enjoy a good workout in the lovely autumn sunshine.

The sun was high. The day was bright. The Acorn class was in its element.

This Fascinating Adventure How to Start a Frugal Garden A raised garden bed with two large

Principles of American forestry . Forests and forestry. 140 PKINCIPLKS OF AIIKUK'AN .

I dumped the water out and put the acorns on newspaper lined trays to dry in our porch for a few days.

Man and fig have come a long way since then but have remained very much good friends, travelling and setting up home together all over the world where ...

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... other's area seed-starting_video

Good thing that we found out about the greens. Now I'd grow beets just for their greens and pull some early for the root. Just keep cutting the greens and ...


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using mulch around beans

Some flowers like daylily (Hemerocallis spp.), Iris, toad lily (Tricyrtis spp.) and others that flower atop a long stalk, have stems that can be removed all ...


A two-man crew uses a lift to trim a tall black walnut tree.

Our super-fancy worm casting screening system. Hey, it works! The large bits are left behind, leaving only the finer, fluffy, finished worm castings.

oak leaves and acorns

Step 1 - Collect Acorns

A 5-ingredient Berry Crumble just in time for Mother's Day Brunch!


To wash out the tannic acid, we use a kitchen strainer with a cloth laid on top of it to hold the acorn pieces. We then rinse them under flowing tap water ...

Designing Ecologically Sensitive Green Infrastructure that Serves People and Nature

Could that have been last year's second brood, thus explaining this year's two-month head start?

Red Oaks, Driveway Alamy Stock Photo Brooklyn, NY