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Beware Brownheaded Cowbirds More Than Useless Blog Birds Bird

Beware Brownheaded Cowbirds More Than Useless Blog Birds Bird


... More Than Useless Blog by Pastor Thom 3. Beware Brown-headed Cowbirds!

Male Brown-headed Cowbird

Map of the Month: Two birds, one nest: Songbird management through cowbird trapping

Birds nest in my hanging basket, not necessarily looking for overall identification but more so if the larger speckled egg belongs to the same bird as the ...

Alex Chadwick in Big Bend: The Cowbird

The originals are at ISO 1000 so grainy. Here there is a suggestion of eye-arcs but the eye is hardly 'beady' as in Brown-headed Cowbird.

Brown-headed Cowbird: Some ...

Brown-headed Cowbird. dark bird with conical bill

Black-Headed Grosbeak


The brown-headed cowbird of North America can place several dozen eggs in other birds' nests to leave them to be hatched by step-parents.

Rescued fledgling

Four Look Alikes with Copyright

Backyard Birding

Red-vented Bulbul.

Brown-headed Cowbird: Some ...

Wild Ideas: Villain or hero, the brown-headed cowbird is unique – Rappahannock News

The cowbird can contribute to the decline of species on the brink, like Kirtland's warblers by having the ...

Perched male Brown-headed Cowbird

Saturday 24th March 2018

If you can identify the host species, please make a note on your checklist so that we can compile data on the most common hosts. This brown-headed cowbird ...

Birding Basics of Bad Rep Birds

Tim Appleton, Mark ...

Most of the black birds we know, cannot carry a tune to save their feathers. The Red-winged Blackbird's “conk-a-reeee” is the closest thing to a song by a ...

Brown-Headed Cowbird

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Migratory Bird Program | Conserving America's Birds

Raise your hand/wing if you have a question.

Swainson's Warbler ...

More Birds of Bowmont Park

Streak-Backed Oriole

White-breasted Nuthatch, Bowmont Park, May 2017. Photo by Gord Smith.

Georgia – Great People and Great Birds – Especially a Sedge Wren FINALLY!!!

In cowbird circles this would be a looker! Is it a male Brown-headed in moult, if so why the pale supercilium, more obvious head-on?

I had hoped the part of the book that focuses on ...

This rare songbird is back from the brink, thanks to the Endangered Species Act | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Suddenly you have a moment to gather in the details of this bird's plumage, and again, it's stunning. Even a notoriously poor photographer like me can't ...

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... my daily birding gear and made my way towards the main lodge.

1/2500 ...

Why Conserve Small Forest Fragments and Individual Trees in Urban Areas?

Finally, we have a couple of birds you're most likely to see on the forest edge. Chipping sparrows are tiny little birds with a rusty stripe on top of their ...

Claim: Birds of Prey Deliberately Setting Wildfires | Watts Up With That?

Douglas Marsh Bird Poster-1

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Backyard Birds of Pennsylvania: How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds: Bill Fenimore: 9781423603504: Amazon.com: Books

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Yellow-rumped Warbler

Dippers are building a nest on the River Sid. Very poor light but managed a few photos


Grace Extended

The Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America

Common Poorwill

Saving Freyja Magpie

Adult male

Philippine Pitta also known as Blue-breasted Pitta ( Erythropitta erythrogaster).

Backyard Birds of Virginia: How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds: Bill Fenimore: 9781423603566: Amazon.com: Books

Swallows Whitethroat Cetti's Warbler

Carolina Wren: Back Yard Birds Of North Carolina

1/8000 ...

Like many birds, our females are less striking than our males. We're a drab brown instead of bright blue.

This is a different bird from the harlequin drake that lives back up the Noyo River near Dolphin Isle Marina. Happy Birding, -- Cate Hawthorn

Photo by Steve Zack

bully birds

Boat-tailed Grackle. January 2018.

Fan-Tailed Warbler

In a sane universe, these birds would be treasured as the stunners they are, but their familiarity seems to make too many birders all but indifferent to ...

Bobolink. Fort George Island, Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) May 2017.

(Photographer: Teri Elmshaeuser)

Like its close relatives the Spectacled Monarch and Leaden Flycatcher, these birds migrate north to tropical Queensland and ...

The Lessons of Epic Birding Failures

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

More Than Useless Blog · History of "Jesus Loves Me" Watercolor Lettering, Watercolor Print, Digital Wall,

Virginia Rail


On the left we have the red-tailed hawk/Swainson's hawk page of the second edition.

A Brown-headed Cowbird pauses while foraging in the Eastern Meadow.

September 2017 Archives

And the surprises didn't stop there! Within days, Jo Kookaburra was the proud Papa of triplets. Can you imagine the size of their nest?

Ask a Birder: How do birds survive hurricanes?


A Common chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita encountered in western Europe, a familiar Eurasian-African phylloscopid

Make Your Backyard a Hummingbird Haven

Blue Jay in Apple Tree

Rusty Blackbird in typical terrible light. Jacksonville, Florida.

Roborough Down

A downy woodpecker at a winter bird feeder. Photo: © Chris Helzer/TNC.

Brown-headed cowbirds are another one of those birds that I haven't seen in the park very often. They usually make an annual appearance, but rarely stay ...

Little Blue Heron

New Eastern and Western guides

Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas: Troy E. Corman, Cathryn Wise-Gervais: 9780826333797: Amazon.com: Books

Bird Symbolism & Meanings FULL RESOURCE - ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES (Omens, Spirit Animals, Totems) | Reality Files

There were more than 50 Indigo Buntings and at least a dozen Blue Grosbeaks. I

Today I counted 26 Birds but probably more up river and more to come, great sight to see them bombing about the river and great sport trying to get any sort ...

Gray Catbird, Bowmont Park, May 2017. Photo by Gord Smith.

To make the bird fly forwards, the researchers just reversed the position of the syringe. Although it looks similar to the other two videos, ...


Bohemian Waxwing Bird ...