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Flower of Life Meditation for Universal Love BornAwake Flower

Flower of Life Meditation for Universal Love BornAwake Flower


A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness


How To Cope With Tiredness Symptoms After Spiritual Ascension

Victorious Hope:Finding Yourself Again (today's featured Youtube video)

Kundalini-Enlightenment So what is enlightenment? It is the illumination of the heart and mind to new information and to understanding.

Reality exists only where we create a focus. -Heart Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism

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Children are born awake - they are “put to sleep” as they age - we are changing this.


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The lifestyle of the modern human being is a far cry from that of our ancestors. So far removed from our sacred heart are we that we do as much as possible ...

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Buddha, self-awareness.

S.O.N.C.E. - Spiritual Opening Now to Cosmic Energy: Brow / Third ... Ascended

Mar 10!! This morning I asked to see a FLAME and I got it

Will There Be a “Quantum Awakening” in December 2012?

And That's the Story of That

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Realization Quotes, Self Realization, Global Awareness, Akashic Records, Life After Death,

Buddha ...


It is time for us, as the human collective, to let go of the past, of angers, of judgments, of anything lacking in love, and to be in the flow of love, ...


... Flower of Life proliferates. .

In ...

These are all the #tattoos I currently have. The bottom far left one is still a work in progress, and the faded one directly above it was the first one I ...


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Cactus flower and Chinese proverb about thorns and blossoms

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The Tazz and Paula Show

With your permission, allow this light force to enter into your higher heart. You might feel a little pressure or tingle just below your throat and above ...

Alicea Saraswati

Day 7 of 100 Days of Meditation I didn't want to end this meditation

And That's the Story of That .

Swami Satchidanand and Swami Devi Dhyani sat with us in meditation. I've sat with Devi many times and her energy speeds up the grounding of the ...

Flower of life.

Power Up!! your Psychic Powers!

Living a Life in Flower

Heart released

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And partly you can't do that because you realize pretty quickly that spiritually mature people can no longer compartmentalize their lives.

Monica Fizelle on Ascension: 'It's just a shift of dimension – it's not the end of the world'

Sharon Landrith in Crestone, Colorado, USA, August 2017 Photo Paul Kemnitzer

Posted on 18-Jul-2018

This is pretty elementary stuff in most circles, something people generally learn in the beginning processes of awakening. But, as everything else in life, ...



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... Our Purpose is to Heal …

Burn All Negativity In... Access Infinite Energy From... The Hot Fission Kundalini Fires, in the Center of the Earth. Alchemical VITRIOL.

... 46.

Join me for an evening ALL about the heart! I will be discussing my new book, The Gifts of Grace and Gratitude, amidst a dazzling backdrop of art, ...


Law of Life

I am an expression of Universal Energy. Balance your life. Ground yourself. You

On The Rise of a New Era

I stuck the phone deep into the pocket of leather jacket and extended a hand to Skeletor, who with all his enormity looked gentle and childlike.

Ive come to feel It's exhausting having meaningless small talk. #evolvedhuman

20) You Feel Drawn to Classical Music, Art, and Natural Beauty (And Never Really Did Before)

Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. “

Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 1 Initiation 3: The Grounding of Negative Energies: Alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus, VITRIOL - VISITA INTERIORE ...

A reminder that embracing change is a good thing – even if it doesn't seem so in the moment. . When you are open to change, you are open to saying YES ...

Blue Lotus Bud www.ebsquart.com

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Privilege: On the Occasion of my 41st Birthday

Totally fucked!!

Rumi Quote

"When you are present you can sense the spirit, the one consciousness in every creature and love it as yourself." ~ Eckhart Tolle (Guardians of Being)


... #life "According to several Buddhist and Taoist traditions, sex, meditation, death and trauma ...

Here are the cards for Sunday 28th April 💚 The Psychic Tarot Oracle cards by John

I stuck the phone deep into the pocket of leather jacket and extended a hand to Skeletor, who with all his enormity looked gentle and childlike.

Watch the trees.

Why I Believe in Faeries (or Fairies, if You Prefer)

Split Societies There will be other people living on Earth besides the New Humanity, but they will not be like these advanced beings.

I reap the benefit of #happenstance. Only after having to make an appointment to

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Blazing the Violet Fire–through Suzanne Lie

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Osho's ashes being brough

Illustration of a man walking into a beam of light overlaid with an image of the

Last night's cards. When the cards know, they know 💙 . . . #


I thought to myself.

In my subjective world I have found if there is a problem on the outside, look inside. So, with that being said let us start our spiraling journey from the ...

In observing the world over the last few weeks, we are seeing subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, events that are showing us that the old world is ...

Wildflower at Nether Stowey

Aromatic Kinesiology... As I sit in a space to learn this weekend -

In ...

The same with ancient lives. We may travel back to, see and fix one life problem in one of our past lives, but what about the other thousands of life-times, ...

Do You Feel That You Have a Life Mission to Fulfill?

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21 Beautiful Quotes That Inspire Self-Love