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Balance staff replacement without staking set Watch Repairs Help

Balance staff replacement without staking set Watch Repairs Help


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Pictured below is a broken staff on the left and a good staff on the right.


We will be using a Staking set to replace the staff. First you find a punch that fits the bottom portion of the staff. The pointed punch shown in the ...


The main tools I will be using will be my K&D 600 staking set which i had a lot of fun restoring and am still working on completing.

I normally don't do this (e.g. just replacing a balance staff without fitting it into the movement), but Thom asked nicely, so I took on the job.

How I replace a balance staff, riveted type, Part 1 of 4, taking apart balance assembly - YouTube


How I replace a balance staff, riveted type, Part 2 of 4, attach staff and true balance - YouTube

Fitting a new balance staff to a vintage 1940s cyma www military watch. Repair series

How to Replace a Balance Staff, Part 3: Removing and Fitting Friction-Fit Staffs • Adjusting Vintage Watches

If the pivots are only slightly scored, the pivots could be polished using a tool like this Dorrington, without having to replace the balance staff.

There is no shock protection on these balances and one fault is clearly that the balance staff is broken.

How to Replace a Balance Staff, Part 1: Measure Twice, Staff Once • Adjusting Vintage Watches

The New Staff.

How I replace a balance staff, friction fit, Hamilton 992B

No damage whatsoever to the balance, and a clean cut edge on the old staff. Worth the £400 for the tool if you replace staffs.

If both pivots are broken, you can measure the pivots of the new staff in reference to your current balance hole jewels.

I've got three movements with balance staff issues - I'm not quite brave enough to tackle them yet, but want to make sure I've got all the correct tools ...

Watch Repair for Beginners (eBook)

The next step is to remove the roller table. For this, the balance was placed in the anvil which was placed in the die plate and a light tap on the No.

How to Replace a Balance Staff, Part 2: Removing the Hairspring and Roller




Elgin Convertible Movement.

Lot of 12 NOS Pocket Watch Balance Staff Watchmaker Repair Parts

Once I had figured out how to set up the remover in the staking tool, all it took was two light but firm taps with the hammer on the stake and the staff ...

Vintage K&D Special Watch Makers Staking Tool Set w/Anvil in Wood Box

This is my vintage chrome Inverto staking set. A real beauty for anyone that appreciates fine tools. This one will last forever.

Staking Set

I will measure to be sure as best I can, but the replacement looks to be correct.


Prompted by a record of repair watch I have with broken balance pivots, last week we learnt how to replace a balance staff. There's quite a lot to do, ...

Mount the hairspring side of the staff into a lathe collet that just fits onto it, and install the collet into the lathe:


When I opened the watch I could not fail noticing how the balance wheel was ripped apart, and the balance cock was loose.

Now you carefully tap the staff in place so that it is an exact fit, must fit perfectly onto the bottom portion of the balance.

Fixing a broken Waltham model 1908

Watchmaker showing balance staff replacement


Kendrick & Davis Series 600 Watch Repair Staking Kit No.50 Balance Staff Remover

Most the time I don't realize what I need the staking set until an opportunity arrives. Feel free to leave some comments about what you use your staking set ...

Balance Assembly

Balance Staff Removal Tool

Notice the two dimples around the cap jewel. A previous watchmaker had used a staking set to fix it in place as the jewel screws were stripped. Uncool.

The hairspring is pressed back onto the staff with the staking set. The red dots are added so that the lift angle used for testing can be determined and are ...

Vintage Staking Tool Punch Set Watchmaker Uhrmacher w/box

Dr Rebecca Struthers on Instagram: “First task to restore this 18ct gold minute repeating pocket watch - hand make a new balance staff to replace this ...

Up close picture of some of the punches and small items that I use everyday to repair watches. This is the staking set ...

Dial Up, Dial Down: Fixing Bent Balance Staff Pivots

K&D 18R staking set - alignment issue (info in comments) ...

I found a good fitting stake and stump and it was easy. So I refitted it and had another go! Feeling confident I moved on the the Waltham Riverside staff ...

There are a number of tools needed to work on a balance wheel and one of the most important is a quality staking set. This type of tool has a goose-necked ...


Watch repair Rub In Jewel Settings. Fitting new jewel. Tutorial. Lesson

What is a Staking Set?

Watchmaker watch repair service restoration dead center balance staff turning steiner horia

I start off with the flat stake, to make sure the balance sits level on the new staff.

It could be re-plated to look like new but I sort of like these watches to look rugged like they've been someplace few others would have the courage to go.

[advice needed] I've tried to repair and service my first automatic watch ...


Go on Ebay and do a search on "Watch Staking" to see the tool set you need to do this job properly. Go to Dashto at this link and you will find ...

Adjusting an Illinois “Santa Fe Special” 12s Pocket Watch, Part 1: Repairs & Service

I thought it may be of interest to some readers to see some of the tools which are specific to the watchmaker. Some tools not presented on this page will be ...

Watchmaker showing balance staff replacement

Ferguson-Elgin-front.JPG (35762 bytes)

Broken Staff.

THE STAKING TOOL The staking tool is a tool of many uses, such as, removing and replacing a balance staff, .

The roller table gets refitted with the staking set. Watchmaker showing balance staff replacement

Image is loading VINTAGE-K-amp-D-No-7817-WATCHMAKERS-STAKING-

Take a good look at the blurry (10x) balance. ( Note: the scratches were put on there by the last person that staffed this particular watch.


Set of watchmakers staking punches x25 in wooden box.


Balance Wheel In Lathe.

With the old staff's hub very close to cut away, but not quite, the staking tool is used to pop off the remaining bit and free the balance wheel.

Use a graver to remove the hub on the staff. This is a steel graver (a carbide graver is much better for this purpose):


Balance Wheel Complete for AS Cal 1051 Watch Parts

Your staking set ought to have a few of these stumps, so we must measure for the best fit. If the stump is too small, the balance wheel won't fit.


Watchmaker showing balance staff replacement

Unfortunately, while trying to clean a bit of the rust off the pivot of the balance staff, ...

Hamilton Grade 992B Technical Bulletin Infomation


With the hairspring removed you can see the balance staff is clearly missing a pivot. The staff is held in place inside the balance arm with a tiny rivet of ...

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0.5 and 0.6mm screwdrivers - These parts are small!

Staking The Staff.

Hot 1 Set Staking Tool Punches x 25 Assorted Size Holes Watch Repairs Tools Repair Kit



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First step is to remove the hairspring, roller table and then the broken staff.