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Congratulations on your red shirt nerd Star trek tos Star Trek

Congratulations on your red shirt nerd Star trek tos Star Trek


Congratulations on your red shirt!

This one's for all the ladies (not laddies)!

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Star Trek TNG Memes

Star Trek Week: 28 Universally Known Star Trek One-Liners

Red Shirt Walking Dead Star Trek inspired Vinyl Decal on Etsy, $3.50

Stormtrooper redshirt. Stormtrooper redshirt Star Wars Humor, Nerd ...

210: Star Trek, Picard, and the Gatekeepers of Fandom from The Rusted Robot on RadioPublic

50 Star Trek Moments That Still Make Us Raise An Eyebrow

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

Star Trek McCoy Dammit Jim T-Shirt

1. On good writing:

WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Anson Mount On 'Star Trek: Discovery' Reframing Pike's Future, And Trying To Out-Shatner Chris Pine

Star Trek TOS Swim Trunks

#TELL IT LIKE IT IS KIRK#Topical#Relevant#TOS#Mark of Gideon

REVIEW: Fourth Episode of 'Star Trek: Discovery' Feels Like Classic Trek And More

Star Trek: Red Shirts aka the Suicide Squad Xx

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

... Star Trek franchise for television. Heather Kadin and Alex Kurtzman (R) with now former Discovery showrunners Gretchen J. Berg Aaron Harberts at the ...

In order to aid the newcomer who doesn't have the time and/or interest to watch everything, I have compiled a guide to Star Trek that is, with any luck, ...

Pike confronts his future in “Through the Valley of Shadows”

It's #TREKTUESDAY!! Show us your Trek swag and tag us! All Trek swag is GOOD Trek swag! #ItsStarTrekTime #TrekTech #DSCRedshirt #STLVCosplay ...

Red Shirt. Star Trek TosStar ...

On hand at the ceremony ware Koenig's Star Trek co-stars George Takei (Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock). Nimoy was one of the ...

Hype comment your thoughts on this! • • #startrek #starwars #art #

William Shatner portraying Captain James T. Kirk, the first person able to defeat the Kobayashi Maru test

This was one of the first computer games I ever played, and the first Star Trek one. After watching the Original Series – the thrill of commanding the ...

Trek Carpet

jk kidding, you guys, this totes never happened. Moreover, the resolution of Star Trek ...

... Star Trek in the news, its influence on today's ...

Old, New, Borrowed, and Red—Star Trek: Discovery's “If Memory Serves” | Tor.com

Film / Star Trek (2009)

My victory is only logical . 🖖 . 🖖 . . #startrek #startrektos #

star trek bryan fuller american gods hannibal

In the second season of The Next Generation, Starfleet decides to stage the sort of war-games its ships can expect to engage in with the Borg.

chadiswrong@gmail.com. Help support the ...

Sonequa Martin-Green, Moved to Tears Ahead of Star Trek Discovery

3. On butt-dials:

Star Trek: TOS will always hold a very special place in my heart, since it provided one of the cornerstones of my personal nerdliness.

#this happens to me several times a day#tos#the original series#spirk namely 😂

If transporter technology can malfunction to cause problems like the ones seen in "The Enemy Within," then it'd be much safer to just fly from one place to ...

One of the most powerful female Star Trek actresses to ever go on the show!

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

I called it, btw: her name is literally “Number One”

29 Presents A Summer of Star Trek Sexy Friday

CBS Expanding Star Trek TV Franchise; May Include Patrick Stewart Returning As Picard

What's your fave TOS episode and why?#startrek #tos #startrektos #startrektheoriginalseries

5. On confusing screenshots:

ko-fi.com/trekcast to help support the show!

Star Trek Onesie, Star Trek Baby, Star Trek Baby Gift, Nerd Onesie, Astronaut Baby, Baby Clothes

Can't wait for this new Picard show. Link in

Did you know that 45 years ago, today, the very first episode of Star Trek ...

It's #TREKTUESDAY!! Show us your Trek swag and tag us! All Trek swag is GOOD Trek swag! #LookWhatIFound #EnterpriseBlueprints #Raktajino ...

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

A classic poster from Star Trek: The Original Series. It exhibits what Trek is

Heavy on story, ideas, and effects but woefully light on action, The Motion Picture makes for one of the more interesting Star Trek movies but also the ...

Click the picture for a full summary from the startrek.com database.

Reopening the Wormhole takes its maiden voyage into a TNG bonus episode, and not just ANY episode. It's a Lwaxana Troi joint, Cost of Living from Season 5.

Star Trek Baby Onesie \ Body Suit - "Future Captain" A baby gift for the ultimate Trekkie baby. [new parents gift idea]

Last night's Attack Of The Khan event was a resounding success with Benzaquen Hall playing host to the FanBrosShow and a multitude of fans who came out to ...

George Takei & Nichelle Nichols with her son Kyle Johnson #startrek startrektos #startrektng #startrekds9

... work. #HappyBirthday #JoanCollins #May23 #86thBirthday #EdithKeeler in “#TheCityOnTheEdgeOfForever”

#startrektos. Advertisement. The gas tank is on E! I have nothing left to give women! What

A remarkable cosplay of the heavenly Droxine, who was played by actress Diana Ewing in

Trekcast Episode 180: Behold Cheerfleet!

#startrek #spock #startrekbeyond #trekkie #captainkirk

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

Star Trek Beyond Spoiler Discussion

Star Trek Birthday Card (Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars, Nerd, Data, Spock, Klingon) (100% recycled)

Star Trek IV Alternate Ending 📼 click the link in our bio to watch!

Kirk struggles with aiding a society whose inhabitants view their isolated world in a very unique way.

In a white-knuckle episode about prejudice and hatred of “the other,” Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise take on the Romulans in a monumental showdown ...

... Star Trek in the news, its influence on today's ...

The ship is orbiting planet Psi 2000 to pick up a small crew of scientists monitoring it and observe as the planet "dies" and breaks up.

... Captain Pike has a block of light ...

Any fan worth his or her weight in gold-pressed latinum can rattle off at least a few of the "best episodes" that every fan should see, ...

Picard Live: A Trek Geeks Podcast

... star trek the original series · feminist-jim-kirk:


Parallel Universe Travel (Star Trek: The Original Series–“Mirror, Mirror”)

Star Trek, Original Series, season 2, Catspaw

#Khan #CaptainKirk #StarTrek #TrekTodd🖖

Throwback to Galactic Space Dance Party in 2016! The quality of the photo isn' · startrekcosplay. Star Trek ...

musical shitpost time. #star trek: ...

Trekcast Episode 135: Subspace bathroom break!

Got this for $2 at @halfpricebooks on Saturday. Gotta love Spock #startrek #

... and the original series cast proved to be dying off, the Star Trek franchise was primed for a big budget reboot seven years later with a new group of ...

It's #SciFiFriday and this week is Star Trek💕 poor red shirt she will be

Is your away team ready? #trekgirls #startrek #startrektos #awayteam #enterprise

Now watch: I'm going to immediately derail the whole comment thread by starting a real nerd war: This just confirms that Star Trek TOS was the very best of ...

"I'm becoming a Smurf!!!"

... Star Trek history. "Balance of Terror" What do you do when confronted by an enemy who you haven't seen for a century? With starship combat tactics mired ...

Found out there's a whole FB group for Leftist Star Trek memes. There should now be a rule 34 for FB groups. #startrekds9 #startrekfans #starshipenterprise ...

Star Trek TOS Swim Trunks - Detail