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Ever Thought About the Mental Health of Your Favorite TV Characters

Ever Thought About the Mental Health of Your Favorite TV Characters


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As we march forward in this continued Peak TV era, however, it's tough to find the shows worth watching. Plenty of series get a ...

Emilia Clarke, David Oyelowo, Meryl Streep, Pedro Pascal and Gina Rodriguez.

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Why We Get So Attached To Fictional Characters

BoJack Horseman is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list TV Characters With Mental

In the authors' study, 35 percent of respondents said they've binge-watched TV. 'Binge' via www.shutterstock.com

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Skam – When Isak's (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) friends found out about Even (Henrik Holm) having bipolar disorder and went out of their way to accept and help him.

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He's ambitious, he's charming, he's Kevin Spacey, and he's... arguably a psychopath.

... their mental-health issues. From left: Emma Stone, ...

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Hollyoaks – When Scott (Ross Adams), who had been considered only to be upbeat and extroverted by all the other characters, opened up about how he was ...

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4 beloved cartoon characters who actually suffer from mental disorders

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Gretchen Cutler is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list TV Characters With Mental

Frank Ockenfels 3, AMC

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Sophie Turner Has An A+ Attitude About Therapy And Mental Health

In a society that undermines mental illness, “Shameless” provides a transparent illustration of people who deal with a variety of illnesses including ...

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Andi Mack

elena damon vampire diaries

You're Not AloneDiscover All the Celebrities Who Opened Up About Mental Health Issues

Getty Images; Photo Illustration by Lauren Margit Jones for TIME

While nearly all of the characters on our list are supporting roles, Adam Raki is the star of his movie! This 2009 film tells the story of Adam (Hugh Dancy) ...

Batman may be a great crime fighter, but he's a lousy expert at mental health.

Margot Robbie Got Her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Role by Writing a Fan Letter “I adore your films, and I would love to work with you in some capacity.

So You Think You Can Dance?

It's in our nature to want to form relationships with others—even if they don't know who we are.

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"BoJack Horseman" Netflix Season 3

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8 Popular TV Characters That Make Mental Disorders Look Cool When They Actually Aren't

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Best Portrayals of Mental Illness in Female TV Characters

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winnie the pooh mental disorders - Google Search Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Lol,

911 Big Bang Theory Good Place


By E. W. Kemble (1861–1933) - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons

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