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1942 North Africa New Grant and Stuart tanks being unloaded onto a

1942 North Africa New Grant and Stuart tanks being unloaded onto a


1942, North Africa. New Grant and Stuart tanks being unloaded onto a "Z

The Commander in Chief, General Sir Claude Auchinleck, (farthest from the camera)

Newly-delivered Grant and Stuart tanks being spray painted shortly after their arrival in the

1942, North Africa. New Grant and Stuart tanks being unloaded onto a "Z" craft which will then take them ashore. | Medium Tank, M3 | Historical ...

Lt General Bernard Montgomery, GOC 8th Army, in front of his personal Grant tank

Grant tanks of 3rd Royal Tank Regiment in the Western Desert, 24 Mar 1942.

Tank crews receiving instruction on the Grant tank, 9 Sep 1942. IWM photo E

The British Army in North Africa A Stuart tank being unloaded from a ship at an Egyptian port, 19 July 1941.

Two Stuart tanks advancing in the Western Desert, 18 June

Grant tanks of 5th Royal Tank Regiment on the move in the Western Desert, 17

Grant tank advancing in the Western Desert, 18 June 1942.  IWM 

British 8th Army M4 Sherman Tanks Lined Up on Trailers in Western Desert 1942

A British M3 Grant tank passing the burning wreck of a German Panzer I. North…

A Grant tank of 'C' Squadron HQ, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 7th

A Stuart tank of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars on patrol in the Western Desert, 10 August 1942.

Royal Tank Regiment officers study a map before going into battle in their Grant tanks,

1942, El Alamein. Grant and Lee tanks (only difference are the pattern turrets

A Grant tank engaging a practice target in the Western Desert, 17 Feb 1942.

A9 CS Tank

Side-on view of a small tank

WWII, 1943 - This British tank crew just completed a successful drive on Tripoli, North Africa, 25 January 1943.

From North Africa to Sicily, Lieutenant Jim Craig led General George S. Patton, Jr.'s Provisional Tank Company.

A squat dark green tank in a museum, placed on a large green felt mat

Vanguard 23 british tanks in north africa 1940 1942

New Grant and Stuart tanks being unloaded from a ship onto a "Z" craft

Stuart tank

Early in the North African campaign, American tankers battled the Vichy French.

A Grant tank being taken to the forward areas on a Diamond T transporter, 13

Vanguard 23 british tanks in north africa 1940 1942


A disabled Sherman tank being unloaded from the back of a Scammell tank transporter, 13 August 1944.

A Grant tank being loaded with ammunition before going into battle in Libya, 4 Jun

The fall of Tobruk to Rommel's “Afrika Korps” Siege results in disaster for the

Tanks in the Spanish Army

Grant Tanks advancing through water.

Photo: Two Sherman M4 tanks moving toward the front.

M4A1(76) ...

News From the Front in North Africa - 1942: Aircraft and Armored Action (Restored Color)

Australian troops using captured Italian tanks

Photo: The U.S 90-mm. and the German 88-mm. antiaircraft

The defeat of the Afrika Korps at El Alamein initiated a long retreat and eventual surrender for Axis forces.

M4A1 battle of Keren, Tunisia

The high reliability distinguished the Stuart from Cruiser Tanks of the period, in particular the Crusader, which composed a large portion of the British ...

Type 95 Ha-Go light tank

M-3 Antitank Gun 37mm Towed.jpg


These flaws contributed to the tank's poor performance in its first use in combat, the disastrous Dieppe Raid in August, 1942.

A burning German tank marks the line of retreat from El Alamein.


M4 Sherman Tank Battle of Kasserine Pass Tunisia North Africa 1943

Photo: The Priest, a self-propelled howitzer, Egypt

... african_americans_wwii_030.jpg)


Crusader MKIII with 6 pdr gun ...

Lend-Lease tanks and aircrafts

A Stuart tank being refuelled from an RAF fuel bowser outside Sidi Barrani, 15 November 1942

A Stuart tank is silhouetted against the setting sun as its commander scans the horizon,

Japan's 2nd Tank Division was virtually annihilated during fighting in the Philippines in early 1945.

Endgame in North Africa: The Final Defeat of Rommel --Two Feature Films on One DVD

US / British turn 1: American tanks make their way to the bridge while British artillery opens up on the Axis defenses, taking out a German anti tank gun.

A World War II Tank Monument on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea -

Large 000001. '

Soviet tankmen of the 6th Armoured Division drive through the streets of Tabriz (2)

It served in the British Army in many roles such as a Cruiser Tank, ...

Vanguard 17 the stuart light tank series

... african_americans_wwii_014.jpg)

One of the prototype vehicles at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds - Photo: thearmoredpatrol.com

French tanks in North Africa? Yes! The Free French 12e Régiment de

M3 tanks on the railway near Murmansk

A Japanese medium tank lies knocked out and abandoned after a firefight in the Philippines.

Divisional Command Sherman V

Two knocked out M3 Grants in Soviet service. Despite their damage, these tanks would have been quickly recovered by either the Soviets or the Germans and ...


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Soviet heavy tank IS-2 used by the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps (První československý

A line of soldiers wearing slouch hats rest amongst tall grass on a slope overlooking a

The Black Panthers: A Story of Race, War, and Courage--the

This variant saw service with the British Army in Italy

Dargie noted, “Shortly after we had re-taken it [Halfaya Pass] from the Italians and Germans in January '42. Behind the knocked-out British tank can be seen ...

Heavy 8.8's range in and start shelling approaching US tanks and score a hit on an ...

Part VI: The Western campaign

M4A1 Sherman tank with cast hull 1942

An M3A1 Stuart light tank at the Museum of Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka,

Churchill's Irish Brigade fought in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy to prove their loyalty to king and country.

Vanguard 16 panzerkampfwagen iii

Valentine tanks in Iran during transit to Russia

Pin by The Nile Queen " on War Photos | Pinterest | Ww2 tanks, WW2 and Wwii

A knocked out Soviet M3 tank at Kursk. The Soviets built layers of defenses at Kursk designed to blunt the German offensive. They held their best units in ...

"A grave for seven brothers" or otherwise known as the Medium Tank M3.

( african_americans_wwii_033.jpg)

Sherman Flail or "Crab" tank, for clearing a path through minefields and barbed