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All before my feet hit the floor sarcastic dry wit Hiveswap

All before my feet hit the floor sarcastic dry wit Hiveswap


All before my feet hit the floor. 😂 *sarcastic dry wit*

20+ Funny Tumblr Posts A Day Keeps Depression Away (Episode #416) Writing

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My Beet OC draw by my babbu

25+ Hilarious Tumblr Posts You Should Not Miss


When I had a concussion all I remember is one of my best friends running over

15+ Super Funny Tumblr Posts To Make Your Day Awesome

About the friends who helped out: my guess is you are probably familiar with dril's twitter brand? A couple years ago we talked about working on this, ...

Huge thanks to the entire What Pumpkin Games team for all their hard work on this project. Everyone involved has much to be proud of.

24+ Delicious Tumblr Posts For Dinner

43 Memes That Are Too Funny To Handle


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2012 Calendar

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You can either get book 2 on its own, or in a nice funpak full of numerous books. There was briefly an offer for signed + stamped books, but those ran out ...

Characters / Hollow Knight

•Today i completed a project 20 minutes before the .

Every week we'll be revealing some new troll characters from Hiveswap until Act 2 is out. Follow the Troll Call here, and meet the first two here.

That was the best plot twist

My sweet lad Ahme, a teifling whose blinded by his own horns since birth, abandoned by his parents but raised by a coven of witches.

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My grandma does this You Funny, Funny Pins, Funny Cute, Current Mood Meme

{Iᔕ ᗪᖇIᑎKIᑎG...} • • • [TG: the more i

This one by Zack is extra dope, let's call it a "Hussie Pick". That means every single copy sold is GUARANTEED to have been breathed on by a horse.

+ Good Night + * • . •I am a little concerned .

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/20 Aug 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Been that since the placenta,to pajamas with footies,NOW and until the beyond.

Let's find these guys a good home! I designed them last year but lost connection

First, We Love Fine has released a series of cool shirts based on art from the Collide animation.

'I'm not the only one' by Zhang Ahuei (2014)

Word of the day : Mirthful #smartwizards #smartwizardsvocabulary #mirthful #joyful #cheerful

MaDe By @im_awkward_you_know Do YoUr ThInG aNd AlL aNd Go FoLlOw A fElLoW wIcKeD mOtHeRfUcKeR

My 977 days held hostage by Somali pirates | Michael Scott Moore | World news | The Guardian

80's Duet

Below are some aesthetics for Seven. Incase you need some inspiration.

Writing Crew:

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/20 Aug 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Good Afternoon • . •I am sorry for not posting neither being active .

Pictured above: Bear With Me

Ronnie · Hiveswap Ocs

I picture that is her bodytype and general structure, but with a light tan on her skin and freckles patching her cheeks and shoulders ...

More fantastic music by many familiar names who have contributed to the comic over the years. Thanks to all who came together to ...

Just found this on r/Homestuck. - - - - - - - -


... 1995) was a @mlb player who died of AIDS in San Leandro, California. He was 42 years old. . Burke who played for the @dodgers and @athletics was ...

I've been binge watching buzzfeed unsolved and this is all I can think about.

Funny pictures about Loki And Thor Are Stressing Over What? Oh, and cool pics about Loki And Thor Are Stressing Over What? Also, Loki And Thor Are Stressing ...

Seller Ratings help merchants differentiate their ads across Google and Google Shopping

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/20 Aug 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia




+ * Good Morning * + • . •I am sorry for not .

Here's another huge deal announcement. A "bomb shell", you could say. The zodiac has officially been extended to include 288 signs, instead of the meager ...

My girl Paavu, a goliath bard who's super charming and kind, besties with @zenyattaslaugh's Nessie. She likes flirting for fun but loves her dwarven ...

Crafted by the Aesthetic Majesty

Ok i know what i said in my other post but please please PLEASE for the love of god don't use Cherubplay for homestuck rp #homestuck #homestuckepilogues ...

OR HECK let's be less goth: Makaya McCraven has a new track that I honestly think I wish accompanied me whenever I walked anywhere:

Funny People Slipping On Ice Compilation

Pictured above: She Remembered Caterpillars

There's also a sale going on at the What Pumpkin store.

OPEN TAVRIS RP 🌼 I like this one. Ive never written as Vriska or Tavros


•I feel cute today. It rarely happens. I have been digging so much into history and sometimes i really ask myself if all ...

Open roleplay- Karkat or Eridan. - - Read my rules- - Swipe-


it was wonderful, hilarious, terrifying, gut-wrenching. i could talk forever about it but here was a thing i wrote about the final "segment" if you will

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I don't like taking naps throughout the day because not only my energy restores and i ...

Pidge had a whole other identity that she initially hid from the team, which included a different appearance and name. This other side of her was different ...

Drawn by the Amazing Skencil

I'm going to just list BETA characters right now, might add alpha guys

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/20 Aug 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It be like that sometimes too . . . . . . #Funny #humorous


... #herbalsoup #herbalsupplements #hivpositive #hiv #hiveswap #hivaids #hivprevention #aids #aidsawareness #aidslifecycle #aidswalk #aidswalk #aidsmemorial ...


A fantroll who's missing a crucial part of a troll.

This is short simple and sweet, so don't expect anything more or anything less! :) Yes, this does deal with murder. have fun. ...

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Binge-watched ...

Good Afternoon • . •Today has been a chill day. Though,

[cr: talkiss on Tumblr] #

You eat with your eyes before your mouth!


Hey! Hey! Did you read the title (I wrote that earlier than 3am. 12am this time around.) Anyways I'm open for requests for quick doodles.


Alpha kid logos on white shirts! (Perhaps better suited for your cosplay dreams??)