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Clay Shaw AKA Clay Bertrand holds the distinction of being

Clay Shaw AKA Clay Bertrand holds the distinction of being


Clay Shaw (a.k.a. Clay Bertrand) holds the distinction of being the only individual ever tried as part of an alleged conspiracy to murder President John F. ...

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David Ferrie - possible conspirator

32 Clay Bertrand (AKA Clay Shaw)

Earl Warren (1891-1974)

The Mysterious Fred Crisman. Connected to The Maury Island Incident, The Shaver Mystery and the JFK Assassination.

Guy Bannister

Dean Andrews

In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.


Was There a "Clay Bertrand"? Oliver Stone's JFK: The JFK 100: JFK assassination investigation: Jim Garrison New Orleans investigation of the John F. Kennedy ...

Joseph Milteer

The President and the Prostitute: Jack Kennedy and Ellen Rometsch

A brooding Clay Shaw photographed during the JFK assassination trial in 1968. (Image Source: nola)

March 2, 1967 - New Orleans Businessman Clay Shaw says he is completely innocent

Ferrie liked boys

David Ferrie -- Associate of Guy Banister. Worked with Anti-Castro Cubans in Plots Against Castro.

Jim Garrison (seen here playing Earl Warren in Oliver Stone's JFK) claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald consorted with a mysterious "Clay Bertrand."

From the moment he began his investigation in 1965, Jim Garrison has been attacked and discredited in the media and elsewhere, even here a year ago when he ...

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Clay Shaw Kennedy Assassination, Greatest Presidents, Interesting History, Jfk, Trials, Black

During Shaw's booking, Police Officer Aloysius Habighorst asked Shaw for his aliases and Shaw replied, “Clay Bertrand.”

Russell B. Long - Long in 1985, two years prior to his retirement from

Tommy Lee Jones Clay Shaw aka Clay Bertrand Laurie Metcalf .... Susie Cox Beata Pozniak .... Marina Oswald

Then we have David Ferrie and Clay Shaw, believed by Garrison to have plotted the assassination with an anti-Castro cabal. There exists no evidence for this ...

Kennedys And King - Max Holland and Donald Carpenter vs. Jim Garrison and the ARRB

Clay Bertrand's signature in Clay Shaw's handwriting. Page 249 of "A Farewell To Justice".

Ike Altgens

Bill Broussard steps between Clay Shaw (Tommy Lee Jones) & D.A. Jim Garrison in JFK

Max Lowenthal

A New Generation Views the JFK Assassination

#MeToo Casualty Ian Buruma Was the Editor We Needed

David Ferrie (second from left) with Lee Harvey Oswald (far right) in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol in 1955. This photo showing Ferrie and Oswald ...

CIA CounterIntelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton.

About Joan Mellen

https://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&hl=en&q=%22martin%27s+informant+had+been+ clay+shaw%27s+friend%2C+david+baldwin.%22&=

Within days of Kennedy's assassination, the FBI in New Orleans questioned David Ferrie, who denied any knowledge of the assassination.

New Orleans Businessman Clay Shaw interview 1967

'TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS' – After Jim Garrison's case against Shaw, the DA was found not guilty on charges of bribery in a separate trial regarding illegal ...

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The “magic bullet” theory explained in 'JFK'

The Strange Case of Roderick A. MacKenzie, III – Joan d'Arc – July 14, 2012 – Church of Mabus Radio

Anya Akhmadullina (11) has been playing piano since age 5 and violin since 4. She has been a 6 time Winner, 2 time Runner-Up, and 5 time Honorable Mention ...

Richard Nixon's Greatest Cover-Up: His Ties to the Assassination of President Kennedy

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As ...

The United States and the overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-67 Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

At the party, Russo said that Ferrie, Oswald, and "Clay Bertrand" (who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw) had discussed killing Kennedy.

HistoryCast 5000: JFK

Peter Gruen

The trial was held at the Criminal Courts Building at Tulane & Broad in Mid-City New Orleans

Cord Meyer

In 1967, brother Edward was having a tough year, and do not forget to consider his law partner, Quaid's letter to Helms that triggered


The Last Word on the Assassination (2014)

Lee Harvey Oswald's mugshots (23 November, 1963)

Flight from Dallas: New Evidence of CIA Involvement in the Murder of President John F

He concludes that the assassination was actually ordered by military elements in the U.S. government, furious at Kennedy's apparent intention to withdraw ...

Cuban Premier Fidel Castro with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev

Steve Blank

... readers should think twice about Stephen Roy's (aka Blackburst's) attempt to trivialize relationships deliberately concealed by both Garrison and Shaw, ...

Gerhart Hauptmann

Lee Harvey Oswald (Gary Oldman) is mobbed by press and the police

Clay Cooke

Clay Shaw's home at 1313 Dauphine Street

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Tommy Lee Jones

JFK Assassination

Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt by John Hunt

All of the people that testified in the Dunes and Flamingo cases are deceased. The historical value of the meetings, the dialogue, the actions that ...

Rest In Peace Marvel Comic's Stan Lee

JAMES M. “Jim” OLSEN ...

Bertram Muller is the past president and a distinguished member of the European Dance Network. He has worked for more than 20 years to develop methods of ...

Eastern Illinois University has named Laura McLaughlin as its new general counsel.

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Randy Mario Poffo

After [Clay] Shaw's arrest, Jim Garrison received from Ralph Schoenman, philosopher Bertrand Russell's secretary in London, copies of a series of articles ...


Serverless and OpenFaas with Alex Ellis from Hanselminutes - Fresh Talk and Tech for Developers on RadioPublic

CARICOM delegation arrives in Costa Rica to hold talks on Venezuela

View Larger Image Daniel Forbes and Tiger Volz hung a plaque on Casa Grande's Wall of Fame for Forbes

(DOC) Book Five JFK.doc | Dick McManus - Academia.edu

December 14 Opening: Human Rights Day Show: Pre-Existing with Artists for Action Chicago photographers Nelson W Armour and Michael Kreuser.

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