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Bill slowly starts to like dipper more and more and one day Dipper

Bill slowly starts to like dipper more and more and one day Dipper


Bill slowly starts to like dipper more and more, and one day Dipper messes up on something, maybe breaking something on accident, and Ivan who's already had ...

Bill and Dipper React to Ships

BZG0 7c9uBM by grellgirl16

gravity falls (human bill x older dipper)

blinded au scenario where dipper gets scared out of his wits and is forced into hiding and clutches onto bill for comfort and security

You understand (Bill X Dipper)

Tumblr Ndm95j96q81rogx6xo1 1280 by grellgirl16

Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future

draw sleepy older dipper and human bill? Like dipper waking up in his arms | Gravity Falls AUs | Gravity falls, Watch gravity falls, Reverse falls

A/N: A small drawing I did out of boredom, I don't like it too much though. I might make some more for chapters, more on the episode topic than this one .

Front page. Thank you guys soooo much.

The art is there to show what Dipper is wearing in this (small AU where Dipper and Bill are cats and can turn into nekos.

Is Ivan aware of the meaning of Dipper's Pine Tree symbol or the Bill Cipher wheel? If not, where did the symbol on Dipper's robes come from?

I'll be Your Voice ( BillDip / Mute!Dipper-Human!Bill

She Loves Me More (Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper Pines)

But only because their parents died in a violent car crash. Their happy to return but Dipper ...

He stole my soul (BillDip) [Demon!Dipper X HumanForm!Bill]

104 days with a Demon (BillDip) by NEVAR-SAY-NEVER

Ever since Bill Cipher was defeated and turned to stone. Dipper skipped school only to spend the day with him. Yes, he couldn't talk or listen, ...

Bill, return to this garbage town β€’ GRAVITY FALLS β€’ You

blinded au>>>I now hate blind Ivan even more than I already did

If you are confused what these two have in common, they are characters from rivaling companies that both can use the power of magic and have experience on ...

Bill: "NEVER MIND!" &_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_& Credit: (comment pls) &_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_& #

3 days ago. Please write the credit in comments if you know! DM for RP #bill #

Bill x dipper story/ smut

Bill Cipher is both a demon and a god who blames Dipper for the return to his old dimension, his prison. If he can do only one thing it is to get ...

Pick 1 or 2!!! I'm taking a nerdy OLDER dipper in

But nothing prepared him for an adventure quite like this when he meets the notorious Captain Bill Cipher. With his journal in hand, Dipper embarks on a ...

I'll switch some things around, of course, especially since without realizing it they made an AU rather similar to @minryll 's ...

Dipper Appearance

Young Protector (Dipper Pines x Deaf!Reader) by EntirelyBonkers

Bill: God is real πŸ™πŸ˜ %%%%%%%%%

Will x Dipper Pines or Will x Bill

Instead of wipping dippers memory of the paranormal Ivan wipes dippers memories of himself,making dipper a great asset when going up against the uncertainty ...

Illustration by Nick Wanserski

Bill, have a cute guy message you online β€’ GRAVITY FALLS

Bill Cipher is both a demon and a god who blames Dipper for the return to his old dimension, his prison. If he can do only one thing it is to get ...

The teens are the kids' age, and vice versa. Wendy has the crush on Dipper, and is jealous of Pacifica (who, depending on the fan, ...

Dipper screams - 1 HOUR [HD]

Show more notes. Reblog. Troll Bill. Poor Dipper ahahah. Expand. cuteouji Β· Follow

Do you like Dipper ...

Gravity Falls| Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines| BillDip

Illustration for article titled Gravity Falls has the perfect ending

𝑭𝒖𝒏 π‘»π’Šπ’Žπ’†π’” -π‘ͺπ’‚π’‘π’•π’‚π’Šπ’ π‘©π’–π’›π’›π’Œπ’Šπ’π’ -π‘Ήπ’π’…π’†π’“π’Šπ’„π’Œ (π’ƒπ’š π‘Έπ’–π’†π’π’•π’Šπ’ π‘»π’“π’†π’Žπ’ƒπ’π’†π’š) -π‘³π’Šπ’•π’•π’π’† π‘«π’Šπ’‘π’‘π’†π’“ 𝐃.𝐎.

OPEN ROLEPLAY β€’GRAVITY FALLSβ€’ Years had passed since Bill was defeated and life went

βˆ†Gravity Fallsβˆ† Dipper couldnt remember how he ended up in a old rundown basement

(Just like my FNAF story, if a chapter has a *, it's a bonus chapter! I'm only in bonus chapters! I hope you enjoy my awesome ones!

