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1 of my favorite carnival rides ever Mitro Amusements Zipper

1 of my favorite carnival rides ever Mitro Amusements Zipper


The zipper. My favorite carnival ride ever

JD's Amusements immaculate Zipper - Amusement Ride Extravaganza

Wonderful Ferris Wheel sky wheel Games happy mini amusement rides for sale/mini ferris wheel

1 of my favorite carnival rides ever :) , Mitro Amusements Zipper - Amusement Ride Extravaganza

Zipper @ tulsa state fair ...big part of my pre teen memories

scary rides

My most favorite ride!

Ride Review: Fireball/Afterburner (KMG)

original 1970s model Zipper Ride, Carnival Rides, Arcade, Ferris Wheel, 1970s,

The Zipper: most terrifying ride at Washington State Fair- mainly because it feels like its going to break and fling you to your death.

Zipper sported a massive line on Friday and Saturday night, partly because it was the only inverting ride at the fair and partly because it loads pretty ...

Six Flags New England Six Flags, Roller Coasters, Amusement Parks, Connecticut, Scream

New Jersey's best thrill rides: Rating fear and fun at Garden State amusement parks - nj.com

The Zipper was one of the first "grown up" rides I can remember going

A view of a Butler Amusements midway. The company had a great year in 2016

The ...

Amusement park rides musical kids mini ferris wheel for sale

A ride at the midway at a Butler Amusements event. Hiring seasonal workers is a

ZIPPER Grab a ...

"The Zipper" Carnival Ride | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

PhotoNitro at Six Flags Great Adventure (Its a walk on today!)

TORNADOHeight Requirement: 42" w/ADULT - 52" TO RIDE ALONE

Nitro (X-Treme Ride Team) Tags: carnival wheel amusement expo space fair


NITROHeight Requirement: 52" TO RIDE

For Golden Wheel Amusements, the Zipper is a fan favorite, and many of the

VERTIGO SWING TOWER - Technical Park - Amusement Rides and amusement rides for sale

Guide To The 2017 O.C. Fair

El Toro - 11 Photos & 13 Reviews - Amusement Parks - 599 Monmouth Rd, Millstone, NJ - Yelp

The Ride

Six Flags Roller Coaster Accident Witness Says Victim Questioned Whether She Was Secured - ABC News

Have Amusement Parks Gone Too Far in Imposing Restrictions for Ride Safety? - CoasterCritic

The queue, however, was very full, due to the ride being located near the front gate of the park, and virtually every other worthwhile attraction further in ...

A fortunate weather situation had crowds staying out longer at Golden Wheel Amusements events in 2016

Photo of El Toro - Millstone, NJ, United States.

Ranking The 6 Major Roller Coasters at Six Flags: Great Adventure From Worst To Best

S.W.A.T. Stinger (X-Treme Ride Team) Tags: carnival wheel amusement expo space

Freak Out - Great Allentown Fair 2013


Photo by Steve Hinz

The Physics Behind Your Favorite Roller Coasters

For Golden Wheel Amusements, a carnival remains a perfect family event as well as an


Canton's 28th Annual Liberty Fest Returns to Heritage Park June 13-15, 2019

The Physics Behind Your Favorite Roller Coasters

Photo by Steve Hinz

The Zipper in Motion (X-Treme Ride Team) Tags: carnival wheel amusement

Illinois Shuts Down 12 Carnival Rides After Deadly Ohio Accident

I'd ridden Sylvan Beach's Tip Top before and really enjoyed it, so I was excited for some Hrubetz action! This version was considerable better that Sylvan ...

In addition to Hair Raiser, the park was building a new terraced land atop these escalators that apparently combined an Arctic theme area and a carnival ...

Fair family fun for generations and generations to come

A new spin on rides, food, music, exhibits at the Pima County Fair

Carnival Rides & Attractions. (Credit: OC Fair)

Color Rush– The Manatee County Fair is home to many sites and attractions. For 103 years, the fair has provided fun and color to the lives of people of all ...


Photo by Steve Hinz

Popular ride shut down after deadly fair accident

Man Dies After Being Hit by Roller Coaster at Cedar Point

... I had to wait until late in the day to experience the brutal intensity again, and it reminded me why it is one of my favorite hyper coasters.

Photo - El Toro at Six Flags Great AdventureSecurity ...

Searching for things to do in summer with kids? We'll help keep you busy with an epic list of happenings!

Excellent drops for a Photo of El Toro - Millstone, NJ, United States

However, Being indoors does result in lots of noise and vibrations, so I'm not entirely sure why they picked rides (Hurricane, Tip Top) with such loud ...

SCRAMBLERHeight Requirement: 48" TO RIDE

After meeting up with more of our group, we continued to Green Lantern, our second B&M coaster of the day. It is agreed among enthusiasts to be the second ...

... first coaster most people come across when they enter the park in the morning, and it is for that reason that I advise skipping it as your first ride ...

Great escape with good friends & awesome rides! - Review of Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ - TripAdvisor

Six Flags NJ: An Amusement Park with Big and Little Thrills | MommyPoppins - Things to do in New York City with Kids

Great Adventure's Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom

Wilde Maus XXL is really a portable Mack wilde maus coaster with an additional track featuring 2 large drops added to the outside. These drops are large and ...

Thunderbolt - Luna Park - On Ride Photo

... IA Nitro from Six Flags Great Adventure

Nemesis 360º (X-Treme Ride Team) Tags: carnival wheel amusement expo space

Credit #29: Nitro Coaster Sorta surprised me, it had its intense moments,

Not my favourite suspended coaster by any stretch but one I enjoyed, and one that I had several rides on. 7 out of 10.

Time for Circus Circus ! As you may know, for the past 2 years I

Our party continued to Safari Off Road Adventure, which is a very underrated ride. Riders are loaded into safari trucks that hold 26 riders each and are ...

... 17916740_540290336358948_2093105397_o.thumb.jpg.566aecca871d54dcb7b83b4941259b67.jpg ...

Nitro on National Roller Coaster Day

Every good fair needs a Zipper: IMG_1636.JPG (74.64 KiB) Viewed 8712 times

A new spin on rides, food, music, exhibits at the Pima County Fair | Entertainment | tucson.com



Photo by Steve Hinz

It has a long ride that features Nitro

This ride. The seating was ungodly uncomfortable, but the restraint was really

American Coasters by Thomas Crymes | Book Review

Canada's Wonderland 003 •

CNE 2012: Opening weekend photos

Games and rides at a Golden Wheel Amusements event. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary

I know most purists would rather put Nitro or El Toro at the top, being that Kingda Ka basically only has that one drop, but come on. That drop is 456 feet, ...

Wilson County Fair - 2014

This Massive New Theme Park in Turkey With Over 2,000 Attractions Is 3 Times Bigger Than