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Exodus of Vietnamese war refugees from Vietnam aboard packed ships

Exodus of Vietnamese war refugees from Vietnam aboard packed ships


Exodus of Vietnamese war refugees from Vietnam aboard packed ships- by Tiffany Chung

Vietnamese refugee boat Tu Do and PK3402

Port bow view of a boat filled with Vietnamese refugees, as the guided missile cruiser USS FOX (CG-33) (not visible) comes alongside, 06/01/1982

'Boat People' from Vietnam, mid to late 70s. Many eventually made it to the US.

Vietnamese refugees arriving in Hong Kong, 1981

Called “boat people,” thousands of Vietnamese refugees crowded onto weather-beaten vessels and set out for rough open seas. Many died trying to escape.

Vietnamese refugees move from a French landing ship to the USS Montague during Operation Passage to Freedom in August 1954.

Up to a million refugees left communist North Vietnam during Operation Passage to Freedom after the country was partitioned.

South Vietnamese refugees approach a U.S. war ship to seek refuge from the invading force from the North April 1975 in the South China Sea near Saigon.

25 years ago a rarity, today all too common -- rickety boats packed with

Refugees transfer from a French LCT landing craft to British carrier HMS Warrior at the port of Haiphong during the operation 4 September 1954

Vietnamese boat people: living to tell the tale

Boat People - In Memory of the hundreds of thousands of Boat People who died searching for Freedom

Vietnamese boat people

2013-04-28-Vietnamese_refugees_on_US_carrier_Operation_Frequent_Wind.jpg. Vietnamese refugees ...

Rescued Vietnamese boat people being given water.

boat people guam

Refugees crammed aboard the 35-metre. Ha Lung when it arrives in Hong Kong, in April 1979.

Refugees pack the deck of the Skyluck, anchored off Lamma Island in February 1979. Picture: SCMP

A family of boat people rescued by a US Navy ship.

... exodus ...


Food is delivered to the Skyluck in February 1979.

After an Arduous Journey Emigrating from Vietnam in the '70s, the Author Benefitted from Both Personal Resilience and Public Assistance

Cambodian refugees camp in Thailand

All aboard for a historical trip to Kabul's possible future


FILE - A family photo from the wedding of Hai Do's aunt, Pham Thi Nhung

With the fall of Saigon inevitable, at-risk Vietnamese climb aboard a barge in Khanh Hoi Saigon Port on the afternoon of April 29, 1975.

Cap Anamur Boat People gerettet

Nearly 100 refugees scrambled aboard the HMAS Melbourne in.

... the mass evacuation of approximately 125,000 refugees from Vietnam to the United States. In all, over 2 million Vietnamese left the country after 1975.


Pulau Bidong, MRCS boat with camp residents (refugees), 1979


The captured refugees are returned to the Skyluck. Picture: SCMP

Last Days in Vietnam

The Norwegian ship Berge Tasta, which had rescued Yen Siow and her family in 1980

Tu Do ...

South Vietnamese troops wade through water to flush out communist rebels, known as the Viet. Photos: The Vietnam War

Escape boat saved by the Cap Anamur in late April 1984, placed in Troisdorf. Memorial and tribute of Vietnamese refugees ...

Australian-Vietnamese social entrepreneur Yen Siow holding a picture of the Norwegian ship which rescued

A Vietnamese woman uses a blanket to shelter herself and her child from the hot sun

Resettlement and integration of Vietnamese refugees in Canada, 1979

Grounded in politics, not emotion

Vietnam After the War

The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Maddox, seen here, was anchored in the Gulf of. Photos: The Vietnam War

Like Something Out of Exodus poster image

Memorial and tribute of Vietnamese refugees in Hamburg


Two refugees, having jumped overboard in an attempt to swim to Lamma, are rounded up by Marine Police on March 11, 1979. Picture: SCMP

Australian government officials with two Vietnamese boys, Darwin, November 1977. Michael Jenson/National Library of Australia

I had a front row seat for the end of the Vietnam War—a war

How countries cope with migrants seeking asylum by boat



Quan Bui and his family escaped Vietnam during the fall of Saigon in 1975. They

Maine-born Navy captain and ship featured in PBS film


DaNang Consul General Escapes


... ships built. They were built to be fast and deep-diving. They were the second class behind the Skipjack to be designed with a new streamlined hull that ...

Reflecting on the Vietnam War through art

Vietnamese refugees leaving Pulau Bidong camp, 1979

... runaway was a “Crazy American Cowboy" named Gary Ferguson, a Vietnam veteran from Phoenix, Arizona. Gary came to Buton to help the Vietnamese refugees.

Fellow refugees transfer a Vietnamese child onto a Coast Guard boat in Manila, Philippines on Jan.

Vietnamese boat people scramble to land as their small vessel, packed with 168 refugees, sinks a few metres from the Malaysian shore in December 1978.

A Lutheran church in the small town of Fort Smith sponsored the large family after the Chungs had survived in a Singapore refugee camp for a ...

The Ha Lung refugee boat is anchored off Lamma within sight of the Skyluck



South China Sea - crewmen of the amphibious cargo ship USS Durham (LKA-114

FILE - Mobs of Vietnamese people scale the wall of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon,


Stunned by the viciousness of a Viet Cong attack on their village Vietnam war refugees ride

A Dying Wish for Wachapreague

VNAF Huey full with evacuees.jpg

A large ammo barge loaded with refugees is tied along the starboard side. The barge's dimensions are 250' x 75' and carried about 4,800 people.

2013-04-28-800pxVietnam_War_Memorial_Westminster.jpg. Vietnam War memorial in Westminster

destroyed boat

Our Hidden History

Slaves In Egypt, Refugees In America: An Exodus Story In 8 Chapters

Lu family on Tu Do 1977

A South Vietnamese woman mourns over the body of her husband, which was found with. Photos: The Vietnam War

American military personnel help refugees, including 3-year-old Anne Pham, off a plane at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, in May 1975. U.S. Army

A helicopter hauls supplies off the stern of the USS Kirk. The helicopter is the

The Vietnamese Organization to Exterminate Communists and Restore the Nation took credit for killing Duong Trong Lam. Investigators came to believe the ...


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