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5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Stressed Child Parenting

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Stressed Child Parenting


19 things you should never say to kids

Hope my mom and I hope my dad. Will figure out why they get so mad. Hear them scream, I hear them fight. Say bad words that make me want to cry

10 Things Never to Say to Your Anxious Child

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8 Things a Parent Should Never Say to Their Child

I wanted to sleep with a bat under my pillow. It was plastic; nonetheless, it was a weapon. I was 5 years old, and I firmly believed that each night when I ...

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Discipline: 5 Dos and Don'ts When Your Kids Won't Listen. Tips for mastering this key parenting skill

Every single parent gets mad at their kids from

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sick child outdated life lessons

We got involved because their daughter set a school bus on fire (long story) and so she was on supervised probation with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

facts about foster care adoption. Say What!

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'You are a bad boy/girl' Never feed your child ...

A toddler cries during a tantrum.

Love and regret: mothers who wish they'd never had children

Does your child seem to spend more time worrying about homework than actually doing it? Homework anxiety isn't unusual, and it isn't necessarily bad.

Toddler Development Parenting Tips 18 Months – 3 Years_mini When a child ...

I believe that if you're going to invest your time and money in reading a parenting book, it should leave you feeling better than you did before — but not ...

7 Parenting Tips for Managing the Meltdowns of Easily Distressed Children

Resilience in Children: Strategies to Strengthen Your Kids

Mother teaching daughter

I Took A Seminar To Stop Yelling At My Kids

A little girl with arguing parents

Some babies cry more than others for reasons we don't fully understand. This doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong as a parent or that your baby ...

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When They're Grown, the Real Pain Begins

Parenting Tips for Creating a Strong Attachment Relationship with Your Newborn. Cute baby

5. I want to share real parenting experiences—problems and solutions—with other dads.

Parenting & Family Articles & More

A child pushes a stroller down a street.

Discipline Solution

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Most toddlers go through a phase of rejecting their fathers

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Illustration for article titled 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Parent

Psychology Today. Find a Therapist

5. 'Don't talk to me' Never ban the channel of communication between you and your child.

Communication tips for parents. Parenting ...

At a Glance

Being Naked Around Your Kids

5 mistakes I made when I had my second child, and how to avoid them

Does any of this sound like your child or teen?

Are you Teaching your Toddler Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

9 things to say to your kids

Have children? Here's how kids ruin your romantic relationship. May 5 ...

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Is sharing residency better for children's mental health?

Twins have a tantrum

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Kid experiencing parents fighting

Early warning signs of anxiety can be seen in toddlers - if you know what to

Estranged mom looking out window thinking of her child

It's no secret that hearing our kids cry makes us uncomfortable. Just think about how anxious you feel when your little one tears up without an obvious ...

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positive parenting phrases for when your child is upset

Many years of research and experience as a psychologist have shown me how misleading this notion is, even as experiments like the famous “marshmallow test” ...

15 Truths Of Parenting Special Needs Kids

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Ask any parent whether she wants her child to be an aggressive person and you are likely to get more than one answer. After all, aggression is associated ...

Helping Children Deal with Change and Stress. Parent's ...

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ODD Treatment and Strategies

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Do you frequently yell at your kids? That can change today!

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How to Stay Calm and Destress as a Single Father

'We recognise anxiety more than we used to,' says child psychologist, Dr Mike Shooter

64 positive things to say to your kids to encourage them. This is an awesome list for parents to keep handy!

When it comes to talking to your children, Jordan stresses how important it is to know how to talk to them.