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4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now My Equestrian Blog Horses

4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now My Equestrian Blog Horses


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4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now | Gambler time | Horses, Horse training tips, Ranch riding

jonathan field natural horsemanship horse tarp training natural horsemanship equine tarp training

4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now

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4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now | Pretty horses | Horse training tips, Horses, Horse training

Photo 1: At a trot along your arena's fence, slide one hand down the

4 Things To Teach A Pushy Horse Now

Many horses offer healing and comfort, often in surprising ways. As equine-assisted coaches, Paula Karen and I partner with horses to help people heal and ...

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“When I work a horse on the ground I put a rope halter and 14. “

Leading a horse

jonathan field natural horsemanship horse tarp training natural horsemanship equine tarp training

4 Reasons You Should NOT Ride in a Saddle Everyday

This is Royal Alyance, by Riverman son Royal Appearance out of My Martina (a

How can you stop your horse from doing that annoying habit of swinging their hind-end away from you just as you go to get on (particularly when you are ...

Overcoming Forward Issues By Ian Leighton

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... accept a stroke over the eye whilst standing still. Doing this every time you get on will stop your horse from anticipating being asked to move forward.

4 Reasons You Should NOT Ride in a Saddle Everyday

Riding student, Emma Hull, prepares for her lesson on Rising Hope Equestrian Center's pony

Life lessons from my horse whisperer

Can Learning Theory Lower Equine Vets' Injury Risk?

Good horse…Pushy pony

Build Your Horse's Confidence with jonathan field, natural horsemanship, exercises with horses, jonathan

Riding a self-going horse—one who's responsive to your lightest aids—is

He would push you over, drag you around, pull the reins out of your hands… But what was driving this pushiness? Most trainers would tell you it stemmed from ...

Napping and other equine behavioural problems might need a change of attitude - yours! by Ben Hart

Horse Walker for Equestrian Exercises | The Varieties of Horse Walkers # horses #equestrian Horse

Audree Taylor, 11 years old, Skinner Performance Horses

How Can I Teach My Horse to Stand Still at the Mounting Block?

The Goal:

Learning the body language of horses takes time. As you work with your horse, observe how his postures and expressions change as he interacts with you as ...

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Q: Are you looking for positive training advice that is practical and gives you actionable steps for your horse?

Watching Tricia work with PJ today on his fear of tarps yesterday made me think about more about fear and how similar that emotion is for horses and for ...

I'm now officially calling this my Loudmouth Party-Pooper Series. Today I'm writing about love and happiness, for horses, not us.

The single most important thing you can do for your horse and your relationship with your horse is to gain his trust. To have him say I trust you.


The Psychology of Horses

In gearing up for the exciting release of the Rodeo Buddy Pro app, Cristy Duce shares the inspiration behind the technology.

Guest Blog: Trainer Serena Heppes

... these things when the words and courage have escaped me. I hope that sharing my journey will help someone else who may be struggling not feel so alone.

Cushing's, Case by Case

Stay tuned for updates! Lots of new things have happened since you heard from us last! We have moved to a new location and we have all new barns.

... with this type of behavior, there are some underlying issues that can make training more difficult as well. For example, a horse with few ground manners ...

Following & Allowing in Your Riding

equine-therapy. With bulk and bite, the dominant horse now runs the others off. There is room in the bucket for his head alone. Some in the herd keep trying ...

This is my fence panel. I lost count of the other's just like it, eight, I think. I find them this way, the top rail bent practically in half, ...

How to Teach Your Horse to Stop Biting

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Five Benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Horse Training: Stopping Your Horse from Grabbing Grass ~ Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship

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Horse Care

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How & why to yield your horses forequarters

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The Big Red Button

Blog. Milestone Equestrian

Riding On A Horse Named Ego: A story about how people fail horses because of pride

Most recent show run down!

So you know what you are embodying! natilla 4. Depending on the horse ...

Attack Of The Bubble Machine - A Real Life Story Of Drama & Rodeo In

Teaching Ground Manners

Ask Clinton: Older Horse Expectations

Horse waiting for new horseshoes at Ropes Ranch


HippoLogic online clicker training academy

Training Days: UF Equestrian Alumna's Three Daughters Follow in Her Footsteps


A certain horse I own, Patsy, has taught me so much humility. Just last weekend, we smoked a run–it was one of the nicest runs we've ever made.

Jason Webb's blog: Riders, don't hang on to your horses!

Bec Jordan, Queensland, Australia, is one of Australia's finest Liberty Horse Trainers! She began studying with Ruella Yates, founder of Liberty Foundations ...

Diamond's Peppy, a 4-year-old Hanoverian stallion owned by Theo Binder,

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Once upon a time the weather was lovely. By this, I mean last weekend, when I was massaging people and horses outdoors (well the people were in a tent) and ...

You need to make sure that your horse is desensitised and is not over-reacting to the movements and noises associated with mounting.

All the animals at the NAC are a working model of what we teach

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31 Things To Do With Your Horse (other than riding) | Horse Tricks 101

Learn The Skills, Strategies & Tools You Need To Have A Dream Life With Your Horse!

A 'halt' signal without pulling on the halter: hold the rope straight up into the air and jiggle it lightly.


The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps: Sean Patrick, Dr. Robert M. Miller: 9781570764196: ...

What is Thrush?

And What Is 'Real' Dressage? By Karen Rohlf

Until then, happy horse training.

I have just spent almost a month with Kathleen Lindley Beckham, her husband Glen and her student Katie, working together with a wonderful collection of ...

Obviously people don't want to miss important shows and events – and the fact that social media has been deluged with information on what we can do to keep ...

This exercise is ideal for fencework beginners and experienced riders and horses. Slowing things down

10 Simple Tricks You Should Teach Your Horse

Prevent Your Horse from Becoming 'Treat Crazy' With this Simple Solution | HippoLogic

A bit more inspiration for you in regards to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual “clutter”.