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Accident American A321 at New York on Apr 10th 2019 wingtip strike

Accident American A321 at New York on Apr 10th 2019 wingtip strike


Passenger photo of the wing tip (Photo: Jeff)

Passenger photo of part of the runway sign embedded into the wing (Photo: Elizabeth

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

American Airlines flight to LA hits a SIGN at JFK during take off - damaging a wing

Some pictures from social media:

American N280AY ...

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American A321 First Class – 3

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American Airlines flight returns to JFK Airport after clipping wing, experiencing computer issues | abc7ny.com

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In new blow, Boeing defeats Airbus at American, sources say; AA says 'no decision yet'

American Airlines flight was 'close as anybody would want to come to crashing,' report says - FliegerFaust

American N833AW ...

Accident: Jazz DH8C at Toronto on May 10th 2019, fuel truck ran into aircraft

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American Airlines flight could've ended in disaster after wing scraped ground | Daily Mail Online

My heart goes out to the family members of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. Here are my thoughts as someone concerned with aviation safety.

The accident aircraft

An embarrassing and potentially dangerous incident (its official classification) in Dubai is a reminder that aviation safety extends to when the aircraft is ...

Airbus A-321 / N180US by Benson!! (license CC by-nd)

Photo of le dommage:

AeroMexico Connect to operate from las Vegas to Puerto Penasco and Hermosillo

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The me-too that grew

'Miracle on the Hudson' 10th anniversary: Preventing another emergency | CNN Travel

New post: "INCIDENT American Airlines #AA300 returned to JFK after hitting a sign

APG 373 – CTOTs, TTATs, and TaTAs

Alaska Airlines Flight 51 to Seattle Diverted Due to Odor Sickening Passengers and Crew

Like every museum in Washington, DC admission is free. Definitely worth a visit!

Miami Air Boeing 737 800 Jacksonville 300x200 - Former Transport official compares Jacksonville Boeing 737 accident

ground tracks reveal the aircraft was dragging its left wing tip for quite some distance on the ground, the ground tracks even suggest the aircraft came ...

Event Type: INCIDENT Highest Injury: UNKNOWN Aircraft Missing: No Damage: UNKNOWN Activity: COMMERCIAL Flight Phase: APPROACH (APR) Operation: 121

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Airbus vs Boeing: the big question

Air ...

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German Special Air Mission Airbus A340 Konrad Adenauer (picture-alliance/dpa/K

Could American Airlines Flight Attendants Go on Strike? Union Puts Members on “High Alert” Over Dispute with Airline

The National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday that it is investigating the incident with help from

American Airlines Flight Attendants Revive 25-Year-Old Strike With Protest | Travel Noire | Bloglovin'

The KLM 747.

FAST #63 / April 2019

Icelandair is one of the few 757 operators outside the U.S.

... [2:58:10] Mike – Slosh Kosh – Already Taken…

Miami Air Flight 293.

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

Report: Crew in Saab 340B runway excursion accident failed to use rudder on takeoff http

What to expect on “Victorday”

A series of American Eagle tails dot the G concourse at Chicago O'Hare International Airport in April 2016.

Aviation revolutions on the horizon

The Netherlands – August 10, 2015: Arkia – Israeli Airlines Boeing 757-300 taxing on the Polderbaan runway to the main terminal of Amsterdam Schiphol ...

Ryanair to open base at Berlin Tegel Airport

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Air Canada Express will add new U.S. routes with regional jets. (Image: Air Canada/Skyregional)

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Israeli Passport Sticker Raises Eyebrows At Beirut Airport. April 17, 2019 ...

Air India Boeing 777 collides into JetBlue A320 at New York JFK airport

Even though there is not a single mechanical system left on the 737MAX that has anything identical to the original Boeing 737–100 series first launched in ...

BELLINGHAM, Washington - A small plane crashed during takeoff Monday morning at Bellingham International Airport, emergency officials said.

TEN YEARS OF THE SUPERJUMBO: 2017 marked 10 years since the first Airbus A380,

Manual Airbus A320


There has been a sharp rise in near-misses with aircraft since 2013

The Pan Am 747.

Celebrating 50 Years of Airbus Part 1: A300, A310, A320 Series & A340

In fact, in the latest US airline rankings, American came in above only Frontier, appalling for a carrier that considers themselves the premier airline in ...

From Little Old Logan, New Englanders Can Now Reach Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Beyond. UPDATE: April 23, 2019

With Alpha Echo back in London, Alpha Delta is about to depart for New York. (Richard Schuurman)

American N521UW ...

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Chinese airline Okay Airways buys five Boeing Dreamliners for US$1.4 billion | South China Morning Post

Ryanair B737 Bird strike

German military A321 plane (picture-alliance/dpa/B. von Jutrczenka)

#incident LATAM Brazil A321 at Brasilia on Feb 5th 2019, hail strike A LATAM

Airline News

The World's Greatest Civil Aircraft - Paul E. Eden by Captain Nemo - issuu

June 3, 2019. IAF AN-32 with 13 on board goes missing en route to air strip near China border. By Vishal Thapar

'Miracle on the Hudson' 10th anniversary: Preventing another emergency | CNN Travel

We'll find out a lot in due course.


Canberra T19 WH904, courtesy Newark Air Museum.

This uncertainty only reflects the distrust of the other regulators towards the FAA, to which they asked "many questions" and they wanted "clarifications" ...

A crew chief with the 124th Fighter Wing at Gowen Field works on an A-

What's wrong with U.S. airlines' economy class?