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Even if I wasnt painting during our vacation I daydreamed a lot

Even if I wasnt painting during our vacation I daydreamed a lot


When Does Obsessive Daydreaming Become a Mental Illness?

The nostalgia, animals and pastel daydreams of Kevin Collins

"I want it to step out of the internet and onto the streets."

The Nostalgia, Animals And Pastel Daydreams Of Kevin Collins

Lauren Giordano / The Atlantic

Whether you are busy planning your next adventure or just daydreaming about it, here are some wanderlust quotes to spark the traveler in you!

In preparation for an upcoming exhibition to be held towards the end of 2018 at Graham's Fine Art Gallery in Johannesburg, Collins has centred himself on ...

In Conversation: David Lynch, the director as painter, festival impresario and ant collaborator

After identifying assumptions, we prepared for field research in downtown San Diego.

Reminiscing on his teachings, Collins describes how painting was still taught in theory ahead of practical lessons during his studies: “You had to learn to ...

Leonardo da Vinci is history's best case for wasting time

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And then in your other piece (I Can't) Stop Daydreaming, I feel like you started incorporating a little bit of that collaging that you were talking about, ...

The introvert brain explained - Magical Daydream | illustrated explanation of the book 'The introvert

Detail from Morris's painting The Huntress 1999

Timothy Hunter is a freshman from Myrtle Beach, SC double majoring in Chemistry and Studio Art. His two paintings Eyes of Yemi and (I Can't) Stop ...


Researchers have found that when our minds wander, our moods tend to suffer. (BetterBeReal / Stockimo / Alamy)

The Dance Class (La Classe de Danse), 1873–1876, oil on

Is there any benefit to daydreaming?

Soul & Ink screen-printing booth at IlluminAsia, October 2017. Photo courtesy of

Sharing personal meditations on the subject of landscape painting, Simon Bayliss describes a group expedition from St Ives to Trencrom Hill in September ...

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest and most rejected painters in the history of

Travel in Art

Liu Ye (B. 1964), Daydream, 1997. 8⅝ x 11⅜ in

Queenstown painter Tim Wilson celebrates beauty, light and spirituality in his renowned oil landscapes

British Journal of Photography

What It's Like When Your Daydreams Are Just As Real As Life

What are you most excited about in the upcoming months? I'm most excited for the unknown. My month-to-month schedule can change so much.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Watts Art

This last image is not quite finished, but swing by Sotheby's between May 3- July 30 to see it in person.

9 ways to scratch your travel itch without leaving home

faroe islands in the summer

How to NOT guide for getting robbed abroad | What to do before, during,

Instead of sitting in a school and learning how it could work, this was my University.

Travel in Art

... glue and tape scraps and images that inspire you, try out new paint - use your sketchbook as a place for you to freely explore and document your ideas.

If you've known me any amount of time, you know that I love decorating with Contact paper! Don't want to commit to a painted chalkboard wall?

'Young man is relaxing against the scenics landscape of Brittany, France. Cote de. '

On Vacation with Otto Milo

Whose work has been catching your eye lately? The Instagram artist known as ...

Jackson Joyce's melancholic illustrations inspired by childhood nostalgia

I am working on my artist skills every day, i like to travel and take new challenges. At the ...

“He went the minimalist way!” he laughs. “But there are a lot of subjects we have in common.”

Untitled Study (Fahan), Julia Ibbini, Hand and Lasercut Paper over Ink on Mylar

What are your goals for the future?

Thirty Chic Days: Practical inspiration for a beautiful life 1st Edition

Now living back in Ireland, Olwyn can boast a gorgeous collection of books, having established a reputation for producing richly decorative watercolour ...

The Ultimate RV Solar Upgrade

The difference between laminate and wood veneer, and how to paint them! {Reality

This painting started off something like this. Lots of layers, and colors, and

First of all, should we be addressing you as Archie or Otto?

Three More Cases That Changed What We Know About Memory

I Think She Winked at Me by Jessica Watts, Oil, acrylic, and paper on canvas

Hello, this is @amytorgeson signing off for today's #artisttakeovercofta. Thank you @

Stripping the bones

Donald Hall was born in New Haven and raised in Hamden, Connecticut, but spent summers, holidays, and school vacations on a farm owned by his maternal ...

To add one more sense to it, what music would you pick to accompany your art work? I always have my Bose ...

This work focuses on allowing things to happen the way things are meant to. Allowing the paint to move freely on the surface and then adding details to ...

Have an Adventure: Process it through Art. "

It was 50 years ago that the Beatles' released their first album, Please Please Me. In honor of that world-changing LP, we've compiled a list of the 100 ...

Note: this post has been updated as of March 2019 to maintain accuracy.

Not for profit community of art-minded folks creating a self-sustainable outdoor museum in the Mojave desert, USA

Why Travel Isn't the Answer to Trauma

painting your kitchen cabinets

This week combines travelling with your pencils and paints to discover the roots of a civilisation and the raw beauty of its isolation on the edge of the ...

But I can enjoy the work. - Breathe. - Creating beautiful things can be a revolutionary act. - Listen. - My process requires disciplined daydreaming .

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Everything is F*cked: A book about hope

Rebecca Mock is a freelance illustrator, comic book artist and animator based in Brooklyn, New York. With a portfolio full to the brim with exciting ...

photo street-art-odense-yarn-bomb_zpsaf5d7613.jpg


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"I love painting my large scale paintings on canvas and I am lucky in that I have clients who have the space and budget to buy and collect these pieces.

Birkenau (937-4), 2014, oil on canvas

I still make paintings at night, everyday, probably more aggressively than ever, but now the border between Milo and PlayLab is moving, as it should.

Flipping through Vuillard's work helped inspire my sneaker series, which I'll releasing next

Featured in our gallery for the month of February is the work of Oklahoma artists Katelynn Noel Knick and Brooke Rowlands.

Losing Miami Psychopomps the other house ...

Travel in art

If getting paid and meeting deadlines wasn't an issue, is there anything you'd change about your work process?

McGregor running on the underwater treadmill at the UFC's Performance Institute

Alfred Liu is a Melbourne-based artist, and is our first Small Wall Project artist for 2019. Growing up in China, Alfred found himself between two worlds ...

Even if you don't become an 'artist' it's still really important to able to express yourself though creative means. Creative exercise is important in the ...

Google's second and latest Daydream View headset (which works with some Android phones) was released in 2017. | Photo by Road to VR

View image of Music activates the whole brain (Credit: Silvia Grav)

Have you always wanted to travel the world, experience different cultures, and explore the unknown? As a digital nomad, as long as you have a Wi-Fi ...

Source: When I lay my head down at ...