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Allow the space Allow the emptiness These two can be your greatest

Allow the space Allow the emptiness These two can be your greatest


Allow the space. Allow the emptiness. These two can be your greatest acts of



Pondering the Imponderables: The Biggest Questions of Cosmology | World Science Festival

According to a new theory argued by Anders Sandberg, Eric Drexler and Toby Ord, the answer to the Fermi Paradox may be simple: humanity is alone in the ...

The universe's rate of expansion is in dispute – and we may need new physics to solve it

solitude quotes solitary trees they all grow strong winston churchill wisdom

LISA Pathfinder Reports Record-Breaking Gravitational Wave Results

And this is that “emptiness” seen through the Microwave Spectrum…

marcus aurelius quotes not events that disturb people their judgements concerning them wisdom

Please allow Stephen Hawking to explain time, history, and God

The Case for Allah's Existence in the Quran and Sunnah

Lone Star Rising

Embrace the Void and Live a Life of Passion, Joy and Fulfillment | HuffPost Life


To have a genuine appreciation for the world we must see it directly, says the late Traleg Rinpoche. The tantric path teaches us how to cut through our ...

Before we come into this life we are a part of a consciousness that many refer to as Creative Source or God. The terms do not so much matter as much as ...

Ranking all of Bob Dylan's songs, from No. 1 to No. 359

So tell me, what is your journey with emptiness? Which of the above practices do you plan to explore? Please share below. You never know: your story might ...

... for a radical change of job, place or situation. You're worth it. Life is too short for the mediocre or the miserable. Better to open yourself the Grace ...

finding-your-true-self-spiritual-universe finding and embodying your true self allows ...

Most of what we see are objects that occupy space, from the cup of coffee in your hand to the trees and buildings lining the street.

Glenstone is considered to be among the greatest private collections of European and American contemporary art in the country. (Calla Kessler/The Washington ...

Sloww Purpose Driven Life Book Summary

Artist impression of the triple star system PSR J0337+1715, which is located about 4,200 light-years from Earth. This system provides a natural laboratory ...

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Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner ...

... space to heal this high functioning depression, simply by allowing myself to just be for once. No more running away by pursuing external goals.

If I pursue work that I truly love and enjoy, will the money follow? Is it more important to focus on projects that we find meaningful than what may be more ...

Because there's no finer way to remember great teachers than to recall their great teachings, here's a classic commentary on this seminal Zen text by the ...

... that we mentioned in our previous news. Peaceful, rare, and stupid. There's nothing remarkable about it, although it is the only robot that will allow ...

Our star, the sun, will die a quiet death. The sun's of only average mass, starwise, and after burning through the last of its hydrogen fuel in about five ...

NEW: 133 Shepherds - Generating Civilization Upgraders

Sloww Present Over Perfect Book Shauna Niequist

10 Interesting Facts About Earth

Planet Spin Directions

Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

The Six Reasons People Attempt Suicide

March 2016 Photo by: Photograph by Dan Winters; Nebula by Ash Thorp

With large oceans to the east and west, America's geography often allowed the United States

Viktor Frankl's Meaning-Seeking Model and Positive Psychology

Space-based imaging allowed for visual exploration of space as never before such as exploding

Let's take a look at a few examples of metaphors in poems, which will allow us to see why they lend themselves particularly well to this form of writing.

... hard the rest of the time for, not for your flatmates/family to take advantage of because they've chosen a job that doesn't allow them such flexibility.

An open Bible laying on a table.

Scan 25.jpeg

Space rockets

The Orion spacecraft

Photo by Maranatha Pizarras

Repair Robot — a big beautiful, and also very useful robot, not for the Man though. Repair robots diligently try to repair the remains of the liner, ...

Image of a sad woman who is feeling empty


To address the realities of our time, we need people who will Go Deep, Think Big, Get Real, and Step Up. To lead change you need a conscious mindset.

The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | And If You Need An Explanation: Manic Street Preachers interviewed

So here we got the Earth, the Moon, the dots of light and all that blackness.

How Frightened Should We Be of A.I.?

Siddhiprapti: How to Attain Love, Wisdom, Wealth, Happiness and Enlightenment with the Knowledge of the Ancient Hindu Scriptures eBook by Robin Sacredfire ...

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How to question your life so that the answers guide you

Will digital life be mostly helpful or mostly harmful to individuals' mental and physical well-being in the next decade?


9 Reasons It Is Not Crazy To Grieve A Celebrity Death - What's Your Grief

Inside the heliosphere, the solar system is partially protected from cosmic rays. (Walt Feimer/NASA GSFC's Conceptual Image Lab)

It creates civilizations of unending wonder, defies the odds of destructive despair and allows citizens of the world to move forward.


Michael: Would you like to tell us a bit about The Black Tent Temple Project? Is this a project that is still active for you?

1.) Allocate specific time slots for social media

Scientists Catch The Highest Energy Particles By Making Them Go Faster Than Light

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How to Continue Praying Even When You Don't Get What You Want

Saturn (NASA) 2


More than goals

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