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After Willies death Lincoln Mary LincolnLifeFamily t

After Willies death Lincoln Mary LincolnLifeFamily t


Mary Todd Lincoln in mourning dress following the death of her son Willie in February, 1862.

Widow Mary Lincoln- after Willie's death. Even in mourning, she was still wearing such a stylin' bonnet... :*(

Photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln with her two youngest sons Willie and Tad. (c. 1860). *s*

The Lincoln family. From left to right: Mary Todd Lincoln, Robert Lincoln,

There is, perhaps, no First Lady more misunderstood than Mary Todd Lincoln. Her life was tragic from beginning to end, filled with loss, public criticism, ...

Mary Lincoln in mourning attire, 1865

Lincoln Family in 1861

The Life Of Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Lincoln~~Lived from 1818 to 1882~~Bore 4 children, 2 passed away while she lived.

Mary Todd Lincoln: History's Most Misunderstood First Lady

William Wallace Lincoln

“Lincoln Family” oil on canvas and engraving Francis Becknell Carpenter

Abraham Lincoln with his youngest son, Tad who survived his father, but only for six years, dying at the age of eighteen in 1871, probably of pneumonia upon ...

Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln in 1846, four years after marrying

Willie Lincoln's death: A private agony for a president facing a nation of pain - The Washington Post

Frida Kahlo may have approved of the fluffy dresses and floral head bling.

Family: William Wallace Lincoln (1850-1862)

“Crazy” Mary Todd, and other historical myths.

Photograph of Mary Lincoln, taken by Matthew Brady in 1861

*MARY TODD LINCOLN ~ as a young girl, c. 1835

Lincoln Family Portrait: This illustration shows Abraham Lincoln with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln and their three sons - Willie (seated), Robert, ...

Edward Baker Lincoln

Then in January 1865, Lincoln was able to convince Mary to allow Robert to serve on Gen. U.S. Grant's staff—a position that was safer than serving in the ...

Mary Todd Lincoln

After the Battle of Ball's Bluff, Willie composed a remarkably mature poetic tribute to family friend Edward Dickinson Baker, who lost his life there.

Lincoln family portrait

The cracked-plate portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner, 1865, albumen silver print (NPG)

Toward the end of Steven Spielberg's “Lincoln,” Mary Todd Lincoln tells her husband that if people want to understand him, they'll have to understand her, ...

For some reason, Mary Todd Lincoln has been resurfacing this past month in a variety of connections. I had begun writing a musical on Miss Todd in 1986, ...

Abraham Lincoln, February 5, 1865. He would live less than 3 more months

Robert Todd Lincoln

The Mortal Presidency

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders review – agile tale of loss and resistance

Lincoln Family by Andrew O'Connor. Library of Congress image.

Mary Ann Todd

Mary Edwards Brown grandmother. Elizabeth never swerved in her sister's loyalty, repaid her trust and never attempted a sale of relics ...

Mary Todd Lincoln Biography, Mary Todd, US First Lady, First Lady of the

Robert Lincoln's kids

Civil War Women – Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Lincoln

This vision of middle-class domesticity would have taken place during the family's first year in the White House, before Willie's death in February 1862.

Robert Todd Lincoln at 21, about the time of the assassination of his father. Robert would be the only Lincoln child to survive into adulthood, ...

Abe Lincoln with His Son Tad (Illustration) Famous People Tragedies and Triumphs American Presidents

Tragic death: a portrait of Abraham Lincoln by George Healy that hangs in the White

Your Turn: The very disturbed Mary Todd Lincoln | Letters to the Editor | napavalleyregister.com

because ...

Mary Todd Lincoln around 1846

picture of Mary Todd Lincoln. An out of focus out door (ie non-studio) photograph.

Willie was the Lincolns' third son. Was he extra special to them, in some ways, because of the timing of his birth? He was born in 1850, less than a year ...

William Wallace Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln reads scriptures with Tad and Mary

... Mary Todd Lincoln House. More People

... wore it better

William H. Mumler took this photo of Mary Todd Lincoln somewhere around 1869. He claimed to be able to photograph 'spirits'. This was his masterpiece.

Death of a president. Abraham Lincoln ...

Biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, Troubled First Lady

Mary Todd Lincoln

One of the Most Decorated Veterans of All Time: David H. Hackworth

Mary Todd Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's Classroom

After Willie's death

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William Henry Harrison on his death bed, surrounded by family and aides

The Lincoln Family Album: Mark E. Neely Jr., Harold Holzer: 9780809327133: Amazon.com: Books

... light on Mary Todd Lincoln's life and her experience living as an addict during a time when addiction was both misunderstood and stigmatized in women.

The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary

These latest developments again failed to alter Mary Lincoln's resolve. Upon learning of this most recent scheme, Robert once more clarified he and his ...

Elizabeth Keckley, former slave who bought her freedom and worked her way up to seamstress


After Lincoln's marriage to Mary Todd (#2 in the image at right) in 1842, the couple settled down to start their own family. They would have four sons.

A mezzotint print of the Lincoln family produced by New York engraver John Chester Buttre in

Mary Todd Lincoln.jpg

Abraham Lincoln: Conversations with the Dead

Clara Harris photographed by Mathew Brady, ca. 1860-68.

Mary Todd Lincoln's Dressmaker, a Former Slave, Became a Lincoln Family Friend

Middle aged clean shaven Lincoln from the hips up.

In her bereavement, Mary sought comfort in the Spiritualist idea of “lifting a very slight veil” to contact her husband and sons. In 1872 she traveled first ...

... who warned Abraham Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth's drinking buddy, Mary Lincoln was visited by a succession of “spirit ministers” after Willie's death, ...

Mary's dependence on spiritualists naturally intensified following her husband's assassination. After moving to Chicago with her son Tad, who died six years ...

The comfort of Lincoln as imperfect father

The Lincoln Family Album: Amazon.co.uk: Mark E. Neely, Harold Holzer: 9780809327133: Books

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream in Springfield

Abraham Lincoln

The Mortal Presidency Exhibition