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Barrier games are perfect for building core word use in AAC users

Barrier games are perfect for building core word use in AAC users


Barrier games are perfect for building core word use in AAC users along with necessary fringe

Core vocabulary is an evidenced-based set of words particularly useful for augmentative and alternative

Augmentative communication core word activities for students to use on an iPad or in print.

MATCHING PATHS: A simple activity for praciticing direction following and math vocabulary; preschool math

One of the ways we teach this skill - as with any skill in AAC use - Aided Language Stimulation is our friend. It is always the first step in AAC ...

Free Printable Coral Reef Ocean Play Dough Mat For Kids

Another topic I speak about frequently is core word use in AAC. Core words are the building blocks of language, the most frequently used words that we use ...

Every routine can be broken down into smaller and smaller components. Each of these components is influenced by the responses and reactions of those ...

Kids love the playground, so what better way to build functional language skills? Pictures

PrAACtical Ideas: AAC Core Vocabulary Practice for Workshops and Inservices

How to Use Barrier Games to Teach Social Skills and Improve Communication

Barrier games are perfect for building core word use in AAC users, along with necessary

Kidz Learn Language: Think Your AAC User Can't? Bet You He Can! Using barrier games with aac users and core words.

Build your students' ability to give & follow directions, use & understand



Teaching Following Directions

Let's take a look again at the sequence for “Put on,” Here is a common 2- word phrase using core words within a routine that offers multiple opportunities.

In my 45 years working with kids with nonverbal autism - and so many other conditions that impact language - I have watched literally thousands of parents ...

Teach staff how to model core words and use these posters/p.d. sheets to help

Our Educational Assistant students impressed us this evening!! We were so proud to see

... Pirates for Following Directions, Describing and Using Semantic Features

HANDS ON PRACTICE WITH EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT STUDENTS. Becoming a strong communication partner by proficiently modelling

Pirate Games Set Pirate Games Set

Fun Finds at ATIA 2019

Young boy and teacher laughing. AAC article

Free Printable Snowmen Barrier Game for Speech Therapy

Screenshot of Snap Core First core words

Teacher pointing to picture word chart

PrAACtical Alert: AAC Professional Development Options

Barrier games are great for building both receptive & expressive language skills - and they can

Swati using Avaz

Can Your Students Give and Follow Directions? More Barrier Game Fun

Snap + Core ...

... Backup to Dropbox; 54.

Video of the Week: Using Evidence to Improve our Professional Development

Young AAC user learning using iPad with teacher

We took our AAC to-go today on a scavenger hunt! So. Many

64. • The core vocabulary ...

no print aac implementation. this resource builds 2-word phrases in response to pictures with errorless learning. for your aac users.

Snap + Core ...

When I am first teaching core words, sometimes I like to pre-teach the


AAC Posts from Our PrAACtical Week: December 2018

Support AAC users with both core and fringe words in thematic units. Grab this Spring

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When we learn something new, such as a new word, or what to say

DLM “First 40” words for AAC users

... 80. • The typically developing ...

core 2 thumb

Helping an AAC user learn new vocabulary

5 Quick and Easy Games That Build AAC Skills

Last week, I told you about the all-important first step for teaching a student to use an AAC system - any AAC system. Providing Aided Language Stimulation ...

It s a key skill and as such is a core subject within school. It is

Core 28 PCS thumb


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Implementation of iPads for AAC in a Specialist School

Snap + Core First App for iPad

Keep Calm and Say a lot with Core Words

Using #booksharetuesday to say good-bye 👋 to April with the book 'Gotta

To find out more about modelling see Positive AACtion by Rocky Bay Aided Language Stimulation (

click on this pic to go to the album on the OMazing Kids Facebook page. Core Vocabulary ...

Over the past 5 years, I started taking notes on what I observed being effective with my AAC users. I read A TON of research. I trialled different systems ...

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While the catalogue says this game is for children under 3 and babies, I've used it with elementary school-aged students with these higher level language ...

Download figure · Download PowerPoint. Initially, students' use of the core vocabulary ...

the language of summer. sequences and life cycles, vocabulary, interactive books, picture scenes, wh questions, barrier games. lots of language targets.

Alexicom AAC

Literacy, expanding utterances, and AAC. I've seen excellent resources out there

Teacher pointing to core words board

In the first part of the session, I modelled the carrier phrase and core words. I used visual and verbal prompts to help the student locate the items we had ...

Making a quick script can help us focus on a variety of words, not just

Check ...

Universal Core Vocabulary systems are one resource available from Project Core.

Interpersonal communication

Friday, November 18th

When I first came across barrier games about 30 years ago, they were construction paper shapes in different sizes and colors.

Product Thumbnail. 6 More Core Words Books AAC vocabulary for Teen High School version

aac core word modeling plan. posters and p.d. for staff to implement aac. make life easier! #slpeeps #slpmaterials #slp2be #schoolslp #susanberkowitz #tpt ...

26. TapSpeak Sequence Plus • For many AAC users ...

Core 15 PCS thumb

It is typical to find that Learners experiencing severe cognitive difficulties (who use some AAC system) communicate (if at all) with staff and rarely with ...

Custom Boards - AAC word grid for December 2013

Beyond Requesting: Thoughts on Teaching Interrogatives

I have barrier games in my store for both Fall and Halloween, and last week's blog post talked about how to turn simple stock photos into barrier game ...

Pick a few words, and model those at the appropriate times. Modelling is one

If you're local to San Diego watch me live Monday morning, May 6

... target the modeling and use of more core words in existing AAC systems. I blogged about “Autism, Special Needs and the Common Core” in a previous post.


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