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Battling altitude sickness at Los Nevados National Park

Battling altitude sickness at Los Nevados National Park


Battling altitude sickness at Los Nevados National Park

I was nearing 4,000m on the ascent to Colombia's Cerros Los Nevados ...

Our journey had begun by making our way to Manizales in the Colombian-coffee region. The minibus had weaved in and out of towering hills which, ...

Climbing in Colombia's Los Nevados National Park

Altitude sickness is positively no joke. Yet the mysteries and beauty of Caldas' Volcanos await for another day.

Camping by a secluded laguna in Los Nevados National Natural Park, Colombia. My carpa (tent) is the white dot in the bottom left corner.

Finding my balance by connecting with nature! (On a camping trip in Los Nevados National Natural Park, Colombia) Photo credit: Jill Holmes


As we quickly pushed downwards, my sickness and headaches still continued to plague me and even back in Manizales it took a few hours before it had all felt ...

Laguna 69: My Harsh Introduction to Trekking at Altitude


As the expected torrential evening rain rolled across the mountain, we found a camping place a further ten minutes climb that even boasted its own thermal ...

After 45 minutes, we leave the valley and enter the jungle. About ten minutes in, we hit a stream. We spot two couples decked out in running gear (leggings, ...

Unique attraction in Colombia - Review of Nevados Santa Isabel, Manizales, Colombia - TripAdvisor

However, it wasn't Simen who suffered from the altitude, but me. We drove with a jeep to about 4400 metres altitude, from where we'd start the 1 hour trek ...

Driving past Nevado del Ruiz, an active

Nevados National Park, Things to do in Manizales

To summit the volcano we will climb nearly 10,000 vertical feet in three days starting at 7900 feet in Cocora and reaching above 17600 at the summit or ...

In February of 2005, the FARC came to Laguna Otún, the Los Nevados National

One wonderful tip that our tour guide taught us was that dark chocolate is great for anyone feeling like they're starting to suffer from altitude sickness!

Park area[edit]

Camp #1 is at the base of Umantay (5,459 meters)

Laguna 69


Laguna 69

huayhuash trek - Hiking in Peru

The stunning scenery during the drive to Los Nevados National Park

Laguna 69

Sadly ...

El #NevadodeTolima o #Dulima es una punta que rasca el cielo, si eres

Into the wild – Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

365daysabroad's Blog

Esta hermosa Laguna se forma a los pies del nevado más alto del Perú (Huascarán

El Mocambo _ Starlit Rambler

Laguna Churup, Huaraz Day Trip

... Simen started to feel unwell… Every time we had to climb, he felt nauseous, dizzy and could barely move. He had a serious case of altitude sickness.

Chingaza National Park

Frailejones, a cacti-looking plant that is exclusive to the Andes of Venezuela,

Abandoned barn. Nikon D3400 f5.6 18-55mm kit lens

Parque Nacional de los Nevados in Caldas

Laguna 69 Section 1: The Valley

Nevados National Park, things to do in Manizales

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El Mocambo _ Starlit Rambler

360° panoramic view from crater rim of Nevado Toluca, 120 km to the east the Popocatépetl rises out of the clouds

Ojos del Salado (6,893m), Puna de Atacama, Chile (Photo:

Nevados National Park, things to do in Manizales

Cocuy Circuit trek: You say cojones, I say cojines

Iglesia with view of Nevado de Tolima. 1 of 8 volcanoes in Los Nevados National Natural Park

from Wikivoyage by User: (WT-shared) CONOCER at wts wikivoyage Public domain



1.Dientes de Navarino – The Dientes Circuit, located on far-flung Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego and so-named for the jagged, tooth-like appearance of ...


Trucha (trout) The sun did make some brief appearances! Good thing a 5am need to pee forced

PNN El Cocuy post at Alto de la Cueva. The park is closed.

Nevados National Park, things to do in Manizales

Hiking in Los Nevados National Natural Park, Colombia | Read our guide about the best

A few months back, I was hiking up Sulphur, still deliberating whether to travel to Mexico. It had been my intention for some time to seek out mountains ...

What is altitude sickness? The altiplano

Laguna Churup, Huaraz Day Trip

Now that Flickr seems to be working again (finally!), I can start

nat 2012


La Linea, an unbroken chain of Andes that runs between volcanic peaks of central Colombia

Nevado del ruiz - Starlit Rambler

Machu Picchu - Hiking in Peru

The park with the city of Toluca in the foreground

Mount Evans

... Las Cuevas waterfalls – three small waterfalls in the jungle where locals go for a soak and a respite from the afternoon sun, like a hidden oasis in the ...

Have you ever hiked at altitude before? How did you cope? Any hints and tips to share or stories to tell?

Cordillera Blanca

Nevados National Park, Things to do in Manizales

National Park in Mexico. View of the peak of the volcano

Laguna Verde in Sierra Nevada National Park

We were initially undecided as to whether to make the detour to beautiful El Chalten but we immediately fell in love with it and it remains our favorite ...

Guicany Farm on the flanks of the Nevados del Cocuy, 40 minutes drive from the town



20180330-31: Volcán Iztaccíhuatl (Izta-Popo National Park, México)

Laguna Churup | A Fun Day Trip From Huaraz

Laguna 69

Halfway up the mountain.

Nevados National Park, things to do in Manizales

Paul 2018

After ...


Frailejon in Chingaza National Park

Girltime and mountaintime make for one magical weekend. Love your faces and our new calves

When I was free from my role as an unpaid photographer, I took some photos of my own. The reservoir was just stunning. The snow-tipped mountains enhanced ...

Once there just head uphill to the park office at 3500m (takes 35min) where you can acquire a park permit (COP40,000 weekdays, COP50,000 weekends) and get a ...

With the guide Juan Carlos, looking into the Cocuy Park


Nevado del ruiz - Starlit Rambler

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