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Am slightly obsessed right now with black and white photographs of

Am slightly obsessed right now with black and white photographs of


“I smoked this race,” Ocasio-Cortez says. “I didn't edge anybody out. I dominated. And I am going to own that.” Photograph by ...

i am obsessed with hard light right now. Shadow Photography ...

5 Ways Black and White Thinking Poisons Your Perspective. Author By ...

In today's digital age, we are obsessed with lens sharpness, camera sensor resolution, post-production magic– and more.

Our favourite creativity and photography quotes to inspire you!

A black-and-white photo of Charlie Chaplin at a podium, surrounded by

I'm autistic. I just turned 36 — the average age when people like me die.

We sense that the artist without material comfort is dedicated to a higher plane and that their art is the singular medium by which they will achieve a ...

How to find out if someone is watching you, and what to do about it

Ian Allen

Lewis Powell. He Was A Conspirator With John Wilkes Booth, Who Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln


Lady Gaga Variety Cover Story

As photographers, many of us tend to be nerds. I know I am– I used to obsess over cameras, settings, lenses, post-processing, flashes, and all of these “ ...

Ahmad (center) tries to resist laughing while the rest of the ISOF medics joke

Portrait of Henri Cartier-Bresson by Martine Franck FRANCE. Paris. 1992.

If you truly knew what the N-word meant to our ancestors, you'd NEVER use it

This article first appeared in Black & White Photography Magazine Issue 203, June 2017


Felix Sockwell. “

Michael Jackson with Macaulay Culkin in the video for "Black Or White."

Photograph: Courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London and Metro Pictures. © Cindy Sherman

Knowing the Past Opens the Door to the Future The Continuing Importance of Black History Month

Can you have one? Sure…but you don't NEED a makeover. I will capture your personality and your beauty regardless of what you choose to put on your face or ...

We discussed this a bit earlier in point #1, but Cartier-Bresson expands on what photography means to him– ultimately visual expression:

Pari Dukovic for Rolling Stone

Black and White: how Dangerous kicked off Michael Jackson's race paradox | Music | The Guardian

White people, only dating black people is not progressive – it's racist

Lana Del Rey i am so super obsessed with her right now!!

Artist Colorizes Old Black & White Photos, And It Makes A Huge Difference In How We See Past Events

Michael Jackson's personal photographer: 'He didn't identify as one gender' | Art and design | The Guardian

Though I don't ever refer to myself as a beauty blogger, I'm a sucker for trying out the newest trends and sharing my feedback with you guys. Right now ...

A former official said, of Bolton's world view, “A lot of nasty people out there want to do us harm. If our country's interests align with another's, it's a ...

Black and White: how Dangerous kicked off Michael Jackson's race paradox

Tamar and Fauna Hodel: What TNT Left Out of Shocking 'I Am the Night

Am I Finally Done With White Guys? By Collier Meyerson

My biggest fear as the black father of white children

Black & White Photography - Swing Away - by Ellis Aveta

How did you get started in photography?

Because I am Obsessed with “Get Out”

Left: The night sky above Stellafane; Right: Joe Bergeron, 63, Space

Getty Images

Lady Gaga Variety Cover Story

My mother spent her life passing as white. Discovering her secret changed my view of race — and myself. By Gail Lukasik

45 classic movies you can watch for free on YouTube right now

U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don't Know How to Stop It.U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of ...

Dark is beautiful: the battle to end the world's obsession with lighter skin

I find the n-word hurtful, but Piers Morgan is right: it's Kanye's fault those white sorority sisters sang it

Selfies by Alex Schneideman

I am obsessed with Alucard's hair right now.pic.twitter.com/CN6uWyb3G0

I am obsessed with quaint greenhouses right now and just knew one needed to be incorporated into a creative shoot. Thank you Jodie for taking my vision ...

Has the Black Dahlia Murder Finally Been Solved?

My office was located at Tanjong Pagar, and it took me literally only five minutes to walk to Chinatown, so I often wandered there to take pictures during ...

Glenn Harvey


Photos of slaves 1862

I am the woman in the 'racist Dove ad'. I am not a victim

Segregation Now

As he put it, “I was afraid of the unknown—the planning, the training, the fund-raising and, not least, the risk of failure.”

I think one of the weaknesses of “street photography” is that it often too focused on the single image. We don't focus as much on narrative and story ...

Black and White - New Assignment

My strange obsession with the mud playas of the Mojave Desert continues... #

By Tori Telfer. Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

The Original Underclass

Certain stories, on the face of it, have given meat to the myth; Van Gogh is often cited as an impoverished artist partly because some of his paintings ...

Edward S. Curtis: Saguaro gatherers, Maricopa, Arizona, ca. 1907

'I had to submit to being exoticised by white women. If I didn't, I was punished'

In-fact, one of the books that inspired him the most in his photography was “ ...

photography quote percy harris. “

A person looking in a mirror, applying red lipstick. Source: Huffington Post

The world is relying on a flawed psychological test to fight racism. By ...

The shadows remind me a little of the Batman symbol. 🦇 Swipe for full version

Black & White Photography: Part 3

All 147 Michael Jackson Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best. By Bill Wyman

RHW: Okay, so I'm going to switch gears onto a slightly lighter note. Are you a beauty-obsessed girl like me?

Cartier-Bresson wasn't interested at all in “staged photography” – he was only interested in capturing candid and un-posed photographs.

Reuven Bar-Yotam, Telma Hopkins, Nell Carter, Harry Basil and Brian Backer

... resources to more class sections, overdue building repairs, or many other things we badly need?” the chancellor of U.C. Berkeley said. “Absolutely.

mixed babies, mix babies

Just a mix...of me. Photo BlackBlack White ...

Dirt Monkey


photo by Miguel Serrano

It's been getting harder for me to read things on my phone and my laptop. I've caught myself squinting and holding the screen closer to my face.

Is Dating a White Girl A "Trophy" For Black Men? | Ask Anna #2 | Dre Baldwin

instagram photo editing trends

Black and White: how Dangerous kicked off Michael Jackson's race paradox | Music | The Guardian

ana, thinspiration, and proana image