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EU wants to ban meaty names like sausage and burger for vegan

EU wants to ban meaty names like sausage and burger for vegan


EU proposal to call vegan burgers and sausages 'disks' and 'tubes' would cause 'widespread administrative chaos'

EU Intention To Ban 'Meat' Names For Vegan Food Is 'Irrational And Damaging' Says Food Organization

EU wants to ban 'meaty' names like 'sausage' for vegan food -

'The meat industry is feeling the pressure of people shifting to what is basically cheaper and healthier food – namely a plant-based diet'

Would a veggie burger by any other name taste as sweet? ©iStock/Sarsmis

EU wants to ban 'meaty' names like 'sausage' for vegan food

Why France banned 'meat names' for vegetarian alternatives

Vegans slam EU ban on food being called burgers, sausages or bacon

EU approves proposal to ban 'meaty' names of vegan foods

Vegan sausages

Veggie “burgers” to the slaughter? Meat alternatives marketing comes under scrutiny in EU

Vegan and vegetarian sausages and steaks hanging on hooks

Halo Burger [Official Photo]. Vegetarian ...

Veggie Frikadellen, vegan,vegetarisch, Gem?sefrikadellen, Mais, Karotten, Schnittlauch

On April 1st, the European Parliaments Agriculture Committee (AGRI) voted for a proposition to ban the use of the words ”burger”, ”sausage”, ...

The EU may ban plant-based products from using meaty names like burger

Meat-related name ban on vegetarian products: Minority consumer support for intervention, finds US and UK survey

EU wants to ban 'meaty' names like burger for vegan food

Proposal to ban terms 'burger' and 'sausage' for vegan products challenged

One in four consumers believes vegetarian products should not be allowed to have meat-related names like sausage or burger, a survey has found.

Parliament gets its knife out for veggie burgers. Vegan sausages ...

Go on, EU, ban the 'veggie burger' – it will be a blessing for vegans

The term 'vegan burger' will no longer exist in France

Ban Meat-Related Names For Vegetarian Products?

The EU is renaming 'veggie burgers' as 'veggie discs' to protect meat terms and people are confused

Vegan Society mounts legal challenge against 'veggie sausage' ban

... meat names for vegetarian food. For example, now a veggie burger is a veggie disk. What would you rename foods like Quorn sausages and seitan steaks?

MEPs from the European Parliament's agriculture committee voted by 80 per cent to bring in regulations


Illustration for article titled Veggie burgers may soon be called “veggie discs” in the

EU set to ban meat names for veggie alternatives



EU to demand veggie burgers are called 'VEGGIE DISCS' - 'Insult to our intelligence!'

Vegan Society warns that meat name ban would be 'human rights breach' - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk

'Veggie discs' to replace veggie burgers in EU crackdown on food labels | World news | The Guardian

EU may stop meat free products using meat-related names

A vegan burger (Image: Jannis Brandt Unsplash)

Europe may ban vegan food companies from using the terms “burger” and “milk”

The Irony Of France's Ban On Using of 'Meat-Like' Words for Vegetarian And Vegan Food

Vegan brands rail against suggested ban on meaty names

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Vegetarian Butcher slams Dutch food authority for double standards over 'misleading' meat name ban

The enemy: veggie beet and carrot burgers.

The names 'burger' and 'sausage' for vegan and vegetarian food products could soon be BANNED - Birmingham Live

Red wine and steak on the table - all regulated by EU legislation. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

Click to EnlargeNestlé has made its latest foray into the meat-free market, launching a new “cook from raw” plant-based burger for European markets

Ban 'vegetarian' sausages because they are confusing consumers, says German government minister | The Independent

16 May 2019

Vegans choke on proposed EU rule banning veggie 'burgers'

In France, vegetarian alternatives to meat can no longer have non-vegetarian names

Veggie burgers to be renamed 'veggie discs' under new EU food naming laws - Natural Products Global

Telling porkies: German MP attacks vegetarian products with meaty names

EU to ban the term veggie burger as meatless ones are mere discs!

Vegan zucchini burgers with chickpea flour, flax flour, thyme and turmeric. Red lentil

MEAT PRODUCERS have often voiced their irritation with vegan and veggie produce carrying meat-related

Vegans and vegetarians are very different consumers, says new survey

France's ban on meat names for vegetarian foods has nothing to do with language protectionism

There is an increasing demand for meat alternatives across the globe

EU wants to ban 'meaty' names like 'sausage' and 'burger'

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Bonkers Brussels plotting to RENAME veggie burgers 'VEGGIE DISKS'

Lawmakers in Europe want to rename veggie burgers 'veggie discs'

Can you call it a sausage roll if there's no meat in it?

Despite the name, many veggie burgers found in supermarkets contain very few vegetables

Big vegan brands snag loyal customers when they're in college

The EU's agricultural committee has this week approved a ban on food producers using nomenclature terms associated with meat to describe vegetarian food.

Silly sausages? German Ag Minister criticises vegetarian products with meaty names

16 April 2019

“Veggie burger naming ban will stifle NPD”: ProVeg challenges EU plan to prohibit meat-associated terms

Could you say vegan meat is meat?

Why France banned meat names for vegetarian alternatives. New "Veggie balls" or vegetarian balls are pictured during its official launch at a

French MPs force vegetarian food producers to mince their words


Vegetarian food products to be banned from including words like burgers, sausages or bacon | The Irish Post

impossible burger

France to ban use of meat terms to describe vegetable-based products - BBC News

France bans use of meat-like terms in packaging for vegetarian food | The Independent

EU 'burger' ban challenged by vegetarian campaigners

China's plant-based alternatives to take on Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods – and the world