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Chinese authorities can ID you from your walk Technology News

Chinese authorities can ID you from your walk Technology News


CCTV Security Camera CC0 Licensed

The Watrix gait recognition technology in action. Photo: Handout

china debtor map app

China introduces surveillance tool that identifies people by the way they walk


Chinese authorities use facial recognition, public shaming to crack down on jaywalking, criminals

FILE - In this July 4, 2018, file photo, a shopper walks past a Huawei store at a shopping mall in Beijing. Canadian authorities said Dec.

Chinese police to use facial recognition technology to send jaywalkers instant fines by text

Chinese police test gait-recognition technology from AI start-up Watrix that identifies people based on how they walk | South China Morning Post

A surveillance camera which is part of facial recognition technology test is seen at Berlin Suedkreuz

Visitors walk past a display with artificial intelligence cameras at a Chinese tech expo

Watrix employees demonstrate their firm's gait recognition software at their company's offices in Beijing.

Inside China's surveillance state

China is exporting facial recognition software to Africa, expanding its vast database

Some firms in China now use artificial intelligence–powered facial recognition programs to confirm identities.

China congress: How authorities censor your thoughts

Pedestrian-detection technology at China's SenseTime Group ...

Facial Recognition In China Is Big Business As Local Governments Boost Surveillance

A Saucy App Knows China's Taste in News. The Censors Are Worried.A Saucy App Knows China's Taste in News. The Censors Are Worried.

Screenshot from WeChat. Government ID ...


China: "the world's biggest camera surveillance network" - BBC News

Now companies in China are taking the idea to the extreme, using big data to track and rank what you do—your purchases, your pastimes, your mistakes.

China's Digital Silk Road Is Looking More Like an Iron Curtain

Chinese Tariffs on Salmon and Soybeans Are Likely Just the Opening Move: Why Tech Startups in China Should Gird for Shocks

Paying With Your Face: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017

Blurred individuals walk on a street lit by colorful signs.

Hydrogen power: China backs fuel cell technology

Chinese 'Muslim tracker' surveillance system monitoring movements of 2.5m people in Xinjiang

3, 2019, by China National Space Administration via Xinhua News Agency shows an image taken by China's Chang'e-4 probe during its landing process.

China's 'Big Brother' surveillance technology isn't nearly as all-seeing as the government wants you to think

Systemic IP theft in China costs US companies at least US$50 billion per year,

In China, Facial Recognition Tech Is Watching You

PHOTO: A view of China National Flags near the birthplace of Chinas Communist Party in

The great experimentCan China become a scientific superpower?

Inside the Chinese lab that plans to rewire the world with AI

Facial Recognition In China Is Big Business As Local Governments Boost Surveillance : Parallels : NPR

Police officers use A.I.-powered eyewear on the street in Luoyang, Henan province,

Huawei 'prepared to sign no-spy agreement with UK government'

Huawei: Should we be worried about the Chinese tech giant?

Next-Level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition

China company forces employees to crawl on road

Arrest of Chinese tech executive could complicate U.S.-China trade talks

Gevers said the surveillance network tracks about 364 million online profiles on a daily basis and

As Facial Recognition Technology Booms, So Do Privacy Concerns | Here & Now

Premium: 5g at mobile world congress

Inside The White House's Bitter Fight Over China

A security camera is attached to a pole in front of the portrait of former Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong on Beijing's Tiananmen Square, on May 19, 2017.

A man walks past Google's office in Beijing on Aug. 8. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

Does It Matter If China Beats the US to Build a 5G Network?

A news presenter rehearses in the CNC TV studio of Xinhua News Agency. Photo:

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How the "Great Firewall" extends beyond China

Explainer: What is China's Huawei Technologies and why is it controversial?

China's surveillance cameras can recognize you

Shopping street in Shanghai

The Chinese Surveillance State, Part 1


PHOTO: An app being used by Chinese authorities to conduct surveillance on citizens displays a

China is racing ahead in 5G. Here's what that means. - MIT Technology Review

Chinese police patrol a night market near Id Kah Mosque in Xinjiang, a day before

China Just Landed on the Moon's Far Side — and Will Probably Send Astronauts on Lunar Trips

Inside China's audacious global propaganda campaign

The world's currently most downloaded iPhone app has come under fire from cybersecurity experts for a lack of privacy settings, just days after a Post ...

A Watrix employee works at his desk in their company's offices in Beijing.

The Future Issue

A Chinese technology startup hopes to begin selling software that recognizes people by their body shape and how they walk, enabling identification when ...

The Fate of Huawei Foreshadows the Fate of China

Huawei has faced increasing scrutiny over its alleged links to Chinese intelligence services, prompting countries like the United States, Australia and ...

Why the US is making an example out of China's Huawei

A man walks past the office of Microsoft in Beijing on Jan. 24, 2019

All the things you can—and can't—do with your WeChat account in China

Photographed for BuzzFeed News

Making China Great Again

Top-down ambition can mean running before you walk. Take FAST, the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, which opened in 2016.

For the past few years, China has been rolling out a Black Mirror / Harry Potter-esque social rating policy known as the Social Credit System (SCS).

One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority - The New York Times

US versus China -- a technology Cold War?

The Chinese authorities investigated and concluded that Prof He had acted illegally in pursuit of

Chinese tech faces an innovation reality check as the economy cools and start-ups stumble

RT: A man walks past a Huawei shop in Beijing 190303

China's controversial new social credit system punishes consumers for both spending habits and “bad” behaviors. Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images ...

Screenshots from Diet Prada's Instagram story

The government's “intelligent education” initiative has attracted other companies eager to profit from bringing surveillance technology into China's ...

Passersby walk under a surveillance camera which is part of a facial recognition technology test in Berlin on August 3. Worldwide, facial recognition AI has ...

With facial recognition, shoplifting may get you banned in places you've never been - CNET

In China, private companies walk a fine line

Google 'working on censored search engine' for China

The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags in Tuscany

Chinese paramilitary policemen walk past a display ahead of Beijing's Belt and Road Forum.