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At The Same Time What Does It Even Mean knitting Knitting

At The Same Time What Does It Even Mean knitting Knitting


How to Knit

I think the terms and knitting abbreviations are pretty much the same. They both decipher words and phrases.

KNITFreedom - How to "Work Even" in Knitting - Knit the Knits and Purl the Purls

At The Same Time — What Does It Even Mean? Spool KnittingKnitting ...

What knitting means to me - A new sock design I've started. Not

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At The Same Time — What Does It Even Mean? | Tabetha Hedrick, Knitwear

Yarn guides help you hold two colors at the same time without them getting all tangled. Plus, the tool helps you to keep an even tension as you knit.


Our sample is knitted at a loose gauge on needles that are too big so we

Years ago at Edinburgh Yarn festival I impulse-bought a couple single skeins of La Bien Aimée yarn in 'Aimée's sweater' and 'neon static'.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Arm Knitting

The yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool. (Haven't tried it? Getcha some! It's a magical yarn that is both toothy and next-to-the-skin soft.)

What to Do When You Can't Get Gauge

At The Same Time — What Does It Even Mean? Knitting ...

"Knit Into the Stitch Below" for Your Coziest Knits Ever

Joining up knitting: it can be a scary prospect for any novice knitters who have only knitted scarves or granny squares. Even if you knit everything in the ...

But it's also a fact that slip-stitch colorwork, in which only one color of yarn is worked at a time, actually speeds up your knitting. (SCIENCE.)

Knitting (right)

How to SSK

Top down knitting is the modern method of knitting apparel in one piece from the top down, rather than creating separate panels and sewing together.

This cardy was the first time it kinda made sense to me.

How to Knit with Two Colors | Knitting

Botany Shawl by TIn Can Knits

Have you ever busted out your needles and yarn while, say, on the subway, or binging Netflix, or in between two soccer games? And then proceeded to lose ...

The knitting community is reckoning with racism

If Knitting Is Causing You Pain, Read This

File:Knitting demo of two stitches.webm

Continuing with the classic rainbow order, we move from orange on to yellow! Yellow sits between orange and green in the visible spectrum.

Even Seed Stitch

Knitting Image

A woman knitting, Washington DC, 1941.

Tami designed this spectacular colorwork sweater last year for the Tin Can Knits' Strange Brew KAL and it's everything a colorwork sweater should be.

The code will work until the end of the day, eastern time, on Friday June 7. Comments left between now and the end of the day Friday, June 7 will be entered ...

What is a knitting loom?

The Knitted Diary is going well, I've even started sewing some of the strips together. My plan of selecting the number and therefore the colour every day is ...

A Guide to Knitting Yarn: Types, Weights, and How to Choose It

Wrap and Turn on the Knit Side

Ultimate Guide to Two Stretchy Bind-Off Knitting Methods on the Decrease Bind-Off

Along with the time invested in the dying, spinning, selecting for retail and then the knitting, you have a lot of love being spread around.

Deb made a generous donation of vibrant wool yarn, including some that she had spun herself. We are honored to receive this labor of love.

Picking and Grinning: How Your Knitting Style Affects Gauge and Fabric. By Jillian Moreno

The History of Knitting – Who On Earth Invented This Wonderful Hobby? And Why?


Stripy socks and a celebration

knitting mistake on blue knitting

These pictures here are from when I dragged that original book sample (a bit worse for wear even then) off with me on a trip in the fall of 2016.

The procedure for counting the rows/rounds is exactly the same as counting the rows flat.

Guys Knit

Why these Rockpool Mitts (pattern in Knit Now Magazine issue 62) ended up there, even though half an hour of knitting time would have been enough to finish ...


The simplicity of seed and moss stitch.

What is the best yarn for knitting socks

When is a hobby not a hobby?

I love knitting gadgets, but I love them even more when they are super functional and help me be more productive. This is quite possibly my most favorite ...

I really do need to get serious about all the hat and cowl knitting I hope to do for the holidays, but it seems each time I finish a hat, someone snatches ...

There's a lot to love about that project, even if it's slow-going at the moment since I'm knitting on so many other things. I'd love to get it finished in ...

Easy Hat Knitting Patterns

What do you think it means for us to wear patterns which celebrate our connections with our everyday lives? I mean, beyond decoration, do you think patterns ...

I really do need to get serious about all the hat and cowl knitting I hope to do for the holidays, but it seems each time I finish a hat, someone snatches ...

This combo has a touch of the seaside about it, the waves washing up against the shore. Good contrast is given for the colour work section to really make it ...

Step 4. liz tamanaha | paislee press · knit

Seed Stitch

I swatched various yarns that I had alongside the pink mohair, and could tell right away that the speckle would be a winner! On the far right you can see ...

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5 ways to make neat side edges in knitting

A loop pulled through a loop pulled through a loop. The loop shown is a

4 Common Knitting Mistakes and How to Fix Them Quickly

Save your favorite knitting designs from my Pinterest Board Knitting Chart Patterns by Studio Knit.

What WholeGarment Means to You

Adding a second color creates an intriguing and beautiful fabric variation, with alternating vertical columns of color on both sides of the reversible ...

Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time: Betty Christiansen, Kiriko Shirobayashi: 9781584795339: Amazon.com: Books

Looped stitches, which distinguish a knit fabric from the crossed fibers in a woven one, can be seen in a scarf with a loose knit (bottom left) and more ...

What is a knitting loom?

Step 3: Snip (it sounds less scary than cut). Once your stitches are secure on ...

Just on a really mischievous level, I love that the visual pattern I produced from these settings really reflects the pattern of use and how I routinely use ...

knitting - weaving in ends

Step 3, knit and knit and knit.

Beginning knitting and choosing some yarn. Even I get overwhelmed with ...

When you knit in the round on the right side you create a ridge on the wrong side. The procedure for counting the rounds is exactly the same as counting ...

Highlighted Knitting Chart Repeats Example by Studio Knit

Knit stitches are made up of little Vs. Each V is one knit stitch, and you can stick your knitting needle right through the center of it.

I love knitting on holidays as it means I'll always associate the project with where I was when I was making it, even if the yarn wasn't from there.

I chose Magpie Fibers Domestic Worsted yarn to knit this design. This yarn line has a really wearable palette, which is always a consideration for me, ...

I have this odd tendency of starting a batch of projects at the same time that then finish up one after the other, bam, bam, bam. It's a big wave of casting ...

To begin the spinning process, a picker is used to loosely separate large masses of fiber into smaller ones and to mix the heathered shades of our ...

The Ideal Knitwear

Walking on Clouds Socks