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Beware the High Cost of Funerals Is Your Family Protected funeral

Beware the High Cost of Funerals Is Your Family Protected funeral


Not what it seems: ClearPlanFinance

Beware the High Cost of Funerals. Is Your Family Protected? #funeral #infographic

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How to organise a funeral without paying unnecessary costs

Pre-Planning Your Funeral: A Wise Choice For You and Your Family

funeral receipt of other costs

What you need to know when planning a funeral

5 Types Of Burial Insurance Not To Buy

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Horizontal photo of three pink roses placed on casket at funeral ceremony. The average funeral cost for a ...

In the worst cases, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive funeral directors in

The National Funeral Directors Association has been pushing "The talk of a lifetime" in response to changing consumer spending. Instead of looking for ways ...

Green burial - Dr. Axe

The Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning

No frills funeral shouldn't mean no frill service

What do I need to buy from the funeral home?

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Cremation Services: Costs. A simple cremation with no funeral ...

Does Your Life Coverage Cover Funeral Costs?

Cover the cost now

prepaid funeral plan companies

Funeral Insurance FAQ

death fying cost prices funeral cremation burial coffin casket director expense insurance

Mother and daughter sitting in cemetery. Burial ...

David Caple, pictured with wife Louise was shocked to discover that costs varied by more

What You Should Know about Prepaid Funeral Plans

Types of funerals

hand_calculator_pen_Shutterstock. How do I calculate the exact cost of my funeral?

Save on Funeral Costs by Planning Ahead

Funeral homes bank on interest earned to make a profit on prepaid funerals.


prepaid funerals

12 Funeral Scams Everyone Should Be Aware Of. Are you looking for cheap ...

TOP 250+ Funeral Director Interview Questions and Answers 29.05.2019 - Funeral Director Interview Questions | Wisdom Jobs India

Pre-paid funeral providers face stricter regulation

When Death Brings Out the Worst: family fighting after a death

When Putting a Loved One to Rest, Avoid These Misleading Sales Tactics

"The funeral industry is the only business where they can take your loved ones body and sell it back to you" Caitlin (Ask a Mortician) Doughty

For Funeral Wishes and Information click here

Expensive end: There has been a dramatic increase in burial costs because of land shortages


Grand Opening of New Edinburgh Parlour by Bailie Cameron. Our new funeral ...

Secure Funeral Solutions Logo

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Higher Ground Meadow

Our Code of Ethics for Families

Sign for Funeral Route

08/05/2019 It's going to happen to us all. Some of us want to go out with a bang, while others want a cardboard coffin and no fuss.

Funeral terms and what they really mean

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Burial insurance vs. life insurance

Pre-Planning in Houston, TX

Funeral Arrangements Checklist:

Funeral Hearse cost saving ideas.



examples of Google Ads for funeral homes

Five ways to plan for funeral expenses

The Funeral Consumer Society says 104 of us arrive at our final moment in Colorado every single day. Sadly, most of us do so with no plan of any kind.

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Burial arrangements

Before I Go includes 30 pages of space to: -Record your detailed funeral wishes

Coffin up to bury a loved one can leave you deep in debt

We all do the very best to protect our family. We purchase life insurance, open savings accounts, and work hard to provide a good future for our family .

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Funerals are hard. Finding the right thing to say to the grieving family is an intimidating task. Religious and cultural differences can add to this ...

Funeral and burial insurance 101


'Cheap' funeral plans being flogged online could mean a nasty bill

10 Facts Funeral Directors May Not Tell You

The 5 Best Ways to Plan Ahead for Funeral Expenses

Skip the rubber gasket

Affordable Burial Insurance. Cheap Burial Life insurance

Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial by Mark Harris


woman research shopping cremation funeral

Are There Different Types of Life Insurance or Burial Insurance?


Death in the family, or loved one? Full checklist

The claims process

How to organise a funeral without paying unnecessary costs | Life and style | The Guardian

People who use Google to search for the best funeral plan deals are being misled

burial insurance companies