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Claire Giangrave on Sermons Mission accomplished Presidents

Claire Giangrave on Sermons Mission accomplished Presidents


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... #AIF president René Brülhart said, it doesn't mean "mission accomplished." Get the full story @Crux : https://bit.ly/2JwyidA pic.twitter.com/tFhkzNbHHL

Claire Giangrave on | Sermons | Mission accomplished, Presidents, Vatican

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, looks up while holding a press conference Nov. 12 at the bishops' general ...

John L. Allen, Jr.

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Several weeks after posting the above messages to facebook, Paul 'Ash' Nicholson appeared to be back in business with new videos.

New Learning Accelerator Emphasizes Service Learning

Call Me Jorge.

Marathon-running bishop says Pope 'can't not' tackle abuse crisis in Ireland

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Charlinda Jenkins

how to dance the bergoglio

Shukri says mission accomplished, time to leave MACC

13 November 1964, Blessed Paul VI surrendered the papacy's claim to temporal power among other things

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But at a friendly Vatican audience the following year, Trump described meeting Francis as the “honour of a lifetime”.

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Bill Clinton became the first president to actually light the menorah in 1993 with a dozen schoolchildren in the Oval Office.

(Don Gallo, the late sodomite and communist priest.)

Call Me Jorge.

Notre Dame fire showed that beauty still matters, art historian says

Protection Policy, Procedure and Guidance”

Getting closer!

Carrie Callahan

A somewhat odd photo and Nativity scene.

Susan O'Brien

The History of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


Fundraising Idea for #NotreDame

Ryan Brigman

A Diagram of the Interior of Notre-Dame

Mark Kenney has more Catholic sense than the rector of St. Cecilia Cathedral


Notre Dame was more than a cathedral; let's pray for its resurrection

(left to right, Jorge Bergoglio, Sergio Bergman, and Rabbi Philip Yaffe.)

Oren N Leiman

Transgenderism: The Fastest-Growing Insanity the World Has Ever Seen

Call Me Jorge...: the Diocese of Osorno (Chile) welcomes it's new bishop (accused of covering up sex abuse), Juan Barros Madrid!

the kippah or the yarmulke — an outward sign of rejection of Our Savior, Jesus the Christ

When one compares the AHC Passover Haggadah – Draft 4 (the closest available version to the one used by Burke) with The Passover Haggadah: With Commentary ...

Call Me Jorge.

'apostate' Fr. Malachi Martin helps break up a marriage

Francis the freemason returns from Albania!

In case the document gets taken down as typical does, we have put the pages quoted from the 2018—2019 Policy Handbook below.


The Salvation Army and abortion

Lévy in his film “Le Serment de Tobrouk” (The Oath of Tobruk) detailing how he convinced France's president (Nicolas Sarkozy) to back the Libyan revolt.

Dr. Zhivago

(the flag of the Talmudic Noahide laws)


Lawrence of Arabia

Call Me Jorge...: The Talmudists and their noahide golem creature...Islam


"That's where it all started, in the crib. It is therefore natural that European leaders pay homage to the God who comes among men to save them, ...

The Phantom of the Opera

When completed, 700 tons of sand will be sculpted into a temporary creche.