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Ah the moon tonight I watched it rise behind the mountains and

Ah the moon tonight I watched it rise behind the mountains and


Ah the moon tonight! I watched it rise behind the mountains and light up the clouds around it. Always so magical, always leaves me breathless.

One of the first words I learned how to say was, “Moon.” All of my life, I have been fascinated by our natural satellite and I have been photographing it ...

Eclipse 2019 LIVE updates: Lunar eclipse stargazers gather as Blood Moon RISES

The blood moon blazes in Miami, Florida (Image: AFP/GETTY)

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Century's longest lunar eclipse July 27. Posted by Bruce McClure in Tonight ...

Eclipse 2019 LIVE: Lunar eclipse updates blood moon watch latest pictures tonight | Science | News | Express.co.uk

The partial eclipse phase of a total lunar eclipse, as seen on July 27,

The following film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. If you're a horror movie fan; watch it on a larger screen, turn up the volume, ...

Super blood wolf moon January 2019: How to see the lunar eclipse | abc13.com

Eclipse 2019: Can you look at a lunar eclipse? Will a Blood Moon blind you?

The sun may get all the attention, but our lunar lodestar helps creatures navigate the swells and tides of ocean life. (Balazs Kovacs / Alamy )

Blood Moon 2018: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century Occurs July 27


Sol&Lua_Natureza: Foto. Good Night MoonFull ...

A Tale of Two Moons: Peter Lik's Photographs Called Out by Science

The major craters of the moon and its maria are labeled in this amazing lunar map created by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

blood moon

The moon illusion: why the moon looks so weirdly huge right near the horizon

Blood Moon glows in Brussels (Image: EPA)

Carlos ...

The waning crescent moon and Venus as captured by the Paranal Observatory in Chile on May

Total lunar eclipse LIVE pictures: How to watch Super Blood Wolf Moon

A Perseid meteor seen against a starry sky at dusk. David Nunuk/Getty Images/Science

Lunar Eclipse July 2018: Peak Times To See The Blood Moon In Cities Across The World

Full moon is the best time to notice Earth's shadow rising in the eastern sky. It's the gray band that comes up along with the moon.

A total lunar eclipse in Berlin.

Aug 21, 2017 eclipse, madras oregon

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Earthgrazers are best seen in the evening hours. Watch for them during this week's Geminid meteor ...

Snow Moon Supermoon Shines A Bright Light Tonight

The mission that changed everything

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Green moon on April 20, 2018? Nah

The moon rises over a fog bank, in Kneeland, California. Fujifilm X-T1; Fujifilm 35mm f/1.4 lens (52mm, 35mm equivalent); f/5.6, 8.5 sec., ISO 200

Harvest Moon of Sept. 11, 2011

Full Snow Moon - OFA

Composition illustrating the progression of the shadow of the earth on the moon during the lunar

Pink Moon 2019: The April Full Moon at night

This is Al-Urjuun al-qadiim from Assalaam Observatory, Sukoharjo Surakarta Central Java Indonesia. Click on the photo to see full size.

Perseids about to peak!


On right is the waning (old) Crescent Moon (End of Sha'ban 1440 AH), May 3, 2019 (Photo on the right is provided by MCW member Mr Irshad Sait from Ernakulam ...

Eclipse 2019: Full moon rises behind snow-covered mountains in Hakkari province of Turkey (Image: GETTY)

The Mystical Properties of the Full Moon Cycle


Moon and Mars rising over the hills of the English Lake District on July 1, 2018, via Adrian Strand. In this photo, Mars is in the 5 o'clock position with ...

Think of a trek, for 5 kms, across the mountains, at the night, during the full moon, walking amidst the clouds, with a gentle breeze, just to watch a ...

Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon


In this astronaut photo, taken from the International Space Station on June 30, 2018, Mars has been highlighted and enlarged 20 times.

Benjamin Dean Lecture Series CTA

Super moon 2016 ...

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The Milky Way above Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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Reminds me of watching the moon rise in Yoesemite. I wish it had been a

This month we will look at an interesting valley in the Moon's south-east quadrant, the Rheita Valley, or to give it its proper name, Vallis Rheita.

IMGP8189 copy

Moonlit night in July, 2018, over South Korea's Mount Seoraksan – with Mars and a meteor – by Kang Min Lee. Mars is the brightest starlike object in the ...

Everything you need to know about the 'blood moon' apocalypse debate - The Washington Post

epaselect epa07452298 A view of the full moon over Mount Pico Sacro, just outside Santiago

The crescent moon is difficult to photograph due to the smaller reflecting visible surface area of the satellite. Two things are working in the ...


On the left, the light from the Earth dimly lights up most of the Moon. Along the the right edge of the Moon where it is very bright is the light from the ...

tumblr_m7hpjb0g7i1qkmbago1_400.jpg (261×565) Goodnight Beautiful Quotes, Goodnight Moon Quotes,

Confused about the 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' that's coming soon? Here's your guide

beautiful golden moon greets cold and silent night = awe and beauty.

Six unmissable celestial events of 2019, from 'kissing' planets to incredible solar and lunar eclipses | South China Morning Post


When (if) we go back to the Moon we need some rules on behaviour.

The blood moon part happens when the bright moon creeps directly through the Earth's shadow, causing it to turn to gold, copper or even a dark red.

Full Strawberry Moon - OFA

Be flexible with your lunar compositions. Up and down on Earth does not have to match up and down on the moon. This horizontal waxing gibbous reminds me of ...

watch the moon rise out of the mountains while you have dinner!

Full Buck Moon - OFA

Here's the Earth coming up. Wow, is that pretty!” astronaut William A. Anders said on Dec. 24, 1968, as he, Frank Borman and James A. Lovell ...

sabellerena: “Moon” Phases II

Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria

Geminid meteors peak this week. Posted by EarthSky in Tonight ...

Solar system showing relative size of (but not distance between) planets.

The full moon rises over the San Diego skyline. Nikon D300; Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 lens @ 112mm (168mm, 35mm equivalent); f/5.6, 1/90-second, ISO 200

In the Shadow of the Moon cover art

On right is the waning (old) crescent moon Sha'ban 1440 on May 4, 2019. Photo taken by MCW member Mr AR Sugeng Riyadi. This is Al-Urjuun al-qadiim from ...


full moon

But there are tons of other possible explanations for the illusion. moon illusion

Moonrise over Ensenada, Mexico, at the end of the Newport-Ensenada sailboat race. The full moon rose the next night. Nikon D1x; Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens ...

Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria: Digital Photography Review

Allow your eyes about 15 minutes to become dark-adapted, a little longer if you have been watching television. Small binoculars can provide some amazing ...

Cold weather is the best time to look at—and photograph—the night sky

What if the Earth had Two Moons?

PHOTO: A multi-exposure image of a blood and supermoon is seen across Canada

The Milky Way and moon illuminate a lone tree in the Atacama Desert, Chile. (© Nicholas Buer/Corbis)