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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet Cat Care

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet Cat Care


6 Tips for Determining Your Cat's Age

cute-3228808_1920. Most pet owners consider ...

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5 Ways to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

Don't Ever Do These Things to Your Cat

For a female, to avoid her first heat, you should spay at 5 to 6 months of age. Your veterinarian will tell you when your cat is ready for this ...

cat lying on a window sill

Long-haired mother cat sleeps with her paw around a newborn kitten.

Kitten at the vet

The Annual Cost Of Pet Ownership: Can You Afford A Furry Friend?

A kitten on a bed with a blanket

How to Help a Cat Adjust to a New Home | Cat Care

Decode Your Cat's Behavior: 17 Things Your Cat Would Love to Tell You

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but one of the best ways of coping is to own a pet. Cats have been shown to help people get over their loss more ...

A scared cat or kitten hiding under a chair or table.

How to transition your cat from indoor to outdoor – Perfect Fit

How to Make Your Cat Happy

How to Train a Cat to Come When Called | Cat Care

Why Your Cat Thinks You're a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

Taking Good Care Of Your Cat. Image titled Make Your Cat Happy Step 1

Cats have a third eyelid.

How to tell if your cat is pregnant: 5 tell-tale signs

How to Pet or Massage Your Cat | Cat Care


Getting a new kitten is a very special experience with lots of joy, warmth and laughter. There is a reason why the internet is so full of kitten and cat ...

Why Cats Are Best Pets - 15 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

An adult Bengal with the well-known and popular rosette coat patterning.

4 Things You Need to Know About Pet Hedgehogs Before Adopting One

Erin McCarthy

The face of a liar.

8 things to know before getting a pet rabbit

How many litter boxes should your home have? a

A cat at the Super Cat Show 2014 in Rome. (Giorgio Cosulich/Getty)

Determining Your Cat's Age

15 Things you didn't know about the Bengal cat

Cats recognise their owners' voices but never evolved to care, says study

General Cat Care

The Special Needs of the Senior Cat

11 Things to Know About the Munchkin Cat

Our Animal Care Team have these tips about providing care for our older feline friends. What exactly IS a senior cat?

How to Find a Lost Cat

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive? 5 Things You Must Know

You've made the effort to bring your furry friend in for their annual veterinary check-up; GOOD WORK!! Regular preventive care can go a long way towards ...


How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, along with its coalition partners, has made great strides in saving the lives of cats in our community.

Pete Wedderburn advises on what to ask and think about before buying a puppy Credit: Andrew Crowley

Photo: Virginia Saul

Tips for the First 30 Days of Cat Adoption

I am cat … let me scratch

Adult Cat Adoption Fee Waived

Petting a playful kitten

Is It Better to Have Two Cats (or More!)?

General Cat Care

adopt persian kitten e-book ...

Caring for your cat - keeping indoor cats happy

Dog Adoption by the Numbers

Questions To Ask - What would your perfect day be like

People Are Sharing The Sweet Yet Annoying Things Their Pets Do, And It's Almost Too

Woman kissing a cat

... cat, it will disappoint everyone and make things harder for the cat. Sit down with your family and make sure you are all in agreement on what to expect.

If you have ever owned an orange cat, you know they are special. Their mischievous ways and good looks are a recipe for greatness.

Do you know that cats' characters can change? Find out more from Dave about his two cuddly cats whose personalities vary with the countries they live in.

General Cat Care


The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box (But We Don't Recommend It)

There are so many things to consider when getting a new dog.

How to pick up a cat like a pro - Vet advice on cat handling.

Dogs Killed, Injured at PetSmart and Petco Stores—Don't Let Your Companion Be Next

7 Signs Your Cat May Need a Feline Companion

Cat and Dog Bites

Getty Image/anniepaddington

Small calico kitten crouches beneach a wicker chair.

Life expectancy depends on many things, including one important factor - whether your cat is an indoor-only cat or an outdoor cat.

The importance of vaccinations to the overall health and longevity of your cat cannot be understated. Cat vaccines are medically and scientifically proven ...

cat and dog together