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Armies and Tactics Greek Armies during the Peloponessian Wars

Armies and Tactics Greek Armies during the Peloponessian Wars


Armies and Tactics: Greek Armies during the Peloponessian Wars

Armies and Tactics: Ancient Greek Navies

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Known to history as the 'March of the Ten Thousand', the Greek mercenaries' return to friendly territory imparted and reinforced some valuable tactical ...

Peloponnesian War

Spartans fighting during the Peloponnesian War.

Destruction of the Athenian army at Syracuse

Armies and Tactics: Greek Armies from Mycenae to the Agrarian Warfare

Greek Phalanx

Battle of Thermopylae

Destruction of the Athenian army at Syracuse.jpg

Armies and Tactics: Greek Armies during the Persian Invasions

This picture depicts the Spartan warriors during the Peloponnesian War. It was fought against Athens after the Greek empire started to divide once the ...

This peltast holds three javelins, one in his throwing hand and two in his pelte (shield) hand as additional ammunition.

Peloponnesian War. ancient Greek history

The Walls protecting Athens and acccess to the ports of Piraeus during the Peloponnesian War (

The Birth of Military Strategy: Enter the Battle of Salamis

Peloponnesian War and Thucydides

Hoplite during the Peloponnesian War, c. 431-404 BC

Ancient Greek Warfare

Sparta: The Peloponnesian War

A piece of greek pottery showing hoplite soldiers.

Peloponnesian War

Paintings of Ancient Macedonian soldiers, arms, and armaments, from the tomb of Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki in Greece, 4th century BC

Peloponnesian War

Artistic depiction of Spartan hoplites, not very realistic in terms of discipline

Around 426 or 425 BCE, an army from the Peloponnesian League set out to conquer Amphilochian Argos, a city founded on the southeast end of the Ambracian ...

hoplites-greek hoplites-hoplite-greek

Greek Hoplite 480-323 BC: Weapons, Armour, Tactics (Warrior): Amazon.co.uk: Nicholas Sekunda, Adam Hook: 9781855328679: Books

1 The Peloponnesian War I can explain the causes of the Peloponnesian War and the effect the war had on the Greek city-states.

Battle of Marathon: Summary, Facts & Map

Battle of Salamis. Public Domain

Spartans in Battle

The map of the Peloponnese War.

SPARTAN STEEL BENDS TO ATHENIAN WISDOM: After a 37-year war, Sparta defeated Athens but their attempt to impose a military state hardened resistance and ...

The Athenian Army during the Peloponnesian Wars. The use and importance of light troops increased with the introduction of the peltasts: lightly armoured, ...

Ancient Greek warfare

Peloponnesian Wars - Sparta vs Athens

Source = Wordpress. The ancient Peloponnesian War ...

ancient greek warfare n.

Greek Warriors

Alliances in the Pelopennesian War, 431 B.C. 1.JPG The Peloponnesian War

Theban general Epaminondas saves the life of fellow general Pelopidas during the victory over the Spartans

Athens vs Sparta (Peloponnesian War explained in 6 minutes)

CLASS NOTES: The Peloponnesian War and Internal Greek Struggles (Alexander the Great)

10 surprising things you should know about the Spartan army. TOPICS:ancient GreeceSpartan armySpartan ...

German artillery during the Battle of Greece (1941).

The ancient Greeks at war

The death of Socrates. Condemned to death for profaning the gods and misleading the youth

Battle of Marathon

Greek phalanx from a Chigi vase in a pro-Corinthian style. Seventh century B.C. National Etruscan Museum, Rome

The Peloponnesian War: History, Cause & Result


Phalanx Warfare Transformed: Innovation in Ancient Greek Warfare 431–331 BCE | Part 1: Mantinea | The Kosmos Society


A Memorial Day Message From the Peloponnesian War


Rise of Thebes Thebes challenges Spartan hegemony Thebes challenges Spartan hegemony –Defeats Sparta at Leuctra

Athenian navy vs Spartan Army. The Athenians had by far the suprior navy while the Spartans dominated Greece in land battles


[5] The Othismos

Sparta at War: Strategy, Tactics and Campaigns, 950-362 BC: Scott M. Rusch: 9781783030118: Amazon.com: Books

In 413 BCE, the year before the battle of Miletus, the Spartans had defeated the Athenians at Syracuse. Encouraged by this victory, the Spartans began to ...

The Spartans did this by taking control of the countryside around Athens. Athens' strategy was to avoid battles on ...

In the year 423 BCE, the Athenians and Spartans, who had been in the midst of the Peloponnesian War since 431 BCE, decided to observe an armistice that was ...

The Persian and Peloponnesian wars were a period of sustained conflict, quite unlike anything that the Greek cities had previously experienced, ...

Fifth-century hoplite.

Combined Arms Warfare in Ancient Greece From Homer to Alexander the Great and his Successors book

the different military tactics of the greek and trojan armies during the trojan war essay Trojan

The Peloponnesian War: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Peloponnesian War, Periscopio Publications

Socrates, like all able-bodied Athenian men of above-average means, fought

Phalanx Warfare Transformed: Innovation in Ancient Greek Warfare 431–331 BCE | Part 2: Leuctra and Gaugamela | The Kosmos Society

Armies and Tactics: Ancient Greek Siege Warfare

The Peloponnesian War A Captivating Guide to the Ancient Greek War Between the Two Leading City


The other major city-state of the Greek world was Sparta, home of the famed warriors who made names for themselves in every battle they fought, most notably ...

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Great Battles of the Classical Greek World – Review

Soldiers, Citizens, And The Symbols Of War From Classical Greece To Republican Rome,

Peloponnesian War

Thucydides' Ignored Lesson

Spartan Soldier - Sparta had the most powerful army of all the Greek city-states.

Tactics. [13] Spartan hoplites