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Closet Organizing The 8 Clothing Items you need to toss RIGHT NOW

Closet Organizing The 8 Clothing Items you need to toss RIGHT NOW


Inside: Eight clothing items you need to toss right now - plus how to plan for a full closet organization journey.

We decided to try to get both my stuff AND Dan's stuff into one closet. Guys. That was a bad idea. In theory, it should have been a good idea.

Closet divided into various sections

How To Organize Your Closet. Eight Simple Hacks To Help You ...

Alexandra Gibbs for Damsel in Dior

Great tips on how to declutter your clothing. Read this and then go and clean

How to Organize Your Closet

You'll also want boxes or hampers to sort clothes and shoes you want to donate or toss.

InStyle's 20 Best Closet Organizing Tips, Ever. By InStyle Staff

Stylebook Closet App: How To Shop Your Closet: The Amazing Spring Outfits You Already Own

Organization Ideas for Small Closets

Bob Hiemstra

Sell, trade or toss unworn items to uncover greater peace of mind

Toss Old Clothing

Organization Ideas for Small Closets

very organized closet with dresser and handbags hanging on rod

How to Organize Your Closet

The small storage space: closet with clothes on a hangers, on a shelved,

It can be difficult to let go of pretty little things that once made your heart flutter. The sparkly sheath you wore on NYE '12, which soon felt the wrath ...

If You Have These 12 Things in Your Closet, It's Time to Get Rid of Them

How to Organize Your Clothes

10 Steps to a Decluttered Closet

4 steps to clean out your cluttered closet

spring clean closet

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

6 Genius Organization Hacks a Celebrity Closet Designer Knows (That You Don't). by Sophie Miura

Am I the only one with a closet FULL of clothes I don't really

Various colored tops in a closet

How To Organize Your Closet

emptying a closet

all closet? You should see mine. Here, take a look====>

This Is How You Should Be Storing Off-Season Clothes (No Bulky Bins Necessary)

Clean clothing before you store it away.

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Marie Kondo Method

31 Tips to Reorganize Your Whole Closet

Slanted Shoe Rack. shoe closet organization shelves clothes heels

Kondo advises hanging clothes so that the line along the bottom slopes upward—it adds

Image titled Organize Your Wardrobe Step 2

Custom Shelves

Emilija ...

Kurtzy Plastic 12 Door Storage Organizer(Lemon Yellow, Standard)

5 Things You'll Find in Every Celeb Closet, According to These Professional Organizers

How many times have you stared blankly into the abyss of your closet wondering how you can have so many clothes, yet still have nothing to wear? We've all ...

Closet Editing 101 Flow Diagram

Hall Closet Organization Ideas

How To Organize Folded Clothes Without Dressers

First step, you ask, for a clean sweep? Dedicate an afternoon to your busy schedule to assess your closet and go through every item in your wardrobe.

Organized Bedroom Closet With Wood Shelves and Drawers

Closet Cleaning Checklist - Deep clean and organize your closet then keep it in shape with

The Essential items you need for your closet this spring. A Free Worksheet is included

m__carty /Twenty20

I've heard so much about the KonMari method, and this post explains it

8 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet From Someone Who Learned The Hard Way

organizing your closet

kids closet with laundry bin storage

carrie bradshaw closet organization

Organized closet filled with women's shirts coordinated by color.

Self Esteem Journey: Getting Rid of Clothes That Don't Fit Me

8 Tips to Organize your Closet

Ask the 7 Key Closet Decluttering Questions

Organizing Your Clothes and Closets. By Nechoma Greisman

Declutter Clothes! How To Sort Clothes in Your Closet (the EASY way!)

Small Closet Organization Ideas - Declutter and Organization Tips for Small Closets - 8 Small Closet

Life is easier with a capsule wardrobe

Why are our wardrobes full of unworn clothes? Because most purchases are not rational. We often buy dresses for ...

And by that you will not get confuse, where you put what. For getting personalised labels for your home, you can go to Pretty Little Designs.

5 Brilliant Organization Ideas to Steal From the Tidiest Closets

Linen Closet Organization Makeover

I've heard so much about the KonMari method, and this post explains it

closet vanity area hanging accessories above

25 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Closet... I really needed this! So many great ideas for maximizing space!

To fold clothes and arrange them into your drawers, check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for a quick video to be uploaded soon!

Yellow and blue clothes hanging in wardrobe

Closet Storage

closet with clothes

Storage for Shoes. closet shelving show organization and clothing

How Creating Kids Capsule Wardrobes Simplified My Life and Laundry

Below are some examples of how you can organize your home, and you may even have some fun while doing it.

Bob Hiemstra


Advice From a Pro Organizer: Fall Closet Cleaning. by Catrin Morris

Glenholme, B&B in Kirkcudbright

3-part system for organizing kid clothes and closets