Character 1. Bill Cipher

#gravity falls#gf#dipper pines#stan#persona 5#I wonder what dipper's persona would look like

Bill and Dipper Genderbender by DarkCatz ...

Gravity is back with a sequel to The Captain and his Cabin Boy, a continuation of the swashbuckling Captain Bill and the curious cabin boy Dipper Pines.

Looking for a Bill] Soulmate AU (Names

Does anyone want to rp Reverse Dipper and Will with me? DM me please #gravityfallsrp #gfrp #bipper #bipperrp #billdip #billdiprp #bill #dipper #mabel ...

When Dipper reached their room Bill was already undressed to his boxers, lying on his stomach in his, Dippers, bed, pressing his, Dippers, pillow down on ...

Bill: ...

An au where Bill gets absorbed into Dipper when Dipper is like 3 years old,

More beautiful memes by @thatgffan #gravityfallsedit #gravityfallsmemes # dipper #mabel #grunklestan

[open billdip smut open for Bill please dm me. ] β€’ β€’ β€’ This

drunk Dipper. Find this Pin and more ...

Human Bill x Suicidal Dipper (Au billdip)

MONSTER FALLS Ch.35 "BILL RISES" Dippers POV: I rubbed the sleep

Bills eye locked onto Dipper. The brunet just shrugged his shoulders and turned around to join his happy family. He could use some time without the ...

β€œI sometimes hate you” #billdiproleplay #billdip #gravityfalls #dipperpines #billcipher. β€œ

Candy Chiu and Grenda

Yes i do Stolen from: an acc Tags: #billdip #bill #dipper

Well this one is just based on the blatant, well-known-by-everyone hopeless crush Dipper has on Wendy. Dipper and Wendy have a good relationship, ...

This account is a year old now! #notmine #fanartedit #fanart #videoedit

[Credit to www.quotev.com/ThatMexicanGirl for awesomest cover ever!]Dipper one day finds out that Bill Cipher wasn't the only dream demon!

Bill Cipher x Reader (Closer)

It's the number one thing I'd want to read if I was a fan, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

What probably would have happened if Bill continued to use Dipper. . . . . . . . . #gravityfalls #gravityfallsfanart #bill #billfanart #billcipher ...

DEATH BATTLE Dipper Pines VS Morty Smith: FIGHT! by Edboy237

With one week left of Summer vacation, Dipper and Mabel prepare for their 13 th birthday party which promises to be a huge turning point in their lives.

Gravity Falls Theme Song Reversed

Happy Easter y'all #Billdip #easter #billcipherhuman #billcipherhumanfanart #billcipher #. 1 month ago

Pick 1 or 2!!! I'm taking a nerdy OLDER dipper in

He's just too.... adOrablE! πŸ‘ #billdip #bipper #gravityfalls

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Blue Pine Tree Hat Cartoon Trucker Snapback Curved Bill Dipper Adult Men Dad Hat Gravity Falls Baseball Cap

RP open Γ— "W-What are you doing...?"

Anyone want to rp? #gravityfallsrp #gfrp #bipper #bipperrp #billdip #billdiprp #bill #dipper #mabel #pinestwins #mysterytwins

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1513466254342.jpg, ...

*Dipper was sat in the forest looking through the journal, he was a bit

The long, strong legs of dippers have sharp, curved claws very useful when the birds grip rock and mosses both in water and on riverbanks. The bill is ...


Dipper: ...

sirenslovesongsls: β€œThis took me forever and im not even happy with it OTL but

#gravityfalls #billdip #bill

Re: What Bill might have done, like all things that happen off camera, that question has no true canon answer. But if I had to speculate, in my gut I think ...

A Surprisingly High Number of Major League Baseball Players Still Chew Tobacco

[Bill x Dipper] Hurt by sasukefan778

Summer Topee Unisex Women Men Curved Bill BLUE PINE TREE Dipper Gravity Falls Cartoon Mesh Hat Cap Trucker Baseball hat Hot

Y/n was normal human until she want to get into this river it changed her life forever (eh I am to lazy to write something good you should know how this ...

[DM TO RP] β€’ Dipper had just come to terms to date the one

Meanwhile the apocalypse is raging outside, armies of monsters have taken over the city and it's up to Dipper to rally as many friends as he can to stop ...

"The Boy That's in Love With a Demon" ~ Gravity Falls Fanfiction (Bill x Dipper)