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By 2020 a fleet of robots may work aboard the International Space

By 2020 a fleet of robots may work aboard the International Space


By 2020, a fleet of robots may work aboard the International Space Station, handling

International Space Station

International Space Station

SLS/Orion lifts off from LC-39B

An Indian astronaut may travel to the International Space Station (ISS) on board a Soyuz spacecraft for a short training mission in 2022, a Russian media ...

The flying robots are propelled by fans, and can move in any direction and turn on any axis in space (via NASA)

The U.S. Army could acquire a fleet of 3,000 bomb-defusing scorpion robots

Astrobee robots were tested in a special lab, where researchers created a mockup of the space station's interior (via NASA)

Jose Cortez checks Astrobee's robot arm

To mine the Moon, private company Moon Express plans to build a fleet of robotic landers - The Verge

Japan Wants to Send Telepresence Robots to Space

International Space Station with Earth backdrop

Robots, nets and harpoons in space? Earth's orbit is cluttered with trash and Colorado companies are helping clean it up

Life aboard the International Space Station

The MX-1E robotic lander. Image: Moon Express

IBM to send 'friendly' floating robot head named CIMON to International Space Station

Tokyo's Olympics may become known as the “Robot Games”

A rearward view of the International Space Station backdropped by the limb of the Earth.

In manufactoring 950×540

Artemis 1 Orion Spacecraft.jpg

Roberto Carlino conducting acoustic testing on Astrobee

The 'Campaign to Stop Killer Robots' is calling for a pre-emptive ban

Robot doctors, online lawyers and automated architects: the future of the professions?

DARPA laying groundwork for growth in-space robotics

U.S. Navy unveils robotic firefighter

An engineer at SRI International has created a 'police robot' that aims to make traffic stops safer for police officers and motorists.

Mars 2020 rover art

ISS spacewalk: Astronauts try to fix battery problem, run cables outside International Space Station - CBS News

buffering. Replay. Meet the robot headed for the International Space Station

illustration - Robotic hands in space

Colonization of the Moon

Star Wars USA Navy

A light bar indicates the operational status of the robot, similar to a traffic light

Rolls-Royce is creating a fleet of robotic snakes and beetles to repair planes

Airport parking can be a headache, both for rushed passengers who want to make sure their car is safe, and the airports increasingly losing out on parking ...

A robot welds parts at Jinan Truck Company in China's Shandong province. More than 50

NASA 'Wall-E' and 'Eve' Mars robots VANISH two MILLION miles from Earth

How to sail to a star

A computer-designed drawing of NASA's 2020 Mars rover

... 12 Real Life Crazy Space Robots image 2

To mine the Moon, private company Moon Express plans to build a fleet of robotic landers - The Verge

James Webb Space Telescope golden mirror from below

Artificial intelligence and robotic systems can be found in every corner of our economy. Example uses include:

Built Robotics – Autonomous excavator 2

Doomed Russian Spacecraft Is Falling From Space, But Where Will It Fall? By Leonard David May ...

Its multiple safety functions make the six-axis machine ideally qualified for MRC applications.

JLL report predicts value of investable commercial real estate in Asia Paci

A mini cheetah robot from MIT can do a backflip and walk upside-down.

The epic tale of China's out of this world plan for space domination

The robots might one day rise up and take over, but a Mountain View startup called Knightscope has developed a fleet of crime-fighting machinery it hopes to ...

What will happen when robots take our jobs?

Watch Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Pull Off Some Crazy Parkour Stunts | Digital Trends

Here's where China is looking to land its 2020 Mars rover

CHEF: A start-up called Moley Robotics has invented a 100% automated,

NASA - Public Domain 12 Real Life Crazy Space Robots image 1

Two Nodes satellites

Alibaba G Plus delivery robot

A team of researchers at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering believe they have become the first to create an AI-controlled robotic limb driven by ...

Demand for cloud services boosts APAC sourcing market


Image: Ship Intelligence

This can extend the lifespan of a mission, and also enable deeper space exploration.

Billionaire space prospectors are racing to mine the moon, and that's a good thing

Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, STS-114 mission specialist, anchored to a foot

A side-on view of the ISS showing a Space Shuttle docked to the forward

Tractor working a field at night

Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City

How governments are beginning to regulate AI · Robotics

Press contact

Intro to Space Activities

How new wave of robotic automation is shaping industry

International relations are tense in orbit. Is creating a 'Space Force' a good idea?

Space Shuttle: The First Reusable Spacecraft

A rendering of the Navy's Orca XL undersea drone, which will be built by Boeing

A Japanese H-2B rocket lifted off Saturday with the seventh HTV supply ship heading for the International Space Station. Credit: JAXA

A transition will take place from automated towards autonomous vehicles and carts in warehouses and logistics. For more information see Mobile Robots and ...

A Russian Platforma-M robotic system seen here in a holding and preparation area in May 2017.

... the best ever space robots of the past present and future image 5

A new system from CSAIL uses EEG brain signals to detect if a person notices robots

11 Amazing Things NASA's Huge Mars Rover Can Do

Gregory Chamitoff peers out of a window. STS-122 mission specialists working on robotic equipment in ...

Australia finally has a space agency -- here's why it's about time | Business Insider

Lending hand: mechanical engineer Jesse Rochelle works with Baxter at the Stenner Pumps factory in Jacksonville, Florida © FT

Dubai Police will introduce its first robot police officer on May 24. It'