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Japan's Rice Farmers Fear Their Future Is Shrinking

Japan looks to foreign markets as domestic demand for rice wanes | South China Morning Post

Eternally mysterious Mount Fuji, as seen from Lake Kawaguchiko, remains a powerful force in Japanese culture and a must-do hike for truth-seekers despite ...

Farmer's friend: Nileworks Inc.'s automated drone flies over rice plants, spraying

Sharing a cup of Japanese tea with the world

Japan looks to foreign markets as domestic demand for rice wanes | South China Morning Post

A retired rice farmer in Yamagata in her greenhouse. Most of Japan's three million farmers are older than 60. Credit Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

In ...

Mochi on a tray

Natural disasters and poor farming practices lead to North Korea's worst yield in more than a decade

Japanese Woodblock Prints and Decorative Arts. Woodblock PrintContemporary ArtistsFieldsRiceArt ...

Farmers plant rice close to the Citarum River outside Muara Gembong, in Indonesia's West Java province, on Feb. 22. | REUTERS

In printmaker Hokusai's 1830s Fuji series, cranes wing toward the mountain. (Hokusai, katsushika (1760-1949) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images)

Rice growing in Hong Kong gets a fresh start in Lantau Island | South China Morning Post

A Generation in Japan Faces a Lonely DeathA Generation in Japan Faces a Lonely Death

Negotiators appear to be giving Japan's rice farmers short shrift. Rice via www.shutterstock.com

When I say Japanese ...

Preparing the rice to be pounded.

The Ainu, the Indigenous people of Japan, have fought Japanese domination for centuries.


Emperor Akihito harvests rice in the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (2006)

Shikoku, one of Japan's smallest and most serene islands: An insider's secret in the Inland Sea

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, full-colour ukiyo-e woodblock print, Hokusai, c. 1829–32

A sushi chef's dream rice: Satsuki rice, from Uruguay to L.A.

Farming Behind Barbed Wire: Japanese-Americans Remember WWII Incarceration

Anutari Ainu, which translates to “we humans,” launched in June 1973.

Mochi on a tray

Oral history accounts of the Japanese ...

Rice cartoon 5 of 57

Japan's gods: More benevolent than fearsome


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Hamanaka II on Rebun Island is full of animal remains—sea mammals, deer,

Lunar festival calendar of Suye Mura, a village in southern Japan.

Jon Juarez

Debris left on a rice paddy by flood waters

Japanese sushi

japanese restaurant bowl of rice

Rice Harvesting, Yamagata Prefecture (1955), by Hiroshi Hamaya

Edo (Tokyo)

Hikers may find trinket sellers rather than tranquillity. Yet, says American mountaineer Richard Reay, Fuji enchants you, “even after 200 climbs.

'I hear they're getting five bucks for a box of Rice Krispies.' Artist:

CC via 2.0 // Flickr // Wayne Hsieh

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Economic development[edit]

The sacred mountain, source of spiritual and artistic inspiration, could erupt any time, geologists warn (view from Chureito Pagoda). (Gilles Mingasson)

This 1901 illustration shows an Ainu iyomante. The iyomante fascinated Japanese and Europeans alike.

Rice cartoon 10 of 57

Public notices such as these became commonplace during the Japanese Occupation. The first is an order to purchase rice supplies in rationed amounts only ...

2. rest period during work at rice transplanting

Kimiko Gunji shows off a page in her book, “The Art of Wagashi”

Here, rather than looking at the nutritional value of the individual ingredients of the Japanese diet, we'll be looking at the health benefits of the ...

"The Rice Field," Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, from Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. Photo: ANZAI

Japan's wagyu beef farmers look to conquer the world after Hong Kong success | South China Morning Post

Japanese sushi

Danchi highlight Japan's complex interculturalism

Spring, 2017 by The American School in Japan - issuu

Part of what I know about Japanese is to see my maternal grandparents, who were born in Japan. I believe that the difficulties of immigrant life tend to ...

Input – yield relationship in traditional rice farming (maha 2007/08)


1, Preparing a rice field for planting

A bear's head carved from sea mammal bone was found by a volunteer on the first

Tanzaku hung on bamboo

'I told you to keep the rice in a plastic bag.' Artist:

California Roll カリフォルニアロール

Consolidation of the shogunate[edit]

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The Honorable Death: Samurai and Suicide in Feudal Japan | Ancient Origins

November 2013: fires in Punjab (top left) sends a huge smoke plume towards Delhi (bottom right).

9. Hamaya Hiroshi, Dressing Room at Kagetsu Gekijo, Asakusa, © Katano Keisuke

Planting a rice paddy by Mount Fuji

After viewing the sunrise, hikers led by a guide descend the 3.7-mile Yoshida Trail, the most popular route. (Gilles Mingasson)

japanese sushi

Sirakawa, Hida,Japan Hokkaido, Beautiful World, Japanese Nature, Japanese Landscape,

... 197879 004 Fded8 D7 D ...

Rice cartoon 6 of 57

Spiral Shore by Shiga Lieko, from the exhbition In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond

Tsuchigumo means “ground” or “earth” spider in Kabuki and Japanese mythology.

"Figurine ("Okimono") of a Dragon Emerging from Waves", Japan ca. 19th century

Crop performance 2007/08 maha season

Cally Steussy and Meriah Dainard clean animal bones recovered at the Hamanaka II site with toothbrushes

Yoshida Trail

"Back in the day they used to pant the rice by hand, but now. "

Shinichi Suzuki, photographer (Japanese, 1835 - 1919), Manuring a rice-field, Japanese, about 1873 - 1883, Hand-colored albumen silver print, ...

Curator Kitagawa Fram and installation art "The Lighthouses - 3.11 Project" by Tsubasa Kato.

Delta Region, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan (1963), by

Japan's Emperor Akihito (L) and Empress Michiko walk among cherry blossom in Tokyo (


The ageing survivors deserve a sincere apology from the Japanese government before they die. Time

How to fix India's burning issue: turn unwanted straw into bioenergy pellets