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12 Amazing Artworks Made From Plastic Waste And Rubbish ancien

12 Amazing Artworks Made From Plastic Waste And Rubbish ancien



Bristol's whales sculpture is made of willow and 70000 plastic bottles


The colorful parrotfish sculpture is made entirely of ocean plastic trash.

The Washed Ashore project collected trash that has been removed from beaches through volunteer community cleanups. This trash is then washed, sorted, ...

In the "Waving Wall," designers and water crisis campaigners Bloo Nation


Throwaway culture has spread packaging waste worldwide: here's what to do about it

Volunteers cleaning general plastic waste along the shore in the Philippines, which is behind only

Editor's Picks: Art

Another great creation made from common plastic trash.

mixed paper

The man who paves India's roads with old plastic | World news | The Guardian

Plastic Waste in Kuta beach in Bali: At least 270,000 people die every year die from respiratory diseases related to burnt waste, while 8m tonnes of plastic ...


Plastic Pollution

Trash sculptures

AGARTALA, TRIPURA - FEBRUARY 21: Labours can be seen working in a plastic recycle


Robert Bradford creates these life-size and larger-than-life sculptures of humans and animals from discarded plastic items, mainly toys but also other ...

Got some old ball point pens lying around? Make a cool lamp out of them.

Why the world's recycling system stopped working

Students inspired to create art from recycled garbage

Skull Art Made from Recycled Metal


UK now exporting more waste to countries with highest levels of ocean plastic pollution | The Independent



Creator Of Floating Garbage Collector Struggling To Capture Plastic In Pacific

Rubbish collectors using heavy equipment to clear plastic rubbish on Bali's Kuta beach

Photo illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo.


Artist and photographer Mandy Barker has created a series of images, dubbed "SOUP

An interview with Swaantje Güntzel, the artist who throws plastic trash back into our faces – We Make Money Not Art

Biodegradable plastic 'false solution' for ocean waste problem

China's import ban on plastic waste pushes Japan and other rich nations to rethink trash options

The World's Recycling Is in Chaos. Here's What Has to Happen

An installation art of Mad crab created with waste plastics and similar non-biodegradable wastes at Fort Kochi.

This awesome piece was made from old soda cans and a hiking backpack frame. Great concept.

Plastic recycling

Close up of a recycle garbage bin logo at Pershing Square in Los Angeles, CA

Finding the best plastic bottle crafts has been so much fun because the crafts that I found are just beautiful. It's hard to believe that some of these ...

How to reuse plastic bag at home | Best out of waste | Artkala 344

A September 2008 photo released by the Ocean Conservancy on March 10, 2009, shows a trash-covered beach in Manilla, Philippines.

garbage patch. Humanity has manufactured a lot of plastic since the 1950s, and most of it ends up in landfills or nature.

Collecting Is a Great Way to Make ...

56 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles.🔴 You Got To Try These Before You Trash One More - YouTube

The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race

30 Crafty Ways To Repurpose Old Magazines And Turn That Trash Into Treasure

Cleaning up the plastic in the ocean

Made Out of WHAT has curated a selection of work from around the globe made out of consumer and industrial waste: proof positive that old street signs, ...

Sims's tipping floor in its new Brooklyn facilityDebra Winter

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Best Art Installations 2018 Art Installations

1000 Recycled Crafts Crafting with Recyclable Items

Recycling at Home: Wine Cork Art #winecorkart #upcycledart

1. Whimsical Spring Wreath

David Mach makes art from clothes hangers


A single discarded plastic water bottle on a sandy beach

Lamponi make some really cool lamps from trash. This one was an old steam iron.

How to eliminate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

World's first ocean plastic-cleaning machine set to tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch | The Independent

We Create Art to Save the Sea!!

To be disposed of, though, plastic waste must be collected. In Europe, America and other developed places, virtually all of it is.

Great Pacific garbage patch $20m cleanup fails to collect plastic


chicken eggshells

Artwork made from plastic waste by supporters in Fareham

The environmentThe known unknowns of plastic pollution

Colorful plastic pen tops

Britons throw away between 44lbs and 55lbs of e-waste each year

That's all it takes to make less waste. Here are 10 no-to-low cost changes you can start today!

❣DIY Fairy House Lamp Recycling TRASH❣

Shoreline and recreational activities related litter

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch ?

plastic pollution

Seabird artwork made by local schoolchildren of plastic trash that has washed up on beaches,

The Best Kitchen Trash Cans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Give it a try: Make Art Out of Garbage Tess Felix from Stinson Beach, California, is one of those incredibly talented artists that make amazing art out of ...

When plastic is produced, it's made from toxic materials such as benzene and vinyl hydrochloride. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, ...


1. Hubcap Creatures


Art Savers

Zero waste


Can a controversial young entrepreneur rid the ocean of plastic trash?

DIY Plastic Bottle Supply Cups

In a Styrofoam Sea: Addressing the Problem of Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

Illustration: Tarique Aziz

